The China Reality is Now at Hand


It is looking increasingly like China’s world wide Corona Virus attack and its manufactured
phony pandemic against the world, specifically the United States may have worked, temporarily.
It has frightened enough Americans into a herd mentality to stampeded many of ’em to
sheepishly conform to Blue State politicians dictaks that we economically must kill ourselves
individually and as a nation through conformity to politically generated fear. Don’t wear a mask,
can’t board an airplane and you may get a ticket or thrown off. Totalitarism is here!

America was actually attacked by the Peoples Republic of China and a Chinese agent (Joe
Biden) was imposed on us to steal our election so the CCP can pursue its design for world
hegemony. China Joe is a bought Chinese agent of influence and America may soon become a
puppet government of China after January 2021. Knowing what we know now, and what is still
being revealed daily about the election fraud perpetrated on us, Americans must prepare
themselves to either resist Biden’s Maoist masters so they cannot transform the United States
into a functionary appendage of the PRC or get in line to join the New World Order.

The changing process of American culture has been underway for decades disguised as
“;multiculturalism, diversity and inclusiveness.” This means the eradication of Americas history
by removal of statues of famous her’s, politicians & explorers, changing names of schools from
American leaders to Marxist ones, and even attempting to change the names of American
military posts named after confederate generals. It is in reality, anti-white & anti-European! The
eradication will only stop when Trumps keeps his seat and not before! Do I sound like a
conspiracy theorist? Yes, because if we don’t realize the danger, we may be one of those on the
ground. The problem is…”The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a
conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” J. Edgar Hover, 1958 It exists!

A forced American cultural transformation through our public schools, has been underway for
decades and is now moving at flank speed pushed forward with this stolen election falling apart.
It includes the political transformation that has infected and corrupted our FBI, DoJ and CIA.
Can it be stopped or reversed? If it wasn’t for President Trump, we would have been there
already, stunned, confused and lying supine on the ground with the heels of fascists like BLM
and Antifa’s resting on our necks. To what extent can our Western cultural traditions, once
based upon moral legal and governmental standards gifted to Western civilizations by the
Greeks, Roman and others, resist the transformation? The “monstrous conspiracy” Hoover
spoke of is upon us, here, now, today! What are you going to do about it?
A growing mass of confirmations of voter fraud are coming in daily and most of those
investigations are easily available outside the dying main stream media sources. Look at this
bombshell video for example.

For most Trump supporters this lies far beyond an issue of morality and conscience. If Georgia’s
Senatorial election is also stolen then America will be a stones throw away from becoming
another Venezuela or Cuba. A conservative minority Senate will have no means short of
revolution, to resist the Chinese beast and all its odious programs of population control. It is now
time for Americans to decide if they are going to fish or cut bait! We have a tough row to hoe!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em! (17Dec20)

BLM and the Coming Danger


By stealth and design, America, over the past five decades has allowed itself to be enveloped in the soothing fog of socialism where its corrosive philosophy has been allowed to incubate in our public schools until ultimately, it has let loose the legions of corrosive thinking cretins, BLM’s, now attacking and burning our towns and cities, indeed our Americanism disguised as peaceful protesters but, anarchists all. The scary thing is that these people are for most part, Americans.


I am slightly confused. I always thought that BLM identified the Bureau of Land Management, a government quasi law enforcement entity to protect Americas wide open spaces and Indian reservations. I was alarmed when BLM got directly involved against private enterprise when they assumed a Nevada rancher, the Bundy family, were in violation of some land use rules empowering them, the BLM, to seize Bundy’s cattle without due process. This occurred under a Democrat government when then House Speaker Harry Reid, wanted the land Bundy used for cattle grazing to sell to a renewable energy company to install solar collectors. That constituted an Executive Action requiring a legal punishment, (theft of Bundy’s cattle), an unconstitutional act, unless they got away with it. They didn’t, and that part of the story died. Also quickly ignored was the singular fact that armed American citizens confronted the BLM usurpers and prevailed.


In any event, we are now confronted with a different BLM, hoards of black clad young, mostly white Americans, organized or not, volunteering for political reasons or for pay, to support the BLM group of self styled and admitted Marxists who are determined to bring America down. 


As this lot runs around city streets and cafes attempting to humiliate dining patrons, it is more an  expression of Maoism than Marxism. In any event, their mission is the same, destroy America. A shocking video interview of a young white male with a plastic face shield truthfully answering the interviewer’s questions, admitted that capitalism had to be overthrown and replaced by  socialism. By his attitude he thought it was an event sure to happen. Where did he get such anti-American ideas? From the revisionists of American history, in the Common Core syllabus indoctrinating its neophytes about how rotten America has been to people of color, to the poor and the undocumented immigrants swarming here for a better life, free of charge of course! 


America’s long and successful exercise in representative government, where decorum between contending ideas, (except for the Civil War period), even with those that clearly flouted the US Constitution, were argued out in the public domaine with a basically honest media reporting the results, not trying to make them. All that has been washed away with the corrupting marriage between commerce and government, the source of the vast pot of easy cash endlessly flowing to buy the votes of politicians. That’s one step away from Fascism, Mussolini’s idea that one can keep his business so long as his business produces what government tells him to produce. 


