Who Runs The Country?


Written by George McClellan

America’s biggest political problem right now is that the two parties and the President, don’t
agree who’s running the country. Democrats believe they still do by right, because they hold the
House and they’ll kill to prove it. Republicans on the other hand are content with just having a
seat at the table. Trump kicked the table over. Turmoil is where the Democrats work best.

Democrats thought the fix was in for the Clinton organized crime family’s takeover by
legitimately being voted into office. Then, out of nowhere, a brash, noisy, non political billionaire
tycoon businessman, Donald J. Trump, jumped the line brushing away all sixteen RiNO
contenders in the process promising, with his practical economic common sense, a commitment
to restore Americas prosperity, restructure lopsided trade deals, end NAFTA, stop China’s theft
of our intellectual proprietary property rights, close the Southern border to the free flow of illegal
immigrants and then, he set about stuffing the Democrat queen bee back into the hive she
crawled out of while continuing his promise to”drain the swamp” Promises kept! What a guy!

So, after nearly four years, unsuccessfully trying to unseat Trump, Democrats still disagree with
Republicans and Donald Trump on who runs the country. That question won’t be settled by the
2020 election either unless Democrats accidentally should win. If they don’t win, they’ll contend
the other side cheated, that Trumps re-election is illegal and they will therefore continue to
exercise their bogus right to interfere with every program Trump proposes. The GOP will go
along to get along because basically most of ’em are no longer capable of original thought.

The Democrats noisily hate everyone not with them politically, and their politics are Marxist. If
they are in charge, whatever the other side wants won’t matter. What the voters want won’t
matter either. That’s the basic issue here. Who decides who’s in charge? The Supreme Court
settled it for George W. Bush in 2000, and Hillary’s inept campaign settled it for Trump in 2016.

Who will settle it for 2020? A decisive victory for Trump is expected but no matter what, the
Democrats will not accept a loss unless they are swept completely off the board.
Americans, until Trump, have accepted the vote of the people in presidential elections, like it or
not. In earlier days both Parties were true American parties and accepted the outcome. But,
today, the Democrats still won’t accept the 2016 election result and we therefore, don’t really
have a united country anymore. If that’s where we’re at, then we are at the point of civil conflict.

What are the odds that Democrats will reject out of hand, Trump’s reelection and what will it
mean? Clearly, it means the Democrats won’t accept the results of any election that they don’t
win and that they don’t believe in the peaceful transfer of power. Even without shooting, that
defines a civil war. Shooting has to come next. But, who to shoot? A Bernie Sanders acolyte
tried that at a baseball practice field in Wash DC so, it has started.

The Democrat position goes beyond mere dissent. They hate Trump because he ruined their
gig. They hate Republicans too and they even think that reestablishing conservatism is the
worst possible thing to happened to the country, but they won’t work harder to win the next
election, they’ll turn to subterfuge and voter fraud to prevail. Democrats judge others by their
worst examples and themselves by their best intentions. When Democrats consistently reject
election results they don’t win, then it’s fairly clear what they want is a dictatorship. That won’t
happen until their civil war is over. It has already started!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get’em!

New Years Resolutions – 2020


A very happy New Year to you all. It’s time to make our resolutions for the new year and as our
Resolution No. 1: I propose we dedicate ourselves to helping the Democrat Party destroy itself.
One way is to & out of their way. If they want to hang themselves why should we interfere?

Resolution No. 2: Confront Democrat incumbents and challengers on their records and their
public statements at every townhall or staged meeting they attend. The Democrat Party have
refined their oratorical skills to the highest levels of prevarication, never mind the level of BS
they spew out is choking them to death. Lets do it. White Squaw woman Warren still speaks
with a forked tongue every time she opens her yap!

