Guns and Police Reform, What Does it Mean? Danger!


Written by George McClellan

Democrats believe that on the issue of gun violence, the 2nd Amendment is wholly responsible
and should be made redundant; as if guns, as inanimate objects, are responsible for running
around killing innocent black males. Having failed to sell that nonsense to a growing majority of
2A supporting Americans, that now includes Liberals who never thought of owning a firearm let
alone entertain the prospect of using one against a fellow human being, are now buying out gun
stores. So, that argument is now meaningless!

What one entity however, does have the authority to lawfully shoot someone in the course of
their daily business? Why, it’s the police and even there the statistics on how many blacks, or
whites for that matter, are dispatched to their great reward by police guns during apprehensions
or while avoiding arrests, tells a far different story. So, what to do now? The Democrats have
returned to White supremacy and systemic racism as the primary cause of so many black
deaths, while ignoring the growing ledger of statistics to the contrary.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Ct) in a recent interview said: “White communities use violence to
suppress Black communities,” once again attempting to blame all the woes of Black community
violence on the shoulders of Whites by alleging White supremacy and privileged as a motive. No
one asked him to explain how the White community was responsible for the exclusively high
death toll committed by black vs black every weekend in Chicago, or Baltimore, Wash DC,
Atlanta and other Democrat run cities for all that. Violence is the common denominator and yes,
mostly by guns held in the hands of a black sub culture that embraces death, yours or theirs.
Culture differences are the danger, not the Second Amendment.

Sen. Murphy wrote a book on the subject attempting to understand”human lethal aggression”
and how it can be addressed. He seeks to lay all the motives for violent aggression on Whites,
not the gun wielders. Apart from firearms, many are killed by bats, clubs, hammers and knives,
weapons capable of inflicting violent deaths. But why focus on guns? Because they are the
instrument of choice by “gangsta” black males and, as more American citizens have armed
themselves for self-defense, the Marxists Democrat will be unable to complete their violent
takeover of American cities, already underway in Portland, Seattle, LA, San Francisco,
Baltimore and DC. by their aggressive Stormtroopers, the Antifa’s and BLM.

So, if they can’t disarm Americans, at least they can try to reform the police by making it easier
for the socially challenged part of society to achieve parity through street crime without
consequences. The Antioch, California District Attorney, a Democrat, has told her prosecutors to
consider the “needs of the perpetrators before making a criminal charge.”Say what? They’re
talking about the rash of looting of commercial establishments now happening under the excuse
of “reparations.” But, what if the looting gangs show up in your town and your neighborhood and
start rummaging around in your garage because they need a lawnmower or your new work
boots. (I know, two bad examples!), but that’s where Democrats are taking us and, they are
encouraging a violent response from 2A victims. It could be coming but, we are warned.

The BLM – Antifa’s riots are losing steam, at least in the public’s mind. Citizens In some
communities, well aware of the dangers to civil order, are already quietly organizing to defend
their communities from destruction when bus loads of black clad SS Stormtroopers suddenly
appear and set about their terrorism. WWII had Civil Defense units. Maybe its time to consider
doing something like that again. That’s a job for our County Sheriff’s to start working on.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

How To Define Healing


Written by George McClellan

Healing, is a term always used by Democrats as an appeal to vote for them as opposed to those
rascally Republicans who are destroying American cities, killing Americas black population and
failing to use the power of government to lift poor people out of poverty. The term no longer has
any serious appeal to most Americans, but, to Democrats, healing really means we should
capitulated to their better social and economic ideals. In reality, we have tried this before and it
has always failed on the altar of good intentions!

Do we remember an early, former communications director of Trump’s White House named
Anthony Scaramucci? He’s back! In anti-Trump attack on CNN’s Anderson Cooper show, he
predicted President Trump would “be in the ash heap of history” after November’s election. He
further opined: “We have to heal this country and unify this country, and at some point, we’re
going to have to rebuild the Republican party.”  There’s that word “heal” again. Well, I think its
safe to add his name to the short list of Republican traitors like John Kasich, et al.

On one point I heartedly agree. The Republican party must be rebuilt or it will be replaced. In fly
over country the GOP is not lacking in capable people, like Trump, who could reorganize at the
state and local levels where its most important. Most of our current elected “conservatives” are
demonstrably inept, self-serving and have conservative voting record at 50% or less. They can’t
heal either! Some GOP politicians are not totally in the bag for the One World Government
scheme, but enough of them are to make grassroots conservatives, ie: the Republican base,
seriously consider the future of the GOP, or reevaluate their role in it.

Healing is not the word to use to describe a lasting remedy for a political schism that won’t heal.
Cuts and abrasions heal, not damaged egos or thwarted ambitions drowned by trickery, lies and
deceit. Stealing MAGA hats and signs from pro Trump demonstrators is not healing. The deep
personal hurts inflicted by foul language screamed into peoples faces by brain dead morons, will
not be healed by the pleas of politicians seeking re-election asking “can’t we just get along?”

Well, no we can’t; not their way and we won’t capitulate any more! That’s why the riots continue.
The bigger picture here is the determination by the Progressive “Left,” to force Americans to
accept their offensive political ideas as better for the World; but, alas, America, with its Trump
driven nationalist idealism rudely stands in their way. They still wonder, where did this man,
Trump, come from? How have his ideas, not approved by the establishment, become so
successful making headway against their vision of a One World utopia lead by them?

