Hi – I’m Fetch –

You might call me “leader of the pack” –since I’m lead reporter- yeah “I’ve put my growl on the prowl “–”I’m the Canine – with the headline”  and I’d rather  “write than bite”   – guess you could say I was born with a nose for news and I created this whole site to put my digging skills into practice for you- no bone is buried to deep for me to dig up- yes it was time to  let my investigative nature go to work!

I am an easy-going guy since I’m a lab but I have a mission to bring in the news – fast & accurate – You can depend on me to report reliable information for folks that need to know what’s going on in their community! I will be a loyal & faithful friend to all- you can always count on me- I even got my name because of my ability to “fetch” the news to you – I deliver the story – every time- so you won’t have to bark in the dark anymore- stay informed –get your facts from Fetch!!!

Hey how u doing- Name’s Chief
–that would be Editor in Chief- and I am in charge of this muttley crew- yeah they’re my news crew-  and I haft to tell you they’re the pick of the litter- but I can’t let those mutts hear me braggin on em or they’d let it wag their  tails –I give em a little rope but you know you gotta keep em on a short leash so they don’t forget who’s in charge- ME!

We have a certain way things go at fetchyournews.com  and that would be my  way- I’m the one making sure we get it right when we’re bringing  you the news- I believe my community has a right to reliable information in a timely manner and understand we have a responsibility to bring useful and accurate information to you-our readers-

So I am something of a bulldog – some say a little stubborn or willful but I keeping our news team on task for you! So glad to meetcha!

Rest assured my team knows I keep them on the right trail.

Hi I’m Flash
– yeah that’s me on the left- I gotta lotta friends (and a few tipsters if u know what I mean) cuz I been around forever – My sense of smell is second to none umm well except maybe my cousin the bloodhound- but you won’t find anyone that keeps their ear closer to the ground for you like I will and well I tell ya – I got the snout to find it out!  – I know when something is happening and I have a  lot of experience in getting the facts of the matter and bringing  you the story!!!

I like all these young fellas I work with but they keep trying to show me all this new fangled stuff –say it’s the way of the future in reporting- huh- now they saying they want me to use that there computer –but we all know I can do it better on my trusty typewriter -I say Instinct  -now that there’s what you need – pure instinct -now that’ll take you further down the trail than any of that technology stuff anyway- but guess I’m gonna have to humor ’em til I can show ’em the ropes round here and train ’em right –yep  gonna have to let the paw of experience guide this here team! Train em on how to really track down the facts- and you know what else-  one day I’m gonna find out who shot my paw! Yeah!


Hi- I’m Lucy
– I’m a Labradoodle which means I am sweet and have GREAT hair ha and oh I’m a reporter.
I am young but I love my news team- Fetch is the greatest reporter ever – he’s so handsome and smart and handsome oh ha did I say handsome already-anyway I am learning so much – I am very dedicated to bringing you up to date  reliable news  – I am a very gentle soul – and excellent at following  instructions – I am a quick learner and I am going to work hard to  keep you up on the yappenings in the entertainment side & I will  always bring you the latest fashion  (I always know what’s hot on  the dog walk uh I guess I have to say catwalk-) & – you can trust  my keen instinct to be there for you!

I’m kinda known around town as the la de da Labradoodle!

Hi! – My name is Scoop and I am the youngest pup on this news team.

I am ready to go – ready, ready, ready, I have a lot of energy and I know I am ready – can’t wait til they see what I can do yeah they’ll see real soon – I work for Fetch on the news team but I  know I could go out and get a story on my own –been hanging with  Flash- assisting him with stories – Flash keeps telling me he’ll let me know when he needs help but I don’t mind tagging along –  thing is I have to stay close or you know Flash – he’ll forget to take me – (probably doesn’t realize yet how valuable I am)  yeah they’re probably gonna send me out just any time now on my own –you know to bring in the latest story  – I just know it -I do – I do –Fetch is grooming me (ha) to handle anything- I am a Jack Russell Terrier, I never give up –no never-  I keep going til the story is brought to you! I keep my paws on the cause! Watch for my very own story—coming soon!!!

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