These Damn Computers are Going to Kill Us


Written by George McClellan

Somehow, in the deep recesses of my once very analytical mind lurks this troubling thought: We
Americans are being conditioned to become herd animals a La George Orwell’s Animal House. I
can’t shake it. Our daily lives are constantly filled with media driven turmoil, now it’s about a
deadly Chinese virus I haven’t seen but only heard about.”Expert”; claim X number of
thousands of Americans will die because of it; that we should avoid personal contact, shut down
our daily lives, turn into hermits and only venture forth when we need to buy groceries and only
whilst wearing an approved face mask and our pocket filled with dispensers of hand sanitizers.

Yet, I recently viewed a home made video of what NY Mayor DeBlasio said was one of the
busiest hospitals in Brooklyn, with no activity at all visible at the emergency entrances, no
citizens queuing up at the testing tent provided and no ambulance or police activity at all. So,
what’s going on? We’re being scared to death by experts with their damn computer models.

The “Experts” rely on computer models to advance BS theories on the “probable”numbers of
casualties and deaths we’re doomed to face because of this pandemic. Wasn’t it “Algore”
computer models that predicted the end of the earth in twelve year, twenty years ago, because
of Global Warming? And yet, the earth is in fact cooling. Wasn’t it computer models that
predicted Hillary Clinton was a sure win for Socialism in 2016? Yes, yes! Junk in and junk out!

And yet, here we are, listening to pettifog lawyers and ignorant politicians orchestrating the slow,
conditioned conversion of us citizens to view Big Government and the police state, as our
saviors if only we would obey. Some jurisdictions have already turned their police forces into
quasi Gestapo agents and have actually arrest people for congregating at birthday party’s, at
their churches (re-read the 1st Amendment) and for simply driving down the street, and the
media applauds them for it because”it will make us safe”.

We’re being trained like circus seals to unquestionably obey higher authority. But, when we do,
we are giving up what’s left of our constitutional rights and submitting our personal welfare to
the dictates of the state and believe me, as we have already seen the FBI corrupted by socialist
politicians, we can expect some big city mayors to follow their lead. Leftist governors and big
city mayors are perfect candidates for the role as a minor second rate dictators.

Ignoring the Constitution, other jurisdictions have ordered gun shops closed as non-essential.
Well, just who do decides what is essential and what is non-essential, the nincompoop we
elected as mayor last year? Restaurants and cafe’s have closed all around. Are they non-
essential? The Left want’s the Christian religion eradicated from the American scene”Because
they’re concerned about our safety, all churches will be closed until further notice.”

Trump is caught in the middle. While he fights back, this time he appears to have caved. Both
Doctors Birx and Fauci, “Experts”who nightly stand with him before the public, have political
ties to Hillary Clinton. Is that true? Has Trump caved to the medical experts around him? Did
Hillary close down the country through them? Are we facing Pelosi’s totalitarianism, like it or
not? Has the garbage that comes out of their computers finally taken us where the Progressives
want us, herded together like conditioned herd animals, our minds controlled by psychological
manipulation? Have we embarked at last into our adventure with socialist serfdom? Will we feel
safe once there? Will we be protected, like Venezuelans? Don’t bet on it!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get’em!

Has Mediocracy Become the Acceptable Standard of Performance?


Written by George McClellan

Why does it constantly seem that government, name any one but for this purpose our own Federal Government, appears to be so inept? It’s because it is inept! Within any organization where the worker bees are made comfortable with themselves, ineptitude and mediocrity becomes the acceptable standard of performance. Add mandated “affirmative action” programs to that mix and the worker bee class will habitually conform to fit their lowest level of incompetence within their comfort zone because they know they can almost never be fired for any reason. With that we will always end up with a Pelosi Congress.

A President, who has risen up out of the primordial swamp where their political careers have gestated over many years, like Joe Biden’s, is usually considered safe to maintain the status quo because they’re already surrounded by comfortable worker bees who will assure their Masters that the status quo isn’t altered, even accidentally or worse, by design. Campaign promises made are as quickly ignored once the successful candidate, be they Democrat or Republican, is safely ensconced in the Oval Office. And the con game goes on!

In 2016, America hesitatingly embarked on a new path to understanding the gifts our forefathers left for us by men who struggled to make it right, casting aside the original, but unworkable Articles of Confederation to arrive at what is now our enduring Constitution. It is for that very reason our always broken government was challenged by alarmed American who voted for the non-politician Donald Trump. And, he’s kept his promises. To the Progressive Left who thought they were on a continuing roll, Trump’s election was a blasphemous sacrilege to their lucrative elitism. Such a deal.

Predictably, the status quo crowd went berserk and launched a continuing hate campaign against Donald Trump. To maintain their self-serving posture, their tactics have become a laughable exercise in futility because the target of their ire, Donald Trump, is like an armadillo trashing all the old shibboleths that kept the Deep State viable. He not only deflects their assaults on his presidency, he counter-attacks as no president has ever done before and they don’t know how to handle it. The corruption has been exposed but, do we stand back in shock? Naw! We’ve become immune to their double standards!

A logical solution to dismantling the “status quo” that is the Deep State is to make it no longer a goal for incompetent job seeker’s while driving out those bottom feeders already comfortably ensconced there. First, lower the salaries to be competitive with outside industries. Distribute Wash. DC around the country. Make civil service positions rotatable including supervisors and forbid unionization of the civil service. What does rotatable mean? Just like the Dept. of Defense, many DoD civilians get PCS蜉 transfers to different parts of the country, or world, within the same agency that hired them. Those who choose not to move, can seek compatible employment in their local private industry.

On the professional side of the Deep State, those bureaus and agencies that do not unionize like in the State Dept., DoJ, FBI, IRS and the several Intelligence agencies, already move their assets from time to time for promotions or occasionally punishment. But move they will if they are looking for a retirement. For the Justice Dept., the problem there is that they are staffed mostly by liberal thinking lawyers. In Obama’s DoJ it appears the corruption by Progressivism had deep roots. Honest lawyers won’t stick around. The same for the FBI. Why do we see more “former” FBI agents than retired ones? An honest man simply won’t abide the corruption.

The FBI’s problem can be solved by never, ever, ever appointing a lawyer out of the DoJ to be Director. That job should exclusively go to a career agent who has risen up through the ranks and knows the agency inside and out. Solutions are easy, it just take the will. Trump has it. Let’s get cracking!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

A Caucus of Clowns Or a Subtle Attack Against Bernie?


Written by George McClellan

In all my entire life, I cannot ever recall witnessing such a screw-up as the Democrat party is
becoming, not just in their Iowa caucus screw-up, but as far back even, as Obama’s attempt to
set up an Obamacare App network that completely failed, except that Michelle Obama’s friends
company earned $8 billion dollar for the attempt, to the treasonous coup plot to create a false
narrative of Russian Collusion against Trump the winner of the 2016 election; to the unrealized
slap-stick style comedy special that the House Democrats launched to impeach the President
for doing his job. Now of course, we have the Iowa fiasco or, do we?