Nobody could seriously believe that Joe Biden is up 16 points over Donald Trump except CNN who said so. That’s a fear inducing tactic! What is happening is a post Trump Leftist scheme to give us two choices in what government, we will have, Fascism or Communism, aka: Socialism. To Democrats, it really makes no difference because both concepts are Far Left and will only survives under the heel of Totalitarian, protected by a police state. 


Mostly, Americans now live comfortably adjusting to deflation and inflation, lower interests rates and affordable fuel and food prices. That comfort could soon end and Conservative Americans must be prepared for two choices, give in or water the roots of the Liberty Tree. 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s get awesome! (06Oct20)

Black Lives Matter comes to downtown Murphy in impressive numbers

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Black Lives Matter

MURPHY, N.C. – A large, peaceful crowd turned out in downtown Murphy to support the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement on June 4.

Approximately 450 or more BLM supporters brandished homemade signs while marching from the train depot to the courthouse. The three young adult organizers created the event on Monday, June 1 with the intention of holding a small gathering with their friends. However, after launching the Murphy BLM Peaceful Protest group, it grew from 10 to 200 people overnight. At the time of the event, the group had 677 members. No one expected such a big crowd, and several protesters expressed the hope they felt at the sight.

“I think it says there are a lot more people out there then you know. Like that support what you’re trying to convey and spread the word. I think it just says a lot about what we don’t know is out there,”  organizer Jake Reed told FYN on the protest’s success.

Reed and his fellow organizers TeLor Allen and Emily Mills all stressed their desire for a peaceful protest leading up to the event. They wanted it to be a safe space for the people from Cherokee County to show solidarity with the BLM movement.

“I am not a rioter. I am not a looter. I am not a thug. I am not a stereotype. I am a student. I go to the University of Tennessee. I am a daughter. I matter. My name is TeLor Allen,” declared Allen. “Thank you for using your voices for a cause that is so much beyond us that we can’t even imagine.”

The event appeared to serve as an outlet for those who wanted to support BLM and share their grief as well as desire for change.

TeLor Allen addresses the crowd of the event she helped to organize.

“[I experienced] a lot of recently feeling helpless, but then hearing oh there’s a protest actually going on here in Murphy, which I was shocked to find out considering how small it is. But I’m so glad that it happened and glad that I am here,” said one protester who goes by Ryvers.

FYN spoke with participants about small towns and the likelihood of protests in support of BLM. Certain individuals discussed that residents in rural communities are “at peace” with how things operate and don’t see a need for change. No one wants to “rock the boat” or take a gamble on controversial topics.

Diversity also plays a part in how communities see BLM protests. One protester talked about moving from Athens, Ga to Murphy, NC, and how one of their classmates told them that they never saw a person of color before.

Another BLM supporter brought up community diversity and the role it plays:

“We grew up in Florida where there was diversity and there was color and to move to a small town and to see how closed it was. This was very important to us for our voices to be heard. Not only for Black Lives Matters, but also for the injustice that the police, there are so many occasions of them getting away with so much stuff,” said Kathryne, “The fact that the police officers were on the side that really meant a lot to everybody.”

“We all wanted it to be peaceful and glad that it’s reaching such small communities too,” responded Lynsey. “This is a matter that affects all of us.”

Many protesters made signs to illustrate their opinions and feelings regarding injustices against African Americans.

When asked why now and why they felt the need to demonstrate, they responded:

“I’m sick and tired of seeing everything happen on the news. I’m tired of watching our black Americans go through everything that they are. I want things to be better for them. They should feel safe and have the same privileges that we do and not feel oppressed or as though, they can’t attain, the same things that we do,” expressed Sierra Butler.

“I’m tired of just standing by and knowing that I have white privilege, but not being able to do anything about it,” added Brenda Hammond. “I know that there are people who have it so much worse than we do simply because they’re darker than us and that’s not right. It makes me hurt so much to see so many people in pain.”

Hammond also addressed how her family has a lot of mixed opinions on the issue, but they are having conversations about race in America to try and understand.

While marching, they continued to chant “No Justice No Peace,” “George Floyd,” “Black Lives Matter,” “This is America,” and “I can’t breathe.” Once reaching their destination, several protesters laid down in the street with their hands behind their back and chanted “I can’t breathe.”

Everyone fell silent for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to recognize the length of time former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin held his knee to George Floyd’s neck.

Cherokee County Sheriff Derrick Palmer spoke, at times in tears, over the injustices African American’s face and the acts of police brutality. He condemned the actions of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) and any officer who didn’t see the wickedness in the four former MPD members.

Sheriff Derrick Palmer addresses change at the Black Lives Matter Protest.

“It’s a long time past that law enforcement and community leaders need to stop, and no longer continue to be silent but speak out when we see injustice occurring,” Palmer stated. “No longer can community members and leaders turn our backs, turn our faces, and pretend these things don’t happen. We don’t only need to speak out for a change, but we need to make changes in our community both Republican and Democrat.”

The sheriff also stressed the need for the community and the nation to love each other citing the Bible and Martin Luther King Jr. Palmer and his staff have started discussions on how to end systemic racism in law enforcement and help their citizens. He added that this discussion only took place because of protesters raising their voices against unjust systems.

Police reform is at the heart of the issue, FYN asked Reed what next steps people could take after the protests:

“I think the next big step for police systems, police departments, and people in power that can really change is realizing that we need change. I think that us being here even in this tiny town is really impactful.”

Jake Allen came up with the idea to hold a protest in Murphy.

Some individuals who disagreed with the protest lined the outskirts of the protest. One even shouted out “all lives matter.” He was quickly shouted down by others in the crowd, who echoed “not until black lives matter.” Others shouted that the disruptor “didn’t have a clue.”

FYN chatted with protesters, Kathyrne, Lynsey, and Talon who encountered him before the event started.

“He looked at us and said are you serious, and I just said yes sir, we are, and thank you, have a nice day,” explained Lynsey. “If you’re here for the wrong reason, go home.”

Once the peaceful assembly ended, the organizers and police handed out water to those in attendance and cleaned the streets of any trash.

To see all photos from the event, click here.

Black Lives Matter rally comes to Jasper

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JASPER, Ga. – Protesting continues across many North Georgia counties as demonstrators rally in the wake of media reports on the death of George Floyd and other protests.

Tonight saw another of these rallies in the city of Jasper, Georgia, as police blocked off parking spaces and sections of side streets around the Pickens County Courthouse downtown. While some showed early and stood on the sidewalk with signs, it appeared like it would be a small turnout even after 4:00 p.m. passed.

However, less than twenty minutes later, a large group marched onto the lawn of the courthouse from the east, on Court Street. The march rallied into those already present swelling the numbers over a hundred strong.

Chants rang out of “Black Lives Matter,” “I Can’t Breathe,” and “No Justice No Peace” repeatedly as demonstrators held signs and cheered on as supporters would drive by honking.

Calling attention to a central point, protesters took a knee as they said it was to respect those present and to fight the “injustice” they were opposing. One of the first to speak, Jeff Samuel said, “What matters today is those of us standing here for equal rights and justice for all.”

Samuel said he was proud of Jasper and of those present at the protest standing for their beliefs.

Samuel led the push for more people to speak saying that all voices need to be heard. One by one, protesters stepped forward, taking the megaphone to speak to those gathered. Some spoke to counterprotesters as well.

Black Lives Matter protesters rally in Jasper, Georgia, on June 7, 2020.

Most of those speaking spoke specifically about the Black Lives Matter movement, George Floyd, and racism in America. Others spoke about race in general and the importance of equality in the nation. Some spoke thanks to officers present that were protecting them and their right to gather and speak. Nearly an hour and a half continued with speakers stepping forward.

Eventually, the protest heard from the three organizers of the event, Mack Thomas, Kat Phillips, and Maxie Woodall.

Offerings thanks for those attending, Thomas said it was everyone’s support that helped make the day what it was. He pointed out Kat Phillips saying that she was the one who went to Sherrif Craig to make sure the protest was safe.

Woodall spoke saying that she expected a handful of people to show up and to have a small group of mostly teenagers present for the protest, but never could have expected the number and variety of people saying it was “awesome.” She spoke about the names of victims, the names of black people who have died from police brutality.

Phillips offered one statement saying, “We are going to make a change.”


Black Lives Matter protesters rally in Jasper, Georgia, on June 7, 2020.

Some protesters split into a separate group playing music and dancing on Depot Street and offering more chants for the rally, moving to another end of the courthouse lawn.

Counter-protesters also came to the event, chanting and waving American Flags, Trump Flags, and one man playing the bugle in opposition to those speaking. However, the few that remained after the rally declined to speak directly on camera to address the counter-protests and their message.

Speaking after the rally, organizers Mack Thomas, Kat Phillips, and Maxie Woodall offered a few extra words to FYN about organizing the event and their interactions with police leading up to it.

Phillips said her experience with organizing with the police was a positive one saying, “They were so nice about it and the way he organized everything as our right was really nice. Craig actually did a wonderful job helping me with this.”

A sentiment echoed by Sheriff Donnie Craig who said he was pleased with the crowd and the way things unfolded at the event. Addressing online comments about needing permission, Craig said that the county and the city do not have a permit process, but that the opportunity to touch base with protesters about the event and their desires allowed him to better coordinate and work with demonstrators and their rally.

From left to right, Mack Thomas, Kat Phillips, and Maxie Woodall speak about organizing the protest and the turnout in Jasper, Georgia.

When asked about protesters thanking local law enforcement during the rally, Craig said, “That was a strong message to our local law enforcement.”

Handing out fliers and continuing along, the final moments of the protest were spent dancing with music played from one protester’s truck before dispersing peacefully for the night.

However, organizers said this would not be the end. Thomas said that the next step is continued talks with Craig and with officers, “We can’t do anything about racism unless something happens with the law.”

Thomas said that speaking to those with hiring abilities in these departments will express the people’s desires in their police force.

All three agreed that more protests could come until they are heard and a change comes.

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