How can we heal if Joe Biden won’t articulate any truth to the violence and rioting currently
destroying Democrat run America’s cities? How can we heal when Democrat politicians like
incompetent mayors Lori Lightfoot of Chicago and Muriel Bowser of Washington, DC, refuse to
acknowledge the chaos in the cities they govern? Lightfoot wants “economic empowerment,”
exclusively for blacks of course, and agrees that violent looting is a remedy to get it. Just like
socialist Joe Biden, Lightfoot believes, people are lifted out of poverty if they are given an
opportunity to feel a stake in their own future by “peaceful protests.” OMG!

How many opportunities can government give? We’ve been doing it since LBJ’s Great Society
fiasco. Now, her constituency has adopted the insane reasoning that the mass looting of the
cities commercial outlets is “reparations” because stores have insurance. Healing for Chicago,
like NYC, Seattle, San Francisco and LA, will come when all commercialism departs. That’s
healing! Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Trump’s Right! They Are After Us!


Written by George McClellan

There can be no more doubt that the political establishment, the Deep State, including the
treacherous “Never Trumper” Republicans like Mitch Romney, willing to join hands with AOC’s
Marxist (New Green Deal) Democrat Party, are determined to remove Donald Trump from the
Presidency before he can do any more harm to their profitable self-serving Establishment elites
administration of the Federal government. Then along came Trump!

In just over three years, Trump has gone through Hell. An Obama initiated coup attempt using
the FBI, DoJ, DNI and CIA, that targeted three of his advisors including Lt.Gen. Mike Flynn; an
unsuccessful two year investigation into a phony claim of Russian collusion; a laughable
impeachment trial because his telephone conversation to the new President of the Ukraine that
a staffer didn’t like, and considered treasonous: to alleging many American deaths by his clumsy
handling of the China Wuhan virus and, ending up with a desperate full court press insurrection
by the Democrat party’s Stormtrooper’s, the Antifa’s and BLM Marxists, for which he is also
blamed for dividing the country!

Now, suddenly we’re inundated with a new social concern the Left insists we embrace so as not
to be labeled “racists.” And, like all stupid Democrat ideas, we’ve been conned into being
“Woke,” attentive to the fact that our Social Peace keepers (Police) are the biggest danger to
society that should be defunded, disbanded, unarmed or even killed before they can do more
harm to innocent black male criminals peacefully doing what they do best, lying, cheating and
stealing. If you’re not “Woke” you must be a racist, period!

What’s even more scary, because so many of our big cities are in the hands of Marxists (yes,
we voted to put them there), “wokeness” is becoming the dominant mindset in the workplace
both public and private. Its supposed purpose is to help us all help them to fight racism.
We are learning that “Wokeness” is required for any white student to embrace if they
are to survive on a college campus today. It is the driving force behind the street
protests now ravaging our cities because It’s chic, everybody’s doing it not realizing it is
the first step in the brainwashing of students to accept Socialism and hate America.
They’re after us indeed and only Trump stands in their way.

Even more scary, wokeness has crept into the Corporate boardrooms of Wall Street,
and Silicon Valley. A Heritage Foundation contributor describes it as: “pervasive trends
under the guise of equality (that) makes diversity training in government, and corporate
America, and schools, destructive, divisive, and harmful.” I’d say so! In fact,
“Wokeness is a fusion of the critical theory school of neo-Marxism, which is a form of
identity politics, and radical activism that has a very particular worldview that separates
the world into liberationists versus oppressors or oppressed versus oppressors.”

To the fear of racism, they have added gender and self-identity (transgenderism) as new
species to be protected from religious zealots determined to stamp out free expression,
the truth be damned. Their truths are not ours but, it will stick if we allow it to catch hold.
In the last three years we’ve witnessed the shameless Democrats create so many new
definitions for old words, terms or ideas, until we’re all so confused we’d believe about
anything. There’s a lot more to say about this but we had better vote Conservative.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way, Now, go get ’em!

Where Has the Supreme Court Taken Us?


Written By George McClellan

Has Justice Gorsuch’s written decision (Bostock v. Clayton County), supported by a majority of
justices of the Supreme Court, inadvertently ignite what could become a religious war right here
in America? And, all over the definition of “sex?” There are only three possible definitions of
sex: male, female and doing it! Anything else is perversion and that’s because religion, once
backed as inviolate by secular law and our Constitution, had given us some authority and
control over the predators who prey on our children. Gorsuch’s decision has rendered sexual
perversion protected by secular law, and damn what moral constraints religion demands.

Apparently, religion is no longer to be a protected right in America. The Supreme Court just said
so! Why should we not be surprised? Long ago the Court approved the wholesale murder of
unborn Americans (Roe vs Wade) without regard to the Constitutionally protected right to due
process. Next, if this court decides that the Nuns of the Little Sisters of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Catholic Order, have no right to dismiss employees who claim a perverted lifestyle not in concert
with scripture and Catholic doctrine from their employment rolls, then America is done for, its
moral compass smashed and the barbarians will feel free to impose the odious but still
unworkable philosophy of Socialism as prescribed by Marx and Lenin.

The root of almost all the most horrible conflicts in the world between peoples and nations, apart
from pure conquest, has been over issues of religion! The bloody history of religious wars
between England, Scotland and Ireland are the best examples of pure hatred between peoples
of the same ethnic groups and it continued in Northern Ireland right up to the end of the last
decade of the Twentieth Century.

Christianity is being shamed out of American and European histories. Why else have not
Western Christian churches screamed out against the wholesale murders of Christians in Africa
and the Mid-East by the demented followers of Islam?

For us, the potential consequences by this Courts decision may be incalculable. Can we
anticipate other moral evils embedded in this Courts textural decisions coming down the road in
the future? How could we assume otherwise? By this decision, the Supreme Court continues its
activist usurpation of the legislative process. How does that happen, why is it allowed, and why
have our elected legislators, from all the fifty states, coalesce to permit it?

Because they are lazy damn cowards, swayed by the screaming mobs of political correctness,
the Democrats, Marxists, antifa’s, Black Lives Matter and snowflakes weeping over criminals
who succumbed during the arrest process before the inevitability of their incarceration.

Dare we even contemplate; at what point one wonders, will the Supreme Court recognize
Sharia Law as a legitimate doctrine for lower courts to determine local issues? To do so would
have severe conflicting consequences because, for one, Islam does not and will not ever accept
LBGTQ issues as legitimate to Islamic society. Indeed, they delight in ridding society of perverts
by public hangings, beheadings and the ever growing in popularity process of precipitating
homosexuals from roof tops to watch them expire on the cold concrete streets below. Would the
Supreme Court assume responsibility for the violent demise of America’s Gay community, left
dangling from lamp posts, or tossed from roof tops? I don’t think they would. Why do they
countenance the murder of American babies then? Just asking! Our faith in government is
quickly dissipating, and now, even the Supremes. Remember, freedom is the goal, the
Constitution is the way, even if the Supreme Court doesn’t believe it. Now, go get ’em

The Barbarians Are Through The Gates


Written By George McClellan

It does not escape our attention that a righteous complaint over an incident of apparent police
brutality was hijacked by radical Marxists, the criminal enemies of Capitalism and America
whose primary aim at the moment, is to rid America of Donald Trump.

When does a righteous protest turn into a riot, into an insurrection, then a revolution? When
organized barbarians, financed by the likes of American hating George Soros, Barak Obama’s
OFA and Islamic elements like ISIS, Hamas, Hizbollah and CAIR, supply the funds to usurp the
protests original leadership by bussing in ready and waiting, antifa stormtrooper’s to seize
control as is happening in Seattle.

What is transpiring on the streets of America today, like Seattle for example, no longer has
anything to do with the death of George Floyd, but serves only as an excuse to radicalize those
young Americans, failed by our school systems, into helping destroy the country they don’t know
because they believe it was founded on white racism, white privilege and black slavery!

We have two big problems on our streets right now. Liberal leadership of many of our cities and
states have no clue how to respond to armed insurrectionists (I don’t mean second Amendment
believers, that’s coming next) who seize and occupy government buildings, chase off the police
and establish a no go zone for anyone but radicals. The lack of aggressive police staff’s who
should have quickly killed this insurrection as it started, were cowed by political correctness so
as not to”harm anybody!” BS! A few dead antifas lying bleeding on the steps of City Halls
would deliver the message of due respect for Law Enforcement and recognize LE’s role in
maintaining civic stability. But no, they’re rendering proper respect to the insurrectionists.

What’s happening in Seattle, if it’s not stopped right now, will show up in city’s around the
country! We stand at the point where this insurrection must be stopped by direct police action.
Their can be no more negotiations, no pleading for understanding, only the arrests or blood on
the steps. The mayor and clowncil of Seattle should be swept aside by the Federalized NG
troops and open straight forward infantry assaults to retake government property because, If it’s
not done in Seattle, soon, it will happen somewhere else, soon. But, it will happen and if the
authorities can’t or won’t stop it because of political correctness, when that protest spills over
into my town or neighborhood, it will be met by armed resistance. We’re ready!

There is very little mention in the press of any central control over these riots but a guiding hand
is visible. Many rioters (Antifa’s) seem to be well trained because some amount of training is
necessary to account for the tear gas-adapted, aggressive barbarians not intimidated by
superior force. No one in the media wants to address the issue of a centralized command and
control, but it’s there! Someone has got to be following the money trail too. Find that and cutting
off the head of the hydra should do wonders for returning peace to Americas streets.

For protestors to argue passion as a motivator is too naive to be believed when alleged police
brutality and racism is the excuse du jour for todays riots. Black male criminals are now almost
untouchable. Expect many idle young black males to seek their street creds by getting arrested
for felony crimes knowing that Liberal politicians will simply release them without bail or
personal accountability. Should they die for the cause, they know they’ll get a free state funeral
like afforded to George Floyd! Obama was right when he said: “This is not who we are!” We’re
in a fight folks for the very soul of America. What America can we abide and would we want

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Protect and Serve, Reforming the Role of Police


Written By George McClellan

If a community has serious problems with the law and how its enforced, perhaps they should
aim their wrath peacefully at their local politicians, especially the Liberal ones who made up the
laws they don’t like, not at the police officers who have to enforce them.

A policeman on duty sets about on his daily shift following a squad briefing. They know what to
expect and have been trained how to deal with the multiple situations they may encounter in a
day, or a year or in an entire lifetime. Meeting and passing POST standards are required before
any new policeman starts their job. That training is reinforced by frequent upgraded sessions
based on new techniques, new ideas and lessons learned by the errors of other departments
that brought negative attention to themselves with shoddy work. Minneapolis comes to mind.

After the LA Watts riot in 1965, I was often approached by civilians who told me how much they
appreciated how we bravely faced the rioters, the fears we must have endured and how they
really understood our situation. But, they didn’t even remotely understand the situation. A fellow
officer told one such admirer, he really “didn’t want her thanks, he wanted her cooperation.”

That riot was shortly followed by the Univ. of California, Berkley “Free Speech” movement based
on entirely different issues. Even law enforcements approach to the two incidents were entirely
differently. The motive for the LA Watts riots was basically mirrored by the Minneapolis George
Floyd incident now bedeviling us, ie: law enforcement vs. a black, low level street criminal
resisting arrest. Berkley’s riots were college students, mostly white, using Mario Savio’s “Free
Speech” issue as a tool to challenge both the draft and continuance of the Vietnam war.

Those Berkley rioters are todays college professors turning out radical morons like AOC and the
other Democrat Congresspersons trying to destroy what they’ve been taught, that America is,
and has always been, an unfair, slave owning society of white people that refuses to recognize
the rights of other races. They’ve learned from the Cloward-Piven syllabus of social disruption,
implemented by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. So, now our streets are filled by rioters of all
races demanding social changes but blaming police racism for the ills they experience at the
hands of Liberal politicians who pretend to speak for them. Police are not there to correct social
problems, but keep the streets safe from criminals. They only ask for our cooperation.

Criminals are defined by the laws politicians enact. In gun hating communities, for examples,
most of us will become criminals if we failed to give up possession of our guns. Our compliance
is the key to a totalitarian society and Americans won’t have it. Society will always need a
controlling police force, some type of authority to stabilize how we live together. The question is,
just what kind of police force do we want? We’ve seeing the Democrats new Storm Troopers,
the Antifa’s and the Black Lives Matter hoodlums in action in Seattle now. They’re out there,
waiting and ready to go when called for. And if Joe Biden wins, they’ll have tanks too!

Reform of the already restricted police is not the solution. Societal reform is called for. If a
majority of rioters are black youths, whats that tell us? A fatherless home where behavior, once
the responsibility of parents, goes unchecked. But wait, didn’t the “It Takes a Village” crowd take
that responsibility away from black parents? Did not the Democrat Party enact welfare rules that
eliminated the male head of a household if government welfare was wanted? Ronald Reagan
knew it! He said government was the problem. Let’s return responsibility for a rioters bad
behavior back to the parents, not the police or social workers. Sending parents to jail should do
it! Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Defend The Police


Written By George McClellan

America today is under siege by a malignant cellular life force existing barely above the level of the
ancestral green flagellate, aka: pond scum. AOC’s radical left aren’t waiting for their geriatric Democrat
leaders, Pelosi and Schumer, to get off their knee’s praying and finish bringing America around to their
utopian dream of a Communist New World Order. They’re in a hurry! Defund the police is just another
screwball scheme of wealth re-distribution to fund Black Lives Matter and Antifa’s outrages.

I worried several years ago when Obama equipped police departments around the country with excess
armored military vehicles. Police departments however, were pro American, understood the Constitution
and all officers met Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) certification.

Now the Defund the Police scam, if enacted, threatens to replace those American police officers, or turn
them into community oriented Social Justice Warriors, aka: a new Gestapo mainly composed not of the
soft touchy-feely denizens of community social action boards, but with deadly Antifa’s and Black Lives
Matters hoodlums that see in the George Floyd incident, their best chance to irrevocably wreck America.
Should that happen, then they will already have their armored vehicles in place and real fascist police
totalitarism will appear on the streets!

Radicals have seized all the propaganda tools needed to accomplish their goal reveling in the usurped
comity of the main street media. But, not all is well. The once brightest star in the Liberal firmament, the
NYT, is twinkling out just because its journalistic staff is composed of ignorant Marxist trained youths,
many of whom have only recently learned to peel bananas with their hands. They will not abide opinions
that differ from their own Marxist training obtained in Americas politically corrupted schools of journalism,
even by their editors. It’s got to be a tough life laboring in a Soviet style Gulag such as the New York
Times has become.

The panicked rush during this riotous confusion on American streets by Progressive Leaders in “Blue”
cities around the country, signals a fear their hoped for exercise in wealth redistribution may come to a
screaming halt should we “deplorables” catch on too soon.

Wealth re-distribution is another scheme to pour tax payers money uselessly down urban ratholes to meet
the Democrats need to maintain their voter rolls. How much money has been squandered since LBJ’s
“Great Society” boondoggle? Didn’t LBJ say, and I paraphrase: “So long as we keep those n____s on
welfare they’ll keep us in power for decades?” I think their decades may be coming to an end.

The negative fallout on many Americans of African origin by these destructive riots are not missed by
those black Americans who have prospered in the intervening years, regardless of LBJ’s scheme, but
especially during Trumps first three years. They are coming over to Trumps side in droves. The biggest
reason the Democrat Party is in such a shambles is because its leadership, including their dufus
candidate, Joe Biden, are all in on supporting the far left radicals nutty ideas to defund or eliminate police
departments. God sent Donald Trump and it’s driving them completely nuts.

In desperation, and to appease AOC’s radical Left, Pelosi is drafting a bill to regulate police departments
everywhere. Why? It’s not their business. It is a means to gain control of all police departments in the US.

Their New World Order will never be forged until they have control of all local police. Americans are too
well armed to allow that to happen. And, as we stand at the precipice, we are witnessing the future as the
Democrat Party wants to bring us.

For me, “I’d rather die on my feet then live on my knees.” We have to protect and defend our police, not
defund them!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Understanding the Anarchist Game Plan


Written By George McClellan

In light of the recent anarchist inspired violence that has swept aside peaceful protests on the
streets of liberal run (Blue) cities, the lessons that come to us loud and clear demonstrate the
refractory nature of Democrats and their far left radical fringe, their stormtroopers, the Antifas!

Their goal, to impose Socialism on Americans, is unalterable and they will resort to any tactic,
no matter how violent, that will help them achieve that goal. Fear and intimidation are their basic
tools. It’s their game plan. Hopefully, AG Barr may have found the antidote to antifa’s violence.
President Trumps singular success in restoring the country’s economy for all Americans, leaving
no race behind so long as they want jobs and were willing to go after them, has driven the Left
to near hysteria. Trump challenged the black community to rise to his expectation as Americans,
not as Plantation democrats, by asking: “What do you have to Lose?” The black community is
rising to the challenge. Their move to the right has scared the Democrats nearly to dementia.

Trumps success has threatened the Lefts vision of America joining the one world government
movement as an equal and he has to be destroyed. The Democrats and their socialist toadies,
the bureaucratic Deep State and Republican Never Trumpers, have moved heaven and earth to
obstruct or remove Trump by a “treasonous” coup d’etat concocted by the Obama administration
via a phony counter-Intelligence claim; by an attempt to impeach him over a phone call, by
media lies, disinformation campaigns and pandemic scares that closed down Trumps great
economy and, well now, by street violence in Blue cities returning Americans to face the only
tactic Democrats have left, the politics of racial hate. It’s spiraling out of control.

Joe Biden, once the darling of labor unions, the working class and especially once enjoying a
good reputation with law enforcement has, in the wake of the George Floyd business, joined the
chorus for more demeaning police reform and oversight. Joe has abandoned law enforcement
by supporting the idea to “defund police departments.” Like all refractory socialist politicians,
poor ol’ Joe has turned to posturing so the far-left radicals won’t eviserate him.

The anti-law and order sickness has even penetrated the US House of Representatives where
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca), has refused to denounce the “Defund Police” idiocy. Not
unexpectedly, even Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, (D-NY), expressed his pride about
the destructive protests in NYC, where riots and looting have led to an ignored curfew, mayhem,
arson and lethal attacks on police. From Marxist Schumer, we expect no less. DeBlasio, the
NYC Mayor, is demonstrably an incompetent fool and blathers socialist nonsense while NYC
burns. Police, standing in ranks when his honor passes by, turn their backs on him. New York
City police officers are now resigning at the alarming average rate of five a day. DeBlasio was
so proud when his daughter was arrested for rioting on New York Streets. What a legacy!

The Progressive City council politicians of Minneapolis, where this business all started, claimed
they will now dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a “transformative
new model of public safety.” An article said it was “new” but it’s not. These civilian public safety
committees will in fact, become politically organized, leftists run kangaroo courts with the power
to punish. They were a creation of the Soviet Marxist-Bolshevik apparatus to control the civilian
population at local levels. If we should get that far, we’re really in deep trouble. Minneapolis
Police have a union and a contract. They won’t like it! This will be an interesting political issue to
follow. It appears the communists are gaining control, city by city.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the only way. Now, go get ’em!

Another Tactic to Get Rid of Trump


Written By George McClellan

So, Democrat presidential hopeful, Joe Biden has decide what side he wants to support in
Americas riotous crisis of Capitalism vs. Socialism unfolding on our streets. Joe’s campaign
team is expending their campaign funds to bail out Anarchists arrested during Minneapolis’s
nights of mayhem, rioting, looting and burning. Make no mistake, this is a political battle going
on now and we must ask just who is paying for this coordinated attack against America?

Biden’s move to the far Left is to show support for protests against brutal police treatment of
African Americans but do so without appearing to justify the needless destruction these rioters
are bringing to our streets. The problem for Joe is, race is no longer the issue, it’s public safety,
law and order. Looters are now both blacks and whites in near equal numbers, and no police
around to stop them and poor ol’ Joe hasn’t a clue and we can have no confidence in him.

George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, MN, while subdued by the foot of a police officer, provided
the convenient excuse for the hoards of organized Capitalist hating anarchists to hit the streets
simultaneously in cities across the nation, push aside peaceful protesters, to ply their trade of
hate and mayhem, create an atmosphere of fear and dread, and intimidate non involved citizens
to demand of their political leaders to capitulate to the mobs demands. That should be easy!

Progressives have always been capitulating, as is their nature, to appease their followers.
We have been appeasing society’s losers for over fifty years and now the true evil of the Radical
Left’s agenda to Socialize America, is apparent.This is Marxism vs. Capitalism clear and simple.

This is an important election year and the Trump deranged Left knows he will be reelected
unless he’s run off. These riots will practically ensured Trump’s reelection, especially as Joe
Biden has throw his support to the perpetrators of the radical far left. By the way, if you haven’t
noticed, Joe no longer has the capacity to think let alone lead. He’s a puppet and will be
surrounded by a phalanx of Marxists right out of Obama’s stable. Joe will be told what to do!

The riots this week have also challenged the 1st Amendments definition of “redress of
grievances” and changes the formula for protests by pushing America closer to armed conflict
with its attendant bloodshed, cruelty and divisiveness, to settle problems. Second Amendment
exponents are deciding to stand and defend their property because Blue State leaders have
forbidden their police to respond forcefully against the anarchists. So neutered, police will stand
there and watch. They’re aren’t paid enough to stand out in a street to be assassinated by
unseen snipers. That’s an infantry problem solved by SWAT search and destroy tactics.

Until that happens, sniping murders will not go away. They’re increasing in fact! Progressive
leadership, telling shoplifters they won’t be arrested, emptying the jails of convicted felons to
avoid catching the Chinese disease and no bail arrests, all bespeaks of weakness of leadership
and that’s why Democrat run (Blue) cities and States are now in chaos.

City mayors, ordering police to stand down and not confront violence or to abandon their
precinct stations to mob rule, is the epitome of ignorance and stupidity. Worse, command
structures in these Blue City police departments are made up of indecisive weaklings, incapable
of police leadership not wanting to “rock the boat” lest the Left should be offended. Democrat
leadership is a myth. It doesn’t exist. They call for more government, but want to abolish ICE,
arrest police officers, get rid of police departments and let Socialism take control. America just
can’t afford it any of it anymore. Trump is showing leadership. Watch this space for details.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the only way. Now, go get ’em!

Will Tyranny Become Our New Normal?


Written By George McClellan

No greater reason in the world could possible exist to force the immediate removal of weak
Progressives (Democrats) from government leadership, at all levels, than what we are now
witnessing on the streets of our once great”Shining City’s on the Hill,”Americas promise.

Madison observed that the epitome of tyranny is the combination, in a single unit, of the
functions of all three branches of government, the executive, legislative and judicial. A Democrat
filled Deep State accomplishes that! History provides us with multiple examples of tyrannical
governments that never transited through the three equal branches of government and back into
Tyranny, other than what is happening to us right now. Our liberty, under attack, was protected by
Constitutional guarantees, written in blood on the fields of battle and Democrats think it’s okay!

Of course it’s not okay, because no other government in the entire history of mankind, except
the United States of America, has created what people desired and were willing to die for. We
are losing our America to the mobs of anarchy. America is not only the world best chance, it’s
the worlds last chance for the dignity of man to be realized. If it is to exist, It has to be protected
and, from what we are now witnessing, the cost of that protection has drawn innocent blood and
I do not mean George Floyd’s.

An incident in Oakland, California’s version of “honoring George Floyd” has changed the game.
A hidden sniper murdered a Federal Protective Service Officer and wounded another. Counter-
snipers will now become the new police norm. A Black clad woman in NYC thought she had the
protection of the mob around her as she threw a “Molotov Cocktail” at a passing police van with
four police occupants. Her protection wasn’t enough and she is now in custody charged with
four counts of attempted murder, not to forget arson, rioting and destruction of property charges,
among many others. One must wonder if she was there for a lark, or was she a genuine, half
trained full fledged member of Antifa willing to do her part to pursue Americas destruction?

Expect future civil disobedience events to be covered by police snipers. They will be there to
neutralize selected targets in defense of their own. Expect hooded and masked rioters to
disappear from the rioting crowds and night time round ups of the known perpetrators. Expect to
see quiet on our streets again unless of course, the leadership of city, towns and states remains
in Blue hands. “Res ipsa loquitur.”

Like a fast spreading prairie fire, organized protests, no longer peaceful, have sprung up almost
immediately in Progressive (Blue) cities across our nation. The technology of instant
communication abets the guiding hand of methodical, pre-planned tyranny now visible on our
burning street corners. Organized and combined attacks against the visible presence of law and
order, and the now routine plundering of commercial shops and stores left burning in city
squares, is proof enough that a guiding hand of Americas destruction is calling the shots.

We are therefore today, witness to a near collapse of our society into a tyranny most Americans
have never experienced. For fifty years we have coddled insolence, justified or appeased
criminals, and now Progressive leaders are returning violent felons back onto our streets so
they won’t contract a Chinese virus. Years of weak, empathetic, feel good leadership has sown
the seeds of our present dilemma because no one ever told them “No,” followed by a good swift
kick to the arse, translated to mean: swift justice accompanied by the bitter sting of punishment.

We are reaping what we sowed! Thank God for Donald Trump!

Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get em!

Do Lies Shape Our Future?


Written by George McClellan

There is an issue in the news again that simply won’t go away. It’s the FBI’s supposed need to
muck about the contents of someone’s encrypted cell phone device even when the phones
manufacture, in most cases Apple, refuses to aide by providing the secret “key” to entry.

Apple claims their encryption software is proprietary technology promised to purchasers of its
product not to be violated. If the FBI has the keys to enter, then why not the states police have
that right? What’s the need to reveal secret private encryption when most folks don’t use
encrypted devices for criminal purposes? What’s to stop the FBI from demanding any phone,
yours or mine, should be examined just because the FBI claims the need? They lie you know!

While the government can rightfully claim a desperate need to protect Americans from future
jihad terrorists attacks by examining the contents of perpetrators cell phone devices, Apple
deny’s them that luxury. In light of the islamic murderers in San Bernardino who possessed an
Apple device, and the Islamic murderer at the perverts night club in Florida, to the Saudi
Arabian aviation cadet killer at NAS Pensacola, and now the NAS Corpus Christi jihadist
shooter, we almost want to demand that Apple be forced to comply with the need for the FBI to
disrupt future attacks. After all, it may be us next! But, the FBI lies and they can’t be trusted

My heart tells me that should be the case; that Apple should be forced to aide the forces of law
and order. But my professional experience and practical sense warns me not to go down that
road because we simply cannot trust the FBI anymore than we can trust China and that it will be
misused by corrupt politicians in the future. China is showing us how its done. Snooping by
deceit will be welcome in the “Big Brother State” of George Orwell. Anyway, tha’s just one side
of the coin.

The other side of the coin is that Apple, like Google, sold their soul to the devil (China). China
knows how to access our iphones rendering us users of that convenient, indispensable
handheld devise we can’t live without, as potential spy’s for Chinese Intelligence, ready to be
scanned at their leisure. In the hands of American scientists and university researchers working
on secret government programs, the danger then, from two sides, becomes clear.

But, back to our immediate needs. While we can see what rouge government in the hands of
wanna be despots like Obama are capable of, the contents of cell phone devices haven’t risen
as an issue in this Flynn business. It is only revealed because it is the weakest link of technical
security in our pantheon of methods of conducting government business. Obama had a
Blackberry that he refused to give up. H. Clinton had her private hand held devices that were
smashed to pieces to avoid potential prosecution when her criminality was being exposed.

The FBI’s deplorable underhanded treatment of Trumps first National Security Adviser, Lt. Gen.
Mike Flynn, apparently with the knowledge, if not the direction of Obama himself, unmistakably
reveals the depths the Socialist-Democrats will go, if they cannot wield power, to disrupt the
successor administrations ability to wield power. That should alarm us all. The FBI’s anti-Trump
skulduggery that included spying on Americans under false pretenses, deceitful lies to obtain
secret warrants and planted evidence as memes for entrapment, lead the pack as tools needed
by despotic government to survive. Government issued cell phones can be entered at will by
government investigators. So, leave mine alone. I do not grant the FBI free will to know what I’m
thinking. I’m an open book. My thoughts are found on the pages of these short takes essays.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

A Crisis of Government


Written by George McClellan

Okay, we’re coming down to the 2020 wire. I can’t figure out if good ol’ Uncle Joe, you know, the
Joe Biden who inexplicably has become the presumptive Democrat presidential candidate, is
really a troglodyte, a mole poking his head up for a quick look, or a ground hog impresario
hoping the cold campaigning season will soon be over.

Well, I think Joe is a troglodyte chased into the depths of his great mansion by fear of a Chinese
virus that has the potential to render him senile. Senility presents its problems, but they all have
something to do with his birth certificate. When he appears, its to put on a comedy show that
allows the Progressives propaganda arm to frame their candidate as a good old, well meaning,
experienced politician who will pursue the Progressive agenda for America.

We know better! Senility is Joe’s constant companion and his off and on performance before
cameras is simply to show us deplorable’s that Joe is still alive and not propped up by a stick.
When Biden’s lips move, it’s really him speaking, not a ventriloquist. Watch his eyes as he
squints at the words scrolling by under the camera. Ignore the Canada Geese squawking
behind the green curtain or the happy children at play and the car noises audible in the
background; It’s all a facade! Joe’s going nowhere except into ignominious retirement.

Joe’s growing record of self-enrichment skulduggery with Ukraine and China, basically ignored
by the progressive propaganda machine, still hangs out their like ripe fruit ready to be picked. If
Joe survives the Democrat Convention then Trump’s team will easily harvest the fruit.
If Joe somehow comes through all this, which I seriously doubt, I’m not worried about him in
particular, but the odious apparatus of the Marxist inclined, Obama-Soros far-left machine,
coupled with AOC’s growing coalition of American Bolsheviks, will immediately vie to fill in all the
major rolls of Federal Government bureaucracy. That scares the dickens out of me. That should
concern all conservative Americans as well. It will be a real crisis in government!

The Socialist Progressive movement represents a foreign intrusion into American politics that
can’t survive as long as our Constitution still exists, politicians embrace it and especially, that
individual Americans remain armed. The Constitution stands in the way of their goal of a One
World Government where they insist a ruling class of trained intellectual experts, can provide for
all the needs and wants of us deplorable’s; effectively, a return to a peasant class.

But America has a Constitutional Representative government and Europe had kings. The
economic forces that raised Americans far above Europe’s peasant class, is in crisis because
we lacked the will to defend our principles and allowed this foreign political virus, socialism, to
gestate in our midst without challenge. The Founders were conservative because by their
experience imposed by a ruling class that was far, far away, they accepted that all men could
stand as equals, even slaves eventually. Even better, they understood the seduction of power
which is why the power of Americas government was divided into three separate but equal
parts. Madison observed that the epitome of tyranny is the combination, in a single unit, of the
functions of all three branches of government, the executive, legislative and judicial.

This is the goal of the party of Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, Sanders, AOC and the other
rats on the Democrat’s ship of fools. I don’t include Joe Biden because seriously, he’s out of his
depth, clueless and continuing the ship metaphor, rudderless while he sails on into oblivion.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitutions is the only way. Now, go get ’em!

Is There Really A “New Normal”?


Written by Goerge McClellan

Don’t bet on it! The Left is trying to convenience us that the sudden lifestyle changes we are
now experiencing is the “New Normal.” Why? Because its pure Socialism and the Democrats
see it as an opportunity, while we’re in confused quarantine, to impose their Socialism.

We see the “New Normal” that Democrats envision as more police SWAT teams in armored
vehicles raiding bars and arresting folks at gun point for not following the governments orders to
stay confined. Or like two police officers did, responding to a Leftist neighborhood snitch
reporting her neighbors kid was playing with another child unmasked. The two police officers,
male and female, Gestapo style, ordered, ordered mind you, the mother, the object of the
“snitch” wrath, to not let her child play with the other child. These people have shredded the
Constitution and that’s the New Normal we’re looking at? I can happily resist this type of new
normal until government has no more money left in its coffers to pay me and my lawyers.

Politically, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s machinations of the rules, ie: changing House voting
rules in order to gain a proxy advantage over Republicans, to keep Congress persons safe,
smacks of a desperate need to lie and cheat in order to steal the 2020 elections. Hillary tried
cheating and it didn’t work, so we can’t let our guard down for one-second. And worse, Pelosi
herself wrote a three trillion dollar Democrat self-help bill package to show us Democrats really
care for us “Deplorable’s.”  It stands as a major distraction from Americas desperate need to
clean up the RICO mess Obama has made out of the Justice Department, the FBI, IRS and
CIA, and the mess Pelosi and Schumer have made of the Democrat Party and Congress.

We stand back in amazement as the mendacious culprits who, in a travesty of application used
the lawful instruments of government justice, that protect us, to unlawfully destroy Lt. Gen.
Flynn. They tergiversate to escape the awful consequences of their actions that should follow,
ie: a firing squad. Make no mistake, former FBI director Comey is in deep trouble as will several
of Obama’s holdover plants, who lied in their testimony before Congress, will be themselves.

It may sound “McCarthyite,” but these Socialists in our government are really creepy people.
They never quit, even in the face of factual evidence of their misdeeds! As their once
supposedly armored-clad case against Lt.Gen. Flynn dissolves into colloidal swamp gas and the
details of their conspiratorial efforts to wrongly convict the general are revealed, their can be no
possible exculpation for their wicked deeds. Therein lies the key to destroying the Socialist’s.

While what Pelosi is doing with the House screams “New Normal,”it is each house of Congress
that makes its own rules. Former Sen. Majority leader, Harry Reid was famous for doing just that
and ended up defeating his own intended purpose, giving the power to change rules to the
Republicans who superseded him. Chuckie Schumer now stands before the cameras and posits
that Republican’s are wasting their time chasing non-stories, like those silly little minor issues of
lying to Senate committees and should be ignored as irrelevant.

The double edged sword of justice is getting dull if not out right rusty. There is a history of dead
people who crossed Hillary Clinton. Not to denigrate Obamas role, but it’s Hillary Clinton who
sits atop the Democrat food chain and should any of these people beneath her “drop the dime,”
she could be in real jeopardy too. How she gets out of it remains to be seen but I wouldn’t
recommend naming her as an insurance beneficiary in case of death. Can we expect to see the
odd suicide or two in the coming months? Possibly! And, Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself
either. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Unwanted Exposure


Written by George McClellan

Political events are moving fast now. Sally Yates crapped all over Obama’s legacy, especially
the one he tells about his administration not having had a single scandal. Obama took her into
his confidence, confident she was onboard the idea that Trump had to go, and she exposed his
fingerprints all over his cunning scheme, now in tatters, to ruin his hated successors presidency.
The pieces of that plan are scattered to the winds for all to see. It’s now exposed!

Obama’s scheme, once set in motion is at a minimum, a “criminal conspiracy” to thwart the
peaceful transfer of power. Has Obama’s sneak attack on Donald Trumps presidency signaled
the end of America’s once traditional “peaceful transfer of power” following open elections?

Probably, because the Democrat party, no longer is a party that accepts Americas traditions of
Constitutional representation and was shocked to its core that it lost its political power!

They reason that Americans must be ignorant dupes to believe Trump could make America
great again after they spent eight wonderful Obama years trying to make America a client state
of the New World Order. They got Trumped’ and they can’t stand it. Republicans had their
chance to make America right again but they muffed it. I remind readers that for the entirety of
the first two years of Donald Trumps first term, he was burdened, like an Albatros dangling
around his neck by the Deep State Republicans of both houses of Congress, led by Paul Ryan,
until most House Republicans quit, abandoning their jobs to Nancy Pelosi’s Marxist clown show.

I don’t see a peaceful transition of power occurring again. Trump should easily be re-elected but
If the Democrats should return to office by the artifice of ballot harvesting, lies, fraud and deceit,
they will never, ever relinquish that power again. They will keep it even at gun point and us
ignorant dupes, if we let ’em, will have been disarmed by then! Democrats can’t be trusted,
never, ever! Neither can Americans trust the product or word of the DoJ or the FBI for having
joined Obama’s scheme to make America socialist by their criminal connivence.

Actively scheming to thwart a new Presidents administration has never been done before and
now, it will forever be recognized on the books as a political ploy that Marxist Democrats will use
to keep power until American nationalism, independence and self-assurance is finally
eradicated once and for all, for the benefit of all nations of course!

American nationalism, independence and self-assurance are something no other government in
the world enjoys and that’s why other people want to come here. Marxists want to diminish the
influence of those people who truly want to become Americans by flooding the legal routes in
with the worlds poorest wretches, Jihadists, and disease ridden supplicants with no idea
whatever of what Americanism really means. Democrats need ’em! America doesn’t!

Republicans are focusing on Joe Biden’s sexual assault complaint of thirty years ago. They’re
barking up the wrong tree. They must demand Biden explain his role in the Oval Office
conspiracy to stop Trump. They know he was there in the Oval Office meeting between Obama,
Comey and Yates. He should be asked: “What he know and when did he know it?”

I see many ways to stop it and so do you but, our natural American instincts to resist and fight
back has been seriously dampened by the sissyfication of the American male. We’re overrun by
a “Snowflake Culture” content on letting government solve all their problems. Most know nothing
of depravation, hunger or of living in fear of a political system that is supported by a police state.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Maybe Government is the Problem


Written by George McClellan

Boy oh boy, what an exciting but confusing time we’re living in. Constricted values by Blue State
politicians on how free Americans must conduct themselves, as opposed to Constitutionally
protected practical sense and common knowledge, is adversely altering our society because of
a Chinese germ. The Chinese have managed to force Americans to self