The Democrat Iowa caucus, supposedly employing an untested electric data vote count system
to identify the Democrat candidate most capable of challenging Donald Trump in 2020, failed
completely. They painted themselves as a caucus of clowns but worse, they cost the networks
thousands and thousands of dollars in salaries, hotels, transportation and food, just to cover the
once important event that became the debacle that was this decades Iowa caucus. Or was it?

Looking ahead, and I’m just supposing mind, the odds on favorite for Democrats is apparently
Bernie Sanders, a Stalinist style Socialist of the first order that the Iowa caucus would have
clearly shown. But the party Democrats don’t want him. They screwed him out of his due against
Hillary Clinton in 2016 and the old Stalinist isn’t going to let that happen again.

Therefore, one must ask, was the Iowa fiasco a deliberate sabotage to deny Bernie his first
victory momentum? We know the Democrats are ruthless. They lie, cheat and steal. We know
the Clinton campaign bought Bernie a mansion somewhere, to buy him off from his electoral
disappointment and keep him under observation hoping the old fool would die before 2020.
For Democrats, under the circumstances, it would appear the Iowa Caucus picks losers not
winners. That would include Joe Biden. Iowa’s Democrat precinct workers should be mortified
for what the party has done to them, wasted their time and efforts hitting the streets, knocking
on doors and passing out candidate flyers. All wasted! I suspect the future need no longer look
to Iowa as a reliable precursor of who may become the Democrats national candidate for
President anymore. It’s all a scam!

The national Democrat party organization is in disarray. Thinking that when they won the House
in 2018 put them in the "cat-bird' seat and they would control the political narrative. The reality is
that they couldn’t organize a Democrat plan for America except to get rid of that awful Trump.
Fresh faces in the Democrat controlled House are young millennials who look at Nancy Pelosi, as
a has-been of no future consequence to what they want America to become. The AOC crowd
are not left leaning moderates, but full fledged Progressive Socialists of the Bernie Sanders
mode, who are not afraid of Pelosi or her programs. Watch what happens!

The on stage performance of the two certified nincompoops, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, has
shown America just how low the Democrat party has sunk. Nothing for America except empty
promises, a hatred of our President and a promise to make America miserable again.
The Democrat party is dissolving before our eyes. It will divide into two party’s, the mediocre
moderate party it has become and a far Left-wing Socialist party, armed by the Antifa’s, who are
determined to skip the transition period from socialism to communism and go straight to fascism
and totalitarianism. Right now, the Party doesn’t want to go AOC’s way. The battle is on.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get’em!

Common Sense And Survival


Written by George McClellan

Conservatives accept that the dementia afflicted Democrats are so, because they lack basic
“Common Sense.”We know what “Common” means: that everybody understands the problem,
and how to solve it but, the word”Common” leads us astray. If we substitute “Practica” for the
word “Common”, then it becomes understandable why the Progressive Left doesn’t understand
the meaning of the word”common” because what common to them is absolutely a mystery to
the rest of us. We need to be”practical” as conservatives, not “common”.

Most “practical sense” issues surround what’s good for our country and what action we can take
to preserve and protect it from the threatening world of Socialist incompetence the Democrats
want to bring us. For us, the US Constitution is a very practical document that has guided us for
nearly 250 years. We accept it as the practical basis of our rule of law.

To the Progressives, the US Constitution is old, out of date and stands in their way to
fundamentally changing America so as to enter the bright future of their New world Order. But
we see its failure all around us. For verification, we need look no further than Cuba and
Venezuela in our own hemisphere to understand where even practical sense has left the
progressives. How can you have a country when its citizens are starving, unemployed,
rebellious, and leaving? That country, if it’s as small as Venezuela becomes a hollow shell. If it’s
an Island like Cuba, escape is more difficult, but the Island is as surely an empty shell.

The question for conservatives becomes how do we protect the Constitution and keep the reins
of government out of the hands of the PC purveyors of cultural Marxism? There is only one
action we can do to ensure out country is safe and prosperous, and that’s through the power of
the vote. The conservative movement has rallied before in difficult times but they were all
temporary lacking a clear strategic vision to move forward. Conservative are not in the habit of
getting “ugly” when getting ugly is what is now needed. Democrats do it all the time.

GOP presidential candidates never got down dirty in their campaigns, other than Donald
Trump. We must fight for our country with long term practical sense goals, challenge democrats
with the same fervor they’ve use to try to remove our president and elect citizens, not career
politicians, to office. The GOP, first under Paul Ryan’s leadership has shown they don’t really
support Trump. The GOP’s “elites” did nothing when they held the majority of both houses of

Congress, under Trump. But times are changing. 2021 may see some folks headed for prison.
We are also in a time where only the very wealthy are elected to office in state and federal
campaigns. It was recently reported that over $20 million dollars was needed to run for the Ga.
state assembly. How many average citizens have that much money? Only career politicians
who have amassed wealth from being an elected official with outside support by lobbyists, can
meet that challenge. Practical sense tells us that term limits are an absolute must and the
financial backgrounds of every candidate and supporters should be public knowledge.

At the end of Trump’s next four years, if our fate is to be left to career politicians and some weak
sister President, we will still not have fixed the attacks on the second amendment, late term
abortions, illegal migration, healthcare or many of the other issues important to our country.
None of this will be accomplished even if the republicans gain control of both the house and
senate again. We must gird our ourselves to not stop fighting or back down when it get’s ugly,
as surely it will, but strive with a determined resolve to preserve our Republic from Socialism.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Motive, It’s All About Power, or Lack of It!


Written by George McClellan

Chairman Mao said “Power Comes out of the barrel of a gun.” The way the Progressives are
unsuccessfully challenging Constitutional norms, suggests that their last resort could be the
barrel of a gun. Chuckie Schumer’s attitude shows their desperation.

Not withstanding that remote possibility, Democrats insist that Trump is guilty of “Abuse of
Power” and”Obstruction of Congress.” It’s that obstruction bit that gets me because America’s
political history is filled with several examples that could fit that nebulous definition.

For example, President Jackson defied both the Supreme Court and Congress for his own
purposes. FDR opposed the congressional neutrality acts but didn’t violate ’em, openly. His
Lend-Lease program fit that bill precisely. The Neutrality acts were naturally, repealed after
Pearl Harbor, because we were attacked. Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, but during
wartime, arguably a mitigating factor. How many Congressional acts did Obama and his
appointees ignore? I don’t have enough fingers to keep count.

None of the Presidents who refused to comply with Congressional orders, laws or whatever, did
so for personal gain. Neither has Donald Trump. Trump came to the game already wealthy. The
Democrats great white hope, quid pro Joe Biden became rich after becoming a politician. The
hidden Ukraine-Biden connection is falling apart because corruption can’t be hidden forever.

What sets Trump apart is that he has challenged the status quo that is the secret of the Deep
States existence. The deranged Progressives, almost out of power want to regain it so, Trump
must stopped no matter how. Their argument that the checks and balances that protect us from
power unduly concentrated in one branch of our government (administrative) is fallacious
because they want us to believe Trumps is the real political danger. By their outrageous
behavior, demonstrable lies and despicable rules that prohibited Trump from defending himself
in the House’s hearings while demanding fairness and due process from the Senate, marks
them as the real danger to American politics.

Trump is draining the swamp, or trying to. Progressives claim Trumps daughter and son are
examples of Trumps nepotism because he put them in positions of government influence. Unlike
Hunter Biden, both of Trumps adult children are completely qualified. No mention however, of
the growing debacle that marks Joe Biden’s family nepotism. Stand by, it’s coming!

Hunter Biden’s presence on the board of Burisma didn’t damage our national security but it does
look bad for Hunter and Joe, and for Burisma. The Ukraine is a corrupt country so its proper to
wonder, was Hunter leveraging his father’s influence in some way against our national
interests? There’s no evidence that Joe Biden used his influence as vice president to do
anything to benefit Hunter, but if you believe that you’ll accept that Epstein did kill himself.

So what’s this all about. It’s the Progressives loss of power, pure and simple. The House’s
evidence free Articles of Impeachment, finally sent to the Senate, took the case out of the
Democrats hands. To influence the Senate to complete the Houses undone investigation, they
have resorted to making the trial a Democrat rally and frighten GOP Senators.

To get that power their only course is to recapture the Senate while holding the House. The
Presidency, until Trump, has always yielded to the deep states agenda, one filled with money.
Trump doesn’t need their money. Trump doesn’t need their deep state advisers telling him how

to be president; Trump doesn’t need their foreign police advice and he certainly doesn’t need
their economic advice. He’s a winner and they’re not and they can’t stand it.

How do the Progressives intend to regain their lost power? It has to be by recapturing the
Senate. The Democrats impeachment show trial, now in McConnell’s hands, is swathed in
Democrat claims for the need of fairness and due process and more witnesses, the same
denied to Trump in their House investigation. If the Republicans don’t perform as Chuckie
Schumer wants, then they must be guilty of a miscarriage of justice.

Schemer’s blathering’s are designed to influence four GOP Senators, weak sisters to be sure, to
vote with them to show that a bipartisan attitude does exist that wants President Trump removed
from office, and yet reveal to their base how weak and indecisive they (GOP Senators) really

Impeachment without a crime, should be a crime. Impeachment without a crime is a political
issue not necessarily bound by the rules of jurisprudence but as a weaponized tool to change
an election. That should be a crime! There is no comparison with Bill Clinton’s impeachment to
Trumps. Clinton lied to a Grand Jury and that was his crime, a felony in fact. His only
punishment was loss of his law license and yet, he was hailed a hero by the left. But It’s all
coming apart for the Democrats.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

A Change of Direction


Democrats, like any anarchic organization that clings to once successful business practices but
fails to accept any future but their own, will face assimilation, decline and inevitable
obsolescence. While they can’t see it, that is the position the Democrat Party is in today, in
decline and obsolescence. Trump has shown us the future and it doesn’t include socialism. He
has changed our direction and we have to fight to keep it.

The Democrat party long ago was assimilated by the political philosophies of socialism; their
playbook the Rules for Radicals; their minds closed to any civil discourse or common sense.
Their battle plan is to attack, attack and attack again until their political opponents, weary with
exhaustion trying to argue back, conceded the field thereby setting the Leftists agenda as the
standard of political thinking for moving America forward…. “for hard working Americans”.

Then along came Trump who saw through the mire of Leftist nonsense, realized how badly the
Leftists had corrupted the peoples representative government and promised to do something
about it. Before Trump we saw all the Republican presidents except Ronald Reagan, bow
shamelessly to the incessant political attacks on their characters, their policies, foreign and
domestic, their families and even their pets and they never fought back.

Democrats and the media thought they still held the battlefield of public opinion until the outsider
challenged their nonsense every day. His message resonated and he won. Then he saw his
messages were being twisted, his policies challenged and his character impugned.
Thereafter, no more organized White House press briefings where presidential ideals were
hailed if he was a Democrat and ridiculed if he was a Republican. Americans long waited for a
sort of messiah who would take the fight to the Left. He came in the guise of a wealthy
billionaire, unpolished, crude, tarred with social offenses and yet he did what he said he would
do, stop the leftists destruction of America.

We saw a corrupt government under the lying Democrat President Obama who tried to continue
his Marxist plan to “fundamentally change America” by anointing Hillary Clinton as his chosen
successor. The American people were having none of it and the ships compass suddenly
changed direction. The outsider assumed the greatest seat of power in the world. and the Left
went into apoplexy that has continued for three long weary years.

Immediately he was sworn-in Trump threw the first lance to pierce the first black presidents
legacy and the fight was on. For Democrats, never having to defend themselves from frontal
assaults, the experience was daunting. Their only recourse, fall back on the old play book, use
the old tried and true tactics of assaulting the new presidents character, his lack of foreign policy
experience, his lack of decorum, his tweets, his alleged collusion with Russia, etc., etc.,; etc.
Trump has bested them at every turn because the people haven’t abandoned him. Firing the
last arrow in their quiver, they turned to impeachment of the president for election interference
and abuse of power by cooking up a bogus whistleblower scheme. Democrats need something
to scream about and when they do, Trump buries them in a pile of their own corruption.

Why do they persist? What is their motive for continuing the fight? Easy! Because the Obama
Administration itself engaged in more election interference and abuse of power ever seen in US
history. Obama and Hillary Clinton corrupted the FBI and the intelligence community by
weaponizing them into partisan tools for their own benefit. The first clue came when Obama
weaponized the Internal Revenue Service to deny conservative groups from obtaining non-profit

tax-exempt status while green-lighting liberal non-profits for tax protections. Secondly, to deny
and eliminate the Conservatives first amendment rights to free speech.

This House Democrats sham investigation is the very epitome of abuse of power. Democrats
can’t win on a level playing field and to survive politically they need a double standard of justice
that grants them complete control over the judicial process that includes granting immunity from
criminal charges. In all of this they are abetted by a biased main stream media.

As a almost Republican, unexpectedly, Trump is fighting back unlike what any Republican
before him has done. The focus of Democrat hatred is Hillary Clinton’s unacceptable loss in
2016. They look constantly for an excuse to remove the interloper Donald Trump, who is
seriously ruining their good deal.

What else can Hillary Clinton be called for using her position at the State Department to bribe
other country’s into playing her pay-to-play scheme? The camouflage of Bill’s speaking tours
was to disguise the fees paid that enriched the Clinton Family Foundation, a money laundering
scheme soon to be revealed. The official process is called, in organized crime terms, a “shake

down”; of foreign governments. Will our change of direction run over them too?

Democrats tried to use the term "quid pro quo" to focus on the Presidents foreign policy
activities until good ol’ lovable, quid pro Joe came into video view with his ‘I’m cool”; bragging.
We wonder why a legitimate investigation of the Biden’s, father and sons meddling in the
Ukraine’s business aren’t as vigorously pursued as Trumps party line phone call. Are Democrats
entitled to a free pass because other countries wanted the same Ukrainian prosecutor removed
that Joe bragged about removing? It doesn’t matter a whit what other European countries

wanted or didn’t want. Joe violated the law. He said so and we saw him say so.

Quid pro Joe Biden had a clear conflict of interest as defined under existing federal law. No
rational prosecutor would dispute what he said he did, as best evidence of what did happen. Joe
has tried to deny all that by claiming he never spoke to his son Hunter about Hunters business
dealings. That’s nonsense! The pair of ’em flew on Air Force Two together in pursuit of those
good deals, and that proves their complicity. On top of that, Hunter said they did. ‘Oh, how onto
a serpent’s tooth is the ungrateful child.’

We see that the policies of Democrats in their endless pursuit of perverted ‘justice’ doesn’t even
pretend to observe due process or fair play. If Democrats are able to construct a non-bipartisan
resolution for impeachment, and do so without a crime, it should be duly considered by the
Senate with the contempt it so richly deserves. One Republican Senator entered a motion
asking for a quick vote to table or dismiss the articles whether they are given to the Senate or
not. The Democrat scheme doesn’t deserve the time to be wasted on it on a formal trial.
Americans have grown weary of the Democrat nonsense. Neither the boring but breathless
House Committee hearings, or the leftist media, have generated any interest at all in what
should be a world shaking event. There’s no blue stained dress. It’s become ‘oh hum,’ and
truthful polls now signal an American change of direction.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get’em!

World War III?


The killing of the Iranian “Cuds” ; General, Qassim Soleimani and some of his staff, will not
precipitate World War Three. There may very well be messy retributions in kind, or attempts at
retaliations, but no WWIII. There are ongoing, constant murders of Christians and Jews, by
Muslims every day, yet the Democrats are freaking out. Besides, if Democrats want to complain
about killing a terrorist leader, perhaps they should first decide which unborn baby might
become a terrorist before killing it. I’m just saying! Soleimani was a long planned target who put
himself in the target zone at Baghdad and we got him. Pity!

Democrats would have us believe that “Trump ordered the killing of a simple Islamic scholar”;
rather as if Trump was a wicked spider lurking in the center of its web waiting for his prey. No,
not at all. Soleimani’s removal had been planned and authorized long in advance for just such
an opportunity to present himself which he did. Cue the violins.

American’s should be reminded that Iran has twice attacked sovereign American property. All
nations embassy’s are sovereign property and to attack one is to attack the home country. We
did not attack Iran after their jihadists stormed the American embassy in Tehran when Jimmy
Carter was President, and just this New Years week, Iran attacked our sovereign property a
second time in Iraqi Baghdad. I don’t know who planned the Benghazi Consulate attack but
Soleimani has had American blood on his hands for years.

There is a group in the DC Swamp eager to extract revenge against those reckless Iranian's by
strong, aggressive military means. Who could these loyal American benefactors possibly be?
Why it's the Military-Industrial Complex and their lobbyists, waiting to supply our troops with
guns, ammunition, MRE’s, ships, planes and hospital beds, so America doesn’t look the fool.

America has been screwing around in Afghanistan for over seventeen years. We’re not in a war,
we’re in a police action and after 17 years with no victory, Americans are either simply tired and
have given up or don’t understand the problem. Ah, yes, the problem! Well, what’s happening in
Afghanistan is no longer our problem. They grow opium and we apparently see that as a cash
cow for their economy. The fight each other with the same vigor they fight outsiders. The British
learned that twice; the Russians learned it the hard way and Afghan history is filled with a long
list of invaders who learned the lesson too. One wonders how Alexander the Great made it as
far as India. Simple, he didn’t stop to waste his resources in Afghanistan.

There are many potential conflicts lurking on the horizon that could precipitate another world
war but the US vs. Iran isn’t one of them, yet. India vs. Pakistan or China vs. India are far better
bets. China tolerates North Korea but is fearful of the Korean Gargoyle, “Little Kim”; going rogue
with his toys so I suspect China may stop Kim before that happens but who knows?

But, before another world war starts, Americans had better settle the potential civil war hovering
right here in our midst. The two American political sides, Republicans (almost socialists) and the
Democrats (completely Socialists) have a difference of opinion over the wording of the US
Constitution and what the words in it really mean. What Democrats don’t like they simply ignore
or work around like the 1st and 2nd Amendments. President Trump is not fooling around with
these Obama emboldened Iranian terrorists. We have the technology to reach out touch and
touch someone and American’s don’t want to be bothered by the screwballs of any religion but
especially Islam. Trump left a message for Iran. He took out their prime Field Marshal.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get’em!

The Unsinkable Donald Trump


I wonder if any of those lost souls who stood trembling at the deck rails of the unsinkable RMS
Titanic just prior to being sucked down into the murky depth of history really believed, for even a
micro-second, that they would actually be saved at the very last moment?

Did they think, irrevocably doomed as they were by the ships captain who ignored ice warnings
and steered his mighty vessel, it’s throbbing engines hurtling it forward in a straight course into
the icy North Atlantic, all to achieve a speed crossing record, was worth all the hoopla? Did they
have to die horribly as they did, frozen in their own deck chairs as they sank to the bottom?

Captain Pelosi of the SS DNC, against her better judgement, turned control of her ship over to a
Junior Officer, Mr. Adam Schiff, who is consciously running her ship of state into the dangerous
fields of political machinations that lay dead ahead. There’s a story here but, don’t wait for the
book, watch the movie: “The Addlepated Adventures of Adam Schiff.”

Schiff has doggedly continued his pursuit of invented truth even after ten days of inconclusive,
mind numbing testimony, banal comments and startling non-revelations about the conduct of the
President of the United States vis a vis, the new President of the Ukraine, and has nothing to
show for it. All has been for naught. Not one of Schiff’s hand picked witnesses could confirm any
of Schiff’s contentions about a criminal President Donald Trump. Not one!

Breathless impeachment testimony under Schiff’s withering direct questioning, quickly turned to
nonsensical drivel when the Republicans had their turn. The pointed question by Republican
Committee members, filled the hastily scribbled note books of reporters present with scathing
contradictions by witnesses who weren’t there revealing absolutely no crimes, high or low or
even misdemeanors by President Trump. It’s the same queasy feeling one gets when they
realize they haven’t eaten anything since their wholesome bowl of morning porridge.

Next up, is writing Schiff’s official Intelligence Committee Report to be sent to the House Judicial
Committee. Oh my God, it’s the first half of “Dumb and Dumber” the hapless Jerry Nadler whose
own inept attempt to destroy Donald Trump left viewers reeling in laugher. As we watch this
drama unfold, don’t expect Jerry Nadler to ask for assistance from Doug Collins (R-Ga), in
drawing up the four articles of impeachment Schiff thinks he has achieved to reset the 2016
election of Donald Trump. It ain’t gonna happen!

I don’t believe Pelosi can really be serious about sending this travesty to the Senate. It’s simply
too dangerous for them because the options for proceeding are fraught with unknown traps.
Mitch McConnell won’t just toss it in the trash can as a mad collection of irrelevant, unproven
document(s), but he could form a select committee to do that. They would make timely learned
recommendations to drop the House Report of Impeachment as only hearsay, or go full trial,
waste more taxpayer money and put every body not called to the House hearings, including
Schiff and Hunter Biden and, when they lie, slam ‘em. It’s here the Senate can expose all and
put an end to the future of the Democrat party. If Schiff is an example of Democratic political
acumen, then he’s a sure bet to run for Governor of California one day. Poor California!

Finally, knowing the new Ukrainian presidents former occupation, I can hardly wait to see his
stand-up comedy routine (translated of course) created from the scads of material he picks up
after dealing with dysfunctional American bureaucrats of our foreign service. He should be a
hoot! Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Schiff, The Abominable Showman


So, all the secret ‘Black Chamber’ BS is over, and the really important BS is about to begin in
Schiff’s sham forum of a Soviet style show trial in an attempt to modify public opinion with his
corrupted, phony, one-sided circus show. It’s a Barnum and Bailey event with Schiff as the Ring
Master that has absolutely lost any importance to any but a few die hard Democrats and a few
Trump hating “Never Trump” Republicans.

It’s a potential danger to them because even now, a few in the Democrat caucus recognize the
lurking dangers of continuing this farce as a clear and present danger to the continued
existence of the Democrat party. Even Nancy Pelosi gives lip service to Schiff’s efforts because
she knows it’s not going anywhere in the Senate and will leave her party looking as foolish and
stupid as Schiff the Abdominal Showman.

Nancy Pelosi, pushed hard to the ‘left’ by the nut house crowd of super socialists and Islamist
racists in the Democrat caucus, must at least appear to do something to support the Schiff show
trial. She needs to bring the Party back to the center but as an aging, used up old political hack,
she appears no longer capable of carrying the party’s load. Disaster awaits in the wings.

For some reason, Schiff’s ardor in pursuing the President’s impeachment on a unsubstantiated,
second hand rumor by a “leaker,” not a ‘Whistleblower,” a CIA hack planted on Trumps staff by
former CIA Director John Brennan an Obama creature, rests in Schiff’s mind as the Gospel truth
not to be denied and not to be questioned. Therefore no Republican witnesses, no
“whistleblower” testimony and no unapproved, by Schiff, Republican witnesses. Let’s go home!

The rules of law, fairness, due process and honesty do not apply because Schiff, the Abdominal Showman,                                    wants to impeach the President. In the eyes of his deep state, Trump is illegitimate
and therefore fair game for any attack they may wish to launch. The Deep State contends the
voters were duped and it is Schiff’s sacred mission to impeach Trump to correct the voters error.
Like the Knights of the Round Table pursuing the Holy Grail, his mission and the fake evidence
he has supposedly developed, is sacrosanct.

Schiff, the Abominable Showman, apparently doesn’t see the hypocrisy in his trial because he
cannot deny that he himself has become a witness of fact, that can’t be ignored. He refuses to
testify, under oath, about colluding with the alleged whistleblower/Leaker (whistle-leaker).
Logically, Schiff cannot allow the Leaker to testify without perjuring himself and exposing the trail
as an exercise in collusion. It’s all part of the Coup scandal that includes other potential criminal
participants like John Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Susan Rice and Joe Biden.

If the whistle-leaker isn’t going to testify, how can there be any impeachment hearing? If the
whistle-leaker’s claim to have been told something by someone else, and that information
doesn’t align with the published transcript of Trumps call then any evidence from that source is
inadmissible and therefore valueless,… end of trial. Such evidence, if presented or referred to
as authoritative, becomes instead a trial of the leaker (Spy) and that will never do.

At some point Pelosi should put an end to this nonsense before it is referred to the Senate for
trial. Lacking any substance as a legitimate product of due process, Senate Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell may just dismiss the wasted Democrat effort and chuck their reports into the
round file where it belongs. The Coup against President Trump is a failure, at least on this issue.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

The Transcript! What About the Transcript?


The crazy Democrats, in a near panic meltdown over their three year failure to depose the
President, and now fearful of Trump’s DoJ exposing their own perfidies, have turned up the
burners on impeachment over a phone call to the point they may actually burn themselves.
Maybe they should have read the transcript!

Now, in desperation, they bring in a uniformed retired Army Lt. Col who supposedly was one of
the NSC members privy to the Presidents conversation with the Ukrainian President.
Apparently, the decorated but displeased officer, wanted to add a few defining words to the
presidents conversation. Was he, in fact, the alleged “Whistleblower” the Democrats don’t want
to expose? They sneaked him in. He’s the best pick so far. Did any of ‘em read the transcript?
Politico tells us the Democrats are engaged in a intra-party fight over a resolution that makes
limited changes to their impeachment inquiry, “a needless distraction for Democrats just as they
collect some of the most explosive testimony to date against President Donald Trump.”

House investigators (bipartisan) heard “damning testimony” from a National Security Council
official, the Lt. Col., supposedly providing a direct first hand account of Trump’s phone call with
the Ukrainian president. Say what? Didn’t they read the transcript of that call? I haven’t seen or
heard of any “damming evidence,” only hearsay, guesses and innuendo’s. Besides, didn’t
Schiff meet this witness first to coordinate his testimony to Schiff’s questions? Yeah, he did!

In their delusion, Democrats argue over the words needed to go forward with their impeachment
scam the public might believe while the leadership dithers on trying to understand just what the
resolution accomplishes and why it’s even important now. Someone must have read the
transcript, surely? It’s out there because Trump ‘Trumped ‘em” again.
Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-N.J.), understands the “tar baby” trap his caucus is heading into. He
opined that when House Republicans want Trump’s Impeachment to proceed, never mind
whatever Romney and the “never Trumpers” want, then he smells a trap there. His very words
were: “So if they very much want it, it would mean they want to help us a whole lot and really
think it’s a good idea, or they think that it was going to put us in a tight spot.” A few other House
Democrats feel the same way and see danger in pressing on. They read the transcript!

Those House Democrat moderates, that follow the flock of sheep leader, Nancy Pelosi’s
direction, will vote for the resolution even while the squabbling over procedure is collapsing
around them from over exposure, Republican attacks and no action. It was not intended for a
simple procedural measure to consume so much time just to impeach that awful President
Trump. In the meantime, Trump carries on Making America Great Again.

What we actually have been witnessing here is Democrat managerial incompetence. Their party
has been Balkanized (broken into squabbling pieces) by incompetent leadership of the several
committee chairmen competing to be the one who gets Trump while never at all realizing they
are revealing themselves as the incompetent fools they really are.

Jerry Nadler has dropped from the radar since the debacle of his one witness hearing, turned
him into a complete putz. Adam Schiff is a sneaky, rotten, lying, characterless, dimwit who has
earned the jokes now spotlighting his discredited character. He can forgo any earned respect.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

A Solution For Ossification of Stiff Joints


One must wonder why government bureaucrats, appointed and elected, don’t fear the electorate
or more importantly, the American people. It’s because they are rarely challenged for their
perfidies, are able to employ the slow tactics of dragging their feet on important issues until the
electorate forgets about ‘em and, if those tactics fail, sic the enforcement arm of government to
harass, impede or even deny American challengers their individual rights, often without due
process, including imprisoning or murdering them. Keep in mind Ruby Ridge and Waco.

If the Federal Government is too big as it incubates new laws in the swamp to oppress the
citizens, then it’s past time that citizens remind their elected legislatures that they are servants
of the people, not the other way around, and that the true roadmap for citizen happiness lies in
the Constitution of the United States, not in the Communist Manifesto or the Democrat party.

Bureaucrats are not elected! Responsibility for making laws, painful as some may be, lies with
the Congress not unelected Deep State job holders no one hears about until it’s too late. The
question then becomes, what to do with the massive stiff bureaucracy running our government?

One department of government, the DOD, already knows the answer. It rotates, transfers or
PCS’s, however you want to call it, its military and some civilian members every two or three
years and that especially includes the officer corps all the way to the top. For Generals and
Admirals to move, promotions are their anticipated reward.

I just read that one department of 2300 workers in the DC Swamp, have threatened to quit
enmasse if their agency, as is proposed, is moved the seven miles away the department wants.
What a gift to the American taxpayers that would be. Do it! Also, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tn)
signed on to a bill proposed by Sen. Josh Hawley, (R-Mo), the “Helping Infrastructure Restore
the Economy” (HIRE act), that proposes breaking up the DC Swamp and spreading the wealth
around to other areas of the nation. Here are their proposed changes:
1 Department of Agriculture — Missouri
2 Department of Commerce –Pennsylvania
3 Department of Education –Tennessee
4 Department of Energy — Kentucky
5 Health and Human Services –Indiana
6 Housing and Urban Development — Ohio
7 Department of Interior — New Mexico
8 Department of Labor — West Virginia
9 Department of Transportation — Michigan
10 Veterans Affairs — South Carolina

There will be hell to pay but, if government can’t move its civilian employees like the DOD does,
then move the agencies. What a splendid idea. Or, short of that, perhaps every two or three
years, employees in one agency would be transferred into another agency whose mission is
totally opposite of their previous assignment. This would specifically include those at the SES
level. What’s SES you ask? Its civilian executives operating their agencies as civilian Generals,
so to speak. For the others of course, pay grades would stay the same. Think of it as exercising
ones elbows, knees and wrist joints to keep them limber. If they are not moved from time to
time, they become stiff and ossified, just like government.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Short Takes – In Self Defense


Let’s face it. Our political system is rotten to the core. The Deep State is revealed as the self-sustaining machinery of bureaucratic enrichment and self survival and anyone who attempts to stop it will be crushed. Who else but himself could possibly sustain the constant banging of the Hammer of Thor the Democrat Schiff-heads are using to try to crush Donald Trump?


I am fearful for my President. For the Progressive Left, It might come to that if he keeps succeeding in making America Great Again despite their efforts to stop him. The ranks of the far Left are filled with the weird and wacky, anyone of them capable of doing him harm. Everyone of ‘em should be “Red Flagged” before they actually get motivated in a crazed frenzy, to act.


The ultra wacky nimrod, Maxine Waters, a long serving US Representative, is becoming certifiable with her screed demanding Trump be cast into Prison, and sicing her minions to disrupt Trump rally’s, meetings and town halls and other awful things, is a case in point. Elijah Cummings is no better. Holding other seats of authority as committee chairmen in the US House of Representatives is the bewildered Gerry Nadler and the shameless prevaricator with Schiff for brains, Adam Schiff, all led by an increasingly despondent House leader who is so flummoxed by the political situation that she has capitulated her authority to the really far left demands of a cabal of brand new congress persons, AOC and her muslim pals.


All are ignorant of their own stupidity but of more concern, all believe they are America’s future and will continue to run for office. Worse, the hinterland has risen the Spector of even more nimrods who believe they should be President. Think Gavin Newsom, the dictator of the Socialist State of California. Does he want to stay in a state overrun by homeless, illegal, drug and disease infected denizens of hobo camps? Hell no, he wants to escape to Washington DC to be President where he can do the most damage.There are others out there, even some ‘Never Trump’ Republicans like Jeff Flake. So, we must beware, they’re coming for us.


How do we stop this dangerous flood of idiots? Do we go into self-defense mode? What does that portend? Show a gun or make a threat, even as a joke and the SWAT squads will be knocking down your door and hauling you off to the clinker. They have guns and will use them. You have a gun and you can’t. What about our self-defense, from them?


Totalitarism does not go quietly into the good night. Like an angry coiled beast it will lie in wait to strike when the sun goes down. It will do everything to save itself but by this time we’re well beyond a Constitutional crisis. It’s only a crisis if the Democrats want it to be otherwise, every thing else is fair game, just so long as they win.


It was once fashionable in the rural American political scene, not to hang politicians for their depredations, but to tar and feather ‘em, place them on a rail and run ‘em out of town. In those days it was very effective and they usually didn’t come back. But this lot will come back again and again so long as they have breath. Their aim, kill the golden goose so all the other geese can live and poop in the same pond. Won’t that be wonderful?


Would that we could return to the days of citizen legislatures where tar & feathers and rails would be a large inducement to seek honesty over bribes, payoffs and quid pro quo. Americans need to act now. Very soon it will be too late!

Remember, freedom is the coal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (13Oct19)

Short Takes – Going Hot!


Going Hot!

The recent Progressive incident, in Fairfax Co. Md. involving that County’s Chief of Police suspending an officer for turning over an illegal alien invader to ICE, then reinstating the officer the next day when the SHTF, without benefit of an apology, reveals not only the deep divisions within our communities, but heralds a coming problem that must be seriously considered before it actually happens: It’s what will the standard police officer do when “ordered” to support  unconstitutional edicts against the citizens of the city he/she has sworn to protect and serve by disobeying the Constitution? Will they turn in their badges and walk away, or clad themselves in armor and go rogue? It’s a very serious possibility we could face when the silent Civil War now underway in our political systems, goes hot!


The Socialist idealists that have rotted away the Democrat Party in order to have the power to make America Socialist too, having already corrupted America’s education system, attacked America’s moral codes by challenging our Judeo-Christian beginnings, allowing the perverted crowd of sexual deviants to infest girls sports, school bathrooms and drag our morals through kangaroo courts for the satisfaction of their public image, is evidence enough we have a problem.They have now turned their attention to subverting state, and local governments to become democratic enclaves to instill socialism at the basic levels of our governments.


We see the problem manifest in the sanctuary cities springing up around the nation; Police departments being ordered not to cooperate with federal ICE authorities; popular resistance to deportations and jails releasing criminals back out onto the streets of our cities. It suggests that our state, county and local law enforcement authorities may no longer be trusted to “Protect and Serve” us, under penalty of firing or worse. Look what Progressives have done to the FBI!


I have opined previously that any elected mayor of a city, chairman of a county board of Supervisors or governor of a state, who wears the Democrat banner and encourages civil disobedience against common sense federal immigration laws, is in fact a “Commissar” of the old Bolshevik-Soviet model, there not to protect the citizens but to organized them, by force if necessary, into obeying committees of Socialist thought, like we see happening in Portland, Oregon, where “Antifa’s” roam the streets like Hitlers Stormtroopers did in the early 1930’s, beating up people for not obeying the thugs commands.


City Chief’s of Police, (appointed) who kowtow to the unlawful orders of Democrat mayor’s, cannot be viewed in the lens of common sense as Law Enforcement protectors of civilized society, but rather as a political commissars, there to enforce their master’s edict’s. To Constitutionally oriented American’s, the rogue Commissar abandons the protections of law and, when ordering the police department he/she superintends, to seize defense weapons, conduct night time raids of citizens households and steal private property under the pretext of law to sell at auction, forfeits their legal protections as well. It’s “game on.” This of course is when the silent civil war goes hot. We must be prepared for it. It’s coming!  The obvious response for such open community criminality is for citizens to remain armed, trained and ready to ‘Go Hot’ when the need arrives. We have the Bundy Ranch experience, against rogue Federal Agents as an example of a successful resistance against tyranny.


Today we see the thrashing of demented democrats, Pelosi, Nadler, Waters, Schiff, and others, unable to pierce the armor of Donald Trump, going rogue themselves. They insist on living a life remarkable to nobody but themselves.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (04Oct19)

A Serious Clash of Damaging Issues


A Serious Clash of Damaging Issues

The Democrat Motto: “Deny everything, admit nothing and blame somebody else.” It was really a bad week for Democrats. Forget what the media says, It was a bad week for Democrats and it’s not going to get any better. Their total anti-Trump derangement is leading them into the same biblical wilderness that stumped Moses for forty years.


First damaging issue: Jerry Nadler demonstrated his incompetence as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee when witness Lewindoskie made a mockery of his impeachment hearing leaving the hapless fool wondering what happened. Second damaging Issue: A video of Obama’s VP, Joe Biden bragging to the Council of Foreign Relations how he bribed the Ukrainian President for a mere Billion American Tax Payer dollars, to fire the Prosecutor who was investigating the corrupt Ukrainian energy company on who’s board Joe Biden’s son sat for several years at a salary of $50,000 per month, surfaced. Say what?


Third Damaging Issue: President Trump said that he did indeed discussed former Vice President Joe Biden with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in a July phone call. So what? That what Presidents do, talk to foreign potentates & etc. Who cares what the subject was. As Obama once famously said: “We won, you lost.”


Forth damaging issue:  At the UN General Assembly, Trump told the world it does not belong to Globalists; all religions should be protected; LbGT’s have rights too & etc. Trumps speech generated no rousing applause, no cheers, no standing ovations. He scared the hell out of the New World Order Crowd of which the Democrats are an important part.


Fifth Damaging issue: They couldn’t get Justice Kavanaugh again because Good Ol’ Joe preempted their case with his bragging. They had to go into Def-Con 4, alarm the media and push their clumsy attempt to turn the “whistleblower complaint” about Biden into a Trump problem to salvage their moral authority not realizing they never had one. Will it never end?


Sixth damaging issue: Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Speaker of the House, in her Tuesday PM announcement said the House would be initiating an impeachment inquiry and, in a rare moment of truthfulness, let the cat out of the bag when she said: “We can’t let him win again!”


Seventh damaging issue: After screaming since last week that Trump should release the transcript of his July phone call with the Ukraine President, Trump said okay, he would and suddenly, that wasn’t good enough for Speaker Pelosi. The drum beat goes on.


In the Democrats derangement, It’s important to remember, there is only hearsay by a non-witness who claims Trump did something naughty that ignited the fire the Democrats need to stop the Biden fiasco from sinking their ship. Evidence of an impeachable offense must be there somewhere so Trump must reveal all.  Remember Trump’s words when this “whistleblower” business first flared up? I paraphrase but: Trump said he wasn’t worried at all. Let the Democrats do what they want, it will all come crashing down on them.


So, what’s going on here? Trump is the master negotiator but he’s not negotiating with the Democrats. He’s a master at understanding people and what they want, and he’s a complete master at baiting them. Is this whole business another one of Trumps cunning traps to ensnare the Democrats in their own contemptible sludge of swamp hate?  I wouldn’t bet against it. Remember freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (9/24/19)

Short Takes – Why We Need The Second Amendment

Featured Stories, Opinion

Why We Need The Second Amendment

Simpletons like Beto “Beno” O’Rouke said: “hell yes we’ll seize your guns,” and, “I’m open to banning all guns,” in response to push back against his pronouncements on the need of the Second amendment.


The reason our founders expected Americans to be armed was to protect themselves from a hostile government (ours) they foresaw as being usurped by politicians desperate for power. Democrats, now really the American Communist Party, want to disarm us because they can’t enter the third stage of Socialism, totalitarism, so long as Americans can legally have the ability to protect themselves.


American history has many examples of its government using the power that comes out of a gun barrel to enforce it’s edicts, and this even before the era of fascists socialism. For example, the Ludlow (Colorado) coal strike, a totally commercial labor issue, to become famous as The Ludlow Massacre, was a labor strike. The final government action to settle the strike was to order the Colorado National Guard to support guards of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company to attack 1,200 striking coal miners and their families at Ludlow, Colorado, on April 20, 1914.


Okay, we’ve seen labor strikes before but this one saw the Colorado National Guard ordered to use use government issued machine guns to fire into the strikers. They killed approximately twenty-one people, including miners’ their wives and children. The miners didn’t fire back, then. The Ludlow massacre was the deadliest single incident of the State vs. the people using deadly force, until Waco. It was a PR disaster for John J. Rockefeller, the mine owner.


Eisenhower warned us, after his second term as President to beware of the “Military-Industrial Complex.” In 1914 it was the Government-Commercial complex that set the rules, the people be damned. After the Ludlow outrage had dimmed, some good come out of it. Child Labor laws were enacted, and the eight hour work day was implemented. The United Mine workers Union was formed and became a socialist organ but then, people were only looking for good working conditions.


But, what about Waco? A religious group, no threat to government at all and knowing their civil rights were being violated by the Clinton Administration’s  Attorney General who didn’t like their expression of religious practices, and certain they were going to be attacked by the gun wielders of the Dept. of Justice, retreated to their private enclave in Waco, Texas where, indeed, they were attacked and killed to the last child by the FBI and ATF.


Ruby Ridge is another example. The murder by a federal police sniper of a woman standing in her doorway holding her child, became a ‘cause celebre’ after the governments phony gun charge was dismissed in court because it couldn’t be supported by trial. Another outrage.


Don’t forget the Elian Gonzales issue too; a violation of an individuals civil rights perpetrated against one little Cuban refugee boy, snatched out of a closet in which he and his aunt sought refuge, by an armed squad of Clinton administration federal gunmen. Neither Elian nor his aunt were were armed. They would have been killed outright had they been.


Elian Gonzales was one little immigrant boy forcibly returned to Castro’s Cuba to be taught to become a good communist. What has changed since then? Democrats now ardently refuse to send illegal immigrants back, indeed encourage their criminal behavior to flood our borders.


A final example is the recent Bundy Ranch standoff in Nevada, thwarting a government attempt to steal Rancher Bundy’s range rights so Senator Harry Reid could profit by offering the land to a solar power company. Guns stopped the theft because armed Second amendment supporters rallied to Bundy’s cause. The issue ended up in a murder by a police officer of one of Bundy’s relatives in Washington state a year or so later.


This is what happens when Americans, able to defend ourselves still believe government is our friend. It’s then we realize resistance and sound judgement quickly evaporate after such incident(s) and things go on as usual until the next outrage. Obama changed that thinking.


The Bundy incident demonstrate that resistance can work. Obama’s social manipulation of the economy, our culture and our constitutional rights, proved highly profitable for investors in gun companies. The socialist in government, demanding other elements of our government to abandon their oaths to protect the constitution, have opened a pandora’s box of potential  whoop-ass. Comments by idiots like ‘Beno’ Beto O’Rourke proves it.


If Hillary Clinton had been elected, we would never had known about the treasonous ‘coup’ by top Obama administration officials against an elected President, and we would doubtless be warping up the first stage of her Socialism. Don Chambers, a Townhall contributor, wrote the first stage of Socialism was making America a total welfare state. Trump put the ‘kibosh’ on that but It won’t last.


When and if they come back, they’ll start it up all over again heading for the second phase of socialism, government seizing the means of production. Obama tried it with his government funding of solar power, giving them vast amounts of money just before they went bankrupt. The expensive, tax exempt giant windmill eyesores dotting our countryside are still robbing us.


Of course, if they get that far, the third and worst phase of socialism Don Chambers calls totalitarism, will be inevitable. The Socialists have their Fascist antifa’s already trying to implement fear on the streets. Do we need protection? You bet! Do we need our second amendment protections? Absolutely. I believe long before that, our citizenry will often have demonstrated the absolute need to remain armed and on defense.


Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (22Sep19)

Easy Credit, America’s Tar Baby


While the Democrats are spinning out of control and the media is focused on Trump’s destruction, and fake news fills our TV sets, let’s take a look at a serious issue facing us.

Okay, America is a mess, politically, socially, and economically. Yes, the economy is humming along and jobs are widely available, but the money is phony. We are pawns in the hands of the world bankers and money manipulators, dependent on them for every dollar we think we earn and spend when every dollar really only represents our personal IOU note of debt to them! In effect we exist by debt and deficit spending, in other words, easy credit!

So, why has this practice of living off credit/debt become so common and why has it been allowed to continue? First, any changes to existing laws on spending limits, etc. requires a legislative process! But alas, politicians, being the parasites they are, benefit from the existing monetary system. Their greed and avarice is boundless. Why do you suppose that poor politicians retire wealthy after only a few years in service but a soldier doesn’t? Their well-paying conflict of interest schemes are solidly entrenched and once new politicians are compromised, they’re in forever like getting stuck on that ol’ Uncle Remus’s Tar Baby.

Several questions arise. How do we find honest politicians? Terms limits have been proposed but no politician worth his life, would sponsor such a bill or, if he did, it would never get an affirmative vote. That’s how democracy really works. We vote the crooks in ourselves and they vote for themselves.

Draining the Swamp, as Trump promised, was a harder task than expected. Trump promised to do it and he’s working on it but, anyone without Trump’s personal strength to resist the constant scurrilous political attacks against him, would have been gone weeks after their inauguration. Instead, because of Trump’s strength, the failed FBI coup using that swamp scoundrel, the honorable Robert Mueller as its spear point, actually exposed the worst of the decadent DC Swamp Creatures proving the Deep State does exist. They should be gone soon.

Trump’s arrival, a complete shock to the DC political system threatens their money machine so carefully crafted over the past decades; but, that money machine itself has changed. Today we are totally dependent on the commercial private bank system, including the Federal Reserve as every dollar in circulation is a borrowed one. What makes the system work is the continued printing of valueless fiat money and dispersing it rapidly into the system with low interest rates. There’s that tar baby again! Maybe we should invest in green ink.

When banks print debt money we prosper; when they don’t, we’ll see recession and hard times. Once we understand what’s in the empty cash bucket were looking into, it seems we’re in a hopeless position to the point of absurdity and yet, all the signs and warnings are out there for us to see, just garbled up and papered over to confuse us.

Does our system of economic debt portend America’s demise? Will it happen before Islam gets here and our wealth lies in the camels we own? Are we capable of repairing the situation or do we still rely on our elected, mostly corrupt politicians, to do the right thing?

Who has a vested interest in not wanting changes? Well, tax accountants for sure. Politicians of course, and special interest groups because it’s all about money. It’s their vested interest in wealth creation and It’s scandalous yet, we’re moved to do nothing. That’s how revolutions are born, out of politicians doing nothing.

Most folks look to the Fed to solve the credit/debt crisis. Can it? No! It would be impossible as the banksters created it. All this subprime lending and collateralized debt was a scam from the beginning. There is no added value anywhere. Everything in America is paper shuffling. It’s a paper bubble empire backed by paper fiat money. It has to eventually shake itself out or collapse, if not this time it will come later, during most of our lifetimes, i.e.: soon!

How do we get good people to send up there? How do we recruit, vet and elect intelligent, yet courageous people who are smart enough not to get entrapped in the tar baby morass that is the political cash machine and yet not be afraid to confront the Progressive kill machine that is the Marxist Democrat party? Don’t be fooled. They might be in disarray, but they’re not retreating in confusion.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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