Democrats lie on every subject that doesn’t advance their anti-constitutional agenda. Still unable
to accept the 2016 election results, they whine constantly that Trump the winner, cheated to win
but have no evidence to prove it, no matter how hard they try. They insist the voters erred; that
they are our betters and we should realize that. Challenge them on it! They glorify their rejection
of a moral deity. There is no God except government, with them in charge and If they can’t
worship themselves, and we won’t, then no one can worship anything.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd said, “Show me a person who believes in Noah’s Ark and I will show you
a Trump voter.” By that he suggests us "deplorable's" are still “deplorable”; “Why do good
people support Trump? It’s because people have been trained, from childhood, to believe in
fairytales.; Todd opines that voters want to be lied to, sometimes. They don’t, they don’t always
love being told hard truths.” Oh, and yes, we are all white supremacists, like Trump.

Interesting that Progressive news reporters, like Chuck Todd, never question the so apparent
lies that fell from the lips of House Speaker Pelosi and her two henchmen Nadler and Schiff,
during the conduct of their impeachment hearings. Fairness and due process to the opposition
does not rank high as enviable traits of Democrats. Winning at all costs does. Maybe Pelosi
knows that very well and that’s why her partisan House Impeachments charges lay moribund on
her desk. Resolution No. 3: let’s get the Trumped up trial going, quickly exonerate the
President through due process, and move on and do it before Trumps State of the Union
address to a Democrat empty chamber. They won't be able to stand it.

As to the Democrats public persona, one must ask why they do not condemn the Black Attacks
against New York’s Jews? One anti-semitic black female nut case attacked Jews on the street
three times, was apprehended in each case and released without bond in each case. That's the
doing of Mayor DeBlasio. He's one of them! Jews should follow the example of the Muslims in
Brooklyn. They have patrols out driving in cars painted in NYPD colors, without red lights of
course, and they’re allegedly there to protect the muslim population from Islamaphobes. But
they enforce Sharia law on ’em, lest they should become westernized.

Another good example Jew can emulate was shown to us by the Christian church in Texas who
chose to protect their congregations with members who volunteered to be trained in armed self-
protection. Wow, did that work out well or what? Those people certainly didn’t reject God like
the humorless, shameless, Godless Democrats have…;and they shall be known by their
deeds; Democrats have no compassion, no empathy for what’s right. They have no candidate
capable of challenging Trump either. It’s time to let ’em go, don’t you think? Resolution No. 4:
Let’s make it a really Happy New Year. Now, go get ’em!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way.

You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours


If we are to accept Adam Schiff for brains’ definition, “Quid Pro Quo,” is the second most
vile offense against Progressives, short of “lynching” that could be conjured up in the
dirty minds of Republicans. But, it is not a dirty term. It simply means ‘this for that’ or a
promise for a promise or even a contractual exchange. The Clinton’s have been doing
that for decades and no one has complained. Remember Hillary raked in millions selling
our uranium to the Russians while Bill gave them a one hour speech in Moscow on who
knows what subject, how to get the most out of interns one may suppose?

It’s when they get to “tit for tat” that we should become alarmed and defend ourselves
from Progressive launched incoming fire. If our Republicans had any backbone they
would have already launched a pre-emptive strike against the Democrat machinations
in the House to destroy the socialist structure that will seal Americas fate. “Tit for tat”
means you did ‘this’ to us, we’ll do ‘that’ to you. It’ll never happen! Even as evidence
mounts of the role of the treasonous coup plotters in Obama’s CIA, FBI, DoJ and IRS,
we see no inditements, no Grand Juries and no reports. To that mix, add the Romney
Republicans and the picture of the Deep State involvement becomes crystal clear.

The Progressive Democrats long ago, cast aside any semblance of decency, propriety
or good will to preserve Americas greatness. They bought into the New World Order
scheme and a strong, vibrant, self-motivated and moral America, under Donald Trump,
stands in their way. That’s why we see the Democrat party flying off the rails. If they win
again, soon, then we are doomed! Hillary’s thinking she’ll give it another go!

The American people, at least those who can still think for themselves, understand this
completely. Hint to the GOP, you had better pick a side. I suggest on the side of the US
Constitution and start protecting our President. We don’t want to hear any of this “we’re
waiting to see the facts” BS, we know the facts and so do you.

Trump’s single minded ‘twitter’ attacks in his defense against his enemies have thrown
Democrats into confusion, alarmed Republicans, and invigorated his base. That’s a
personal chemistry none of his opponents can generate. In alarm, kindly GOP senators
have advised the President he: “risks bungling impeachment politically and alienating
voters even as he survives a Senate trial without a focused strategy prosecuted by
competent political professionals.” Say what? Competent political professionals?”
Just who did they have in mind to dispense such good advice, Mitt Romney? Kasich?

There is little professional competence left in the Congress of the United States and the
whole corrupt business screams for term limits as well as finding a solution for solving
the problem of the meddling bureaucrats that actually run the government. Professional
politicians are the bane of good government. They quickly come to believe in their own
infallibility as political thinkers and foreign policy experts, then enter into Quid pro Quo
alignments to satisfy their own base; “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” Politics
has become an ugly business and those ‘thinkers,’ the inept ones, like Pelosi, Schiff,
Maxine Waters and Jerry Nadler have made it so. They’re truly rotten people!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

America Has Never Seen Such Perfidy


I might consider it important to be even remotely concerned by the result of the Manafort, Cohen
witch trials, that are solely designed to reverse the voters choice in 2016, when I see Hillary
Clinton and her cabal of criminal enablers headed for prison or the hangman’s scaffold.

Every member of the “deep state” that supported the Hillary Clinton nonsense after the election,
dedicated to bringing down Trump, has engaged in a treasonous act that screams for retribution
yet, there she is, reorganizing herself, ostensibly to have another go in 2020 at ruining America.

Trump threw a dagger into the heart of the forth estate, the Left Wing Media, when he called
them the enemy of the state and they can’t pull the dagger out because he was right. When the
media fails to report news as it happens but becomes instead, shills for socialism, doing all in
their power to ignore Trumps triumphs while conniving to implicate him in unproven collusion
schemes that Hillary Clinton and the DNC cooked up, then they correctly stand accused.

Why does the Left Wing media ignore another brutal murder of an American citizen by an
Illegal, once a DACA claimant, by referring to the victim, in passing, as “that girl in Iowa?” Why
does Pocahontas, a wanna-be Socialist candidate for President, when asked her opinion about
the brutal murder of young Mollie Tibbett's by an illegal alien, answer with some slop about
babies being separated from their families at the border? The murders of Americans by illegal
immigrants, like Mollie Tibbett's in Iowa and Kate Steinlie in San Francisco, make no impression
at all on members of the POPO (Party of Perpetual Outrage), i.e.: the Democrats. Why?
Because they simply do not care. They need voters and as both those young murdered women,
and others, are already dead, their opinion doesn’t count anymore.

PoPo’s give no thought of course that both of the girls were separated from their own families,
forever. If the People are the State, then yes, the media stands as its enemy. “The enumeration
in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained
by the people”… 9th amendment. Perhaps the people need to establish courts to address these
high crimes and misdemeanors by government officials, if those we pay to protect us, won’t.

Yes, I realize we’re talking “extra-judicial” proceedings here but the point must come, as surely it
will, that for its own protection the “deplorable’s” must take preemptive action or be crushed
under the heel of totalitarianism. It’s the reason it’s important to preserve the 2nd amendment.
The PoPo’s have no compunction launching their Antifa’s and BLM’s against us, do they?

Michale Cohen, Trump’s once personal legal adviser, wasn’t found guilty of anything. He simply
agreed to a plea bargain with the devil. The issue of Trump’s alleged collusion, after a years
intrusion by Mueller into what has already been exposed as a PoPo scheme directed by Hillary
Clinton and facilitated by the corrupted DoJ and FBI, still go unanswered. We are told Hillary
was exonerated (by FBI Director Comey). How can that possibly be? Where in all the
Constitutional rules that govern America’s laws, does an FBI Director have the power of
exonerating any criminal without at least a Grand Jury proceeding? And that’s DoJ’s job.

Yet, despite all the schemes of the ‘PoPo’s, there stands Trump still erasing the legacy of the
most harmful president we have ever experienced. Trump is saving America and the PoPo’s
can’t take it anymore. Trump’s filled rallies are proof enough of that. He speaks to the people
and the people, the real state, are listening.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way, now, go get’m (22Aug18).

The GOP, Obamacare and Dysfunction


What the hell is wrong with the Senate Republicans. Why is it that a few miserable individual politicians, allegedly conservatives, believe it is their duty to hang forever the Albatross of mandated, unaffordable healthcare, as tax law, around necks of middle class Americans?

In consequence of their failure to REPEAL Obamacare, just repeal it, Mitch McConnell may, and probably will, bring forth for a vote the 2015 Republican House bill that did repeal  Obamacare. When that happens these Senators, in conference, will have to decide to fish or cut bait. Believe me, they will collapse, defeat the bill they once championed and plunge Americans into a two class system, the poor and the wealthy. Goodbye Middle Class, forever.

So long as people know that the fundamental flaw of Obamacare, its unaffordable mandates, still exists, that it keeps tax money flowing to insurance companies without any controls, those politicians not killing it are in danger of being primarried as they should and replaced by Tea Party conservative candidates as they will. Failure to do so will not stop the rise of the costs of healthcare but will accelerate its collapse and thus, Americas descent into the abyss of socialism. Look to Cuba and Venezuela to see what lies in our future.

Senator Rand Paul, smart as he is in looking for a reasonable bill, has missed the point of the existence of a Republican Party anyway. The fundamental flaw of healthcare is that the government has no business at all providing health insurance. It’s not in the Constitution. “But the poor in my state” will have no health care at all if the government doesn’t require it.” That’s a lie too, and they know it. No one will be denied healthcare at the point of need. The taxpayers just don’t need to fund their abortions, their treatment for alcoholism, drug abuse and smoking addictions. That entire class could be simply dropped from coverage and billions of dollars would be saved. They’re non productive anyway. If high costs are the only problem, let the Death Panels send them to the grave. That’s why they exist.

But we forget, the original purpose of Obamacare was not to be a healthcare plan, but a wealth redistribution and transfer scheme specifically designed to eliminate the middle-class by driving Americans into the embracing arms of Socialism with a single payer (government) in charge of another one sixth of the economy. When that happens watch how fast the death panels do go into action. Baby, Charlie Gard, in England, a victim of the U’s National Health System, is a current best example of the state deciding who live or die, by board decision.

Senator Rand Paul did accurately described the present situation. He said: "It keeps the insurance mandates that cause the prices to rise, which chase young, healthy people out of the marketplace, and leads to what people call adverse selection, where you have a sicker and sicker insurance pool and the premiums keep rising through the roof.”

Obamacare, or its Republican echo as it seems probable, will continue the charade of political leadership, retaining the mandates nobody is anymore willing to pay, inflicting the criminality  of tax evasion on avoiders, thus eliminating the middle class by enforcing the seizure of private property to accomplish by ruthlessness, what the law cannot do by willingness and will continue the Left’s enforced socialism on an increasingly uncooperative citizenry.

The elite Republicans have discarded all pretense of being conservative. They are and will continue to be champions of Big Government. It’s a virus that feeds on itself. They can’t quit unless removed from office. Stop funding the National Republican Senatorial Committee. They are not for you. Fund your own candidate of choice. Drop your Republican membership and reregister as Independent Conservatives; re-energize your tea party’s and get to work. If conservatism is to survive, a new party must replace the old. The GOP is worn out. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Educating Fake News Reporters


The Huffington Post, it’s reputation for Left-wing accuracy based on its cunningly creative polling techniques, predictions and prognostications, now sullied and left in tatters after Trumps victory, is embarked on what one might call a Corporate Retreat event, in fact a bus tour of “Middle America,” visiting twenty-three “Hick” states, so their young staffers can observe and decide what went wrong with their message and what they can do to correct it. The “yokels” must be convinced they were wrong; that Trump is a buffoon, not to be trusted and because of them (the yokels) America passed its last best chance, with Hillary, to be an equal among equals.

It means of course, not just observing, but actually associating face to face, with those country “rubes,” sitting at their dirty lunch counters, drinking their oily coffee, tasting their greasy hamburgers and occasionally being urged to enjoy an RC Cola and a MoonPie. Perhaps the Huffington Post crew should start their faux American educational tour at Frostbite Falls, Mn.. These self-important “reporters,” not limited to Huff-Po alone of course, come in at least two identifiable categories. The ‘shallow reporter’ who immediately writes and publishes the first thing they hear, even if it’s from an anonymous source (rumor), a ‘reliable’ source (an official rumor), an open source (somebody else’s rumor), or no source at all, so long as it advances the Leftists agenda of destroying conservatism. If it’s anti-Trump or anti-Republicans, more the better, even if it has to be manufactured (fake) rumors.

These young people have a limited education about real life, meaning, they know the world according to Marx, Lenin and George Clooney, but not what middle-American writers have said. To them, Mark Twain was rustic “hick” and his writings basically reflected a white America. Edgar A. Guest, an English born American, who wrote a poetry column for over forty years in the Detroit Free Press and syndicated throughout the nation, encapsulated a 19th-20th century America in a prose that these people simply don’t understand. These “shallow reporters” have
less than a passing acquaintance with fact checking but, facts be damned, if it destroys someone then it must be used and the facts can be sorted out later to fit the narrative.

The second category is the establishments all knowing reporter, usually a Cable News type, whose suave voices, calm demeanor and in your eye commentary, demands belief. Sheppard Smith of Fox News fits this category, as does CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (Wolfgang Lightening),  Anderson Cooper and Rachael Madcow. Every network has them. Most are laughable in the display of their hysterical anti-Trump dysfunction, visible for all to see; but, they don’t see.

I’ve long suspected Sheppard Smith was a crypto-lefty, certainly a #NeverTrumper, but he was always clever enough to appear “fair and balanced“ until a Trump story comes up and then all pretense is swept aside. Wolf Blitzer gets breathless when trying to connivence us that some CNN manufactured story of Trumps association with the evil Russians has a hidden element in it that will make it true. Their viewership numbers, by the way, have dropped below the Rocky and Bullwinkle levels on MeTv. That’s why Frostbite Falls, Mn. should be on their bus tour.

I’m getting weary of this constant fake news reporting that pounds at us daily. So are others apparently, which would explain the dropping viewership numbers of most major cable news channels. For me, the OAN network is replacing Fox news as my go to choice but, the Colbert Report will never get my vote. Like the fake news reporters, he’s starting to believe his own copy and that’s dangerous. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now,  y’all git out tha’r and help educate them tha’r reporters.

The Problem With Journalists


Is Fake News really fake if the writer(s) in their heart of hearts, believe it to be the truth? We can immediately eliminate the stuff produced by the Trump derangement syndrome crowd because the rapid production of it is surly unreliable, suspect at best and unbelievable at worst. Real fake news is found embedded in lies and as propaganda generally designed to destroy the goals and/or reputation of one side while supporting another. It’s most often a favorite tool of despotic governments, the Democrat party and the Mean Stream Media.

One thing demonstrably clear about CNN, the disintegrating fake news cable channel whose product validates their declining viewership, is the fact that they apparently employ egocentric morons as reporters, people ungifted with the intellectual skills of common knowledge that a little research, fact finding and basic thinking could rectify. Most are people who have matriculated through America’s standard marxist controlled school systems and promoted  based upon their love of diversity, anti-Americanism and exposing the evils of capitalism, are then passed into selected 'first rate' institutions of journalism until their brains are finally emptied and refilled with nonsense, and then, foisted upon an unsuspecting public. But, we suspect. These people are 'know nothings' and can only regurgitate what the Left wants them to report.

For example, CNN’s senior White House person (the term journalist or reporter will not apply), Jeff Zeleny, explained to viewers that Bastille Day, France’s most important national holiday, was a celebration that marks the 100th anniversary of Americas entry into World War I (one) to help save Europe from the Hun. Not so. While it is true that this day marked an occasion for the French to recognize Americas entry into WWI, that was only a side issue. True, American soldiers, for the first time in decades, did march in the Bastille Day Parade, but, so what? Thank you France! Zeleny made no mention of the historic French issues for which Bastille Day was organized, the French Revolution, a bloody period of upheavals between 1789 to 1799, about the time of our own revolutionary war.

Such a stupid school boy error about something as important, yet simple, as not knowing about another country’s greatest holiday, should result in dismissal, if not censure or, at least, demotion to copy boy or the night court beat where they can learn about real life.

But Jeff is not alone. Another CNN host, one Poppy Harlow (Poppy? Where do these names come from, parents of the Hippie Era?). ‘Poppy,’ presumably a female, confuses our National Anthem,The Stars Spangled Banner, with the French National Anthem, La Marseillaise, that came out of their conflict. It was the adopted war song of the French army of the Rhein.

These weird people, these educated nuts freshly out of their brainwashing schools of “journalism,” apparently don’t even know, or care about knowing, simple points of history, ours or anybody else’s. They don’t recognize the etiquette and honors to be rendered to our passing standard (Poppy, honey, it’s the Stars and Stripes), or how and when those honors are rendered. Sadly, her class of elites devalue nationalism and the symbol of it as a mere rag not
to be honored above others but as a historical relic to be ignored.

“Poppy’s” mission to France was to cover the visit of that dangerous criminal Donald Trumps and see if she could snatch up any Trump stumbles that CNN could use to further denigrate America’s top CEO. Lacking that, fake news rumors will have to do. How about obsessing over Melania Trumps wardrobe? Yeah, that should do!  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Democrats, Seeking Salvation


I have often stated it was my firm belief that any 2018 mid-term election challenge by Democrats would be a zero sum game for them. They have no message, no candidates worthy of spit and an elderly leadership that simply will not let go the reins of party power.

After their Ga. 6th disaster, in financial losses alone, the Democrats, near bankruptcy, are casting about for any sellable candidates to challenge Republican incumbents. They may have found a good one in Kentucky. A very potent political ad is now running there pushing a new Democrat contender for Ky’s 6th District, currently held by Republican Rep., Andy Barr.

She is Amy McGrath and comes with great credentials. She is a newly retired officer of the US Marine (LTC), a fighter pilot who proudly flew the Marine version of the F-18 fighter jet, in combat even and, carrier qualified. Wow! I’m impressed if only by her military part alone.

As a civilian, in any public campaign event where Amy would present herself and I could ask a couple of questions, my first question, after praising her military career, would be: “Do you believe in and support the Constitution of the United Stated?” Naturally, I envision her response would be “yes, completely!” My second question would then be: “Then why are you running as a Democrat?” It may be she doesn’t really know the awful truth about the Democrat Party and, if she did, then that would stand as a dim mark against her.

There must be a logical answer somewhere for that question. Tradition tells us that one simply cannot be a patriot from the warrior class and a Democrat at the same time. It’s like trying to mix Islam and Democracy, oil and water or axel grease and sand, and hope the new concept works.

Amy would be a great candidate as a Republican, just on her military history alone. In her ad, she did not opine on Trump’s no transgenders in the armed forces tweet. Her response might explain why she prefers the Democrat party to be her vehicle to political nirvana. Perhaps!

Right now, Amy’s challenge is really an exercise in local politics (Ky), so we probably won’t hear much about her unless she actually wins in 2018 and becomes a real Congresswoman. All eyes, for a while at least, would be focused on her for her leadership qualities and as a potential VP or, some day, maybe the first woman President.

The Democrats are in desperate need for candidates. If they do get more young ones, will they be brainwashed products that the disastrous liberal colleges and universities are turning out? For those types, their only political experience lies either in their positions in student body government, in the streets leading riots against authority, or campaigning for Bernie Sanders.

The Democrats are desperately seeking younger candidates, real warriors if possible, like Amy McGrath, to fill the now vacant ranks of potential challengers to help restore the Democrat grand Plan to Make America Crappy Again. The Republicans, on the other hand, feel because Trump is not one of them, they have some justified right to thwart his attempts to restore American sovereignty and the rule of law. What a wonderful opportunity for the Tea Party to clean house.

Except by the vote, these politicians have no intrinsic rights to hold office, except they be Americans. The Republican elites are fast ruining their chance to even keep what they got. It is really time for a change. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Short Takes, The Dangerous Republican’s


The Republican Party’s “elites’ have dropped all pretense of conservative reliability and are not to be trusted any more. Paul Ryan, the once reluctant candidate for Speaker of the House, speaks with a forked tongue about conservatism, drags his feet on conservative bills submitted by the Freedom Forum members (tea party conservatives), and continues obstructing as he can, Trumps initiatives. He survives by creating “issues.”

In the Senate, Mitch McConnell predicts the Republicans will just have to join with Democrats to get any bill passed. No, No, No, never! It’s not needed and will only serve to embolden the already moribund and near death Democrats looking for some excuse to be relevant. Chuck Schumer is a shill only looking for a single payer health plan. Never! The very thought of reaching out to Democrats on this issue, is anathema to the conservative base that could start an internal war, but certainly will precipitate the death of the GOP as we know it today, feckless, insecure, frightened, inarticulate and incompetent to meet America’s needs.

But, we’ve known this for years. For the past eight years Republicans, in unison, promised to repeal Obamacare. Now, they won’t even drop the onerous mandated taxes the Democrats imposed upon us in the AHCA. They’re living in a make believe “La La land of their own construction, hoping the problem will go away, and don’t even see the coming disaster. The problem will not go away. I’m here, as are thousands of others ready to keep the problem front and center. The GOP even produced a pretty good replacement plan in 2015, but did so secure in the knowledge the Commie in the White House would veto it, which he did! The sighs of relief could be heard everywhere in the “beltway” except, not in middle America.

A fire is lit and the simmering pot of outrage is coming to a boil and the establishment Republicans will pay. It’s not Democrats who will replace them in upcoming elections, it’s the tea party conservatives, the New Republicans, The New Constitutional Party, or what ever title you may wish to give ‘em, the old elite GOP order, just like the Democrats, will soon be swept away. As a small reminder, remember how Jeb Bush simply disappeared? Keep that vision in mind. With the GOP demise, the unintended chain of events that will follow will be terrible to behold.

The Federal Reserve will be reorganized, if not done away with. The Council on Foreign Relations will be in panic and their international machinations for a one world order will suffer, but, don’t count them out. International banking will return to a gold standard; Germany will rearm and have another go at Russia and everybody will stand around wondering what to do, humanly, with the remnants of the 3rd century muslims caliphate cluttering up the Western worlds cities. We will always be fighting Islam. Just joking about Germany.

Today, eight months after 08 November 2016, DC’s shocked political elites are still shocked and ranging about for meaning and purpose to their lives, wondering how to get their mojo back and  how to displace America’s new CEO Donald Trump from an office he rightfully shouldn’t have. They need to keep the lobbyists money flowing and figure out how to get reelected until their retirements. Wait for the campaign lies we’ll hear. A real house cleaning is called for. The next big shock to the GOP will be the increasing numbers of registered Republicans who will drop their GOP memberships and re-register as Conservative Independents. Maybe Morning Joe gets it after all, but for different reasons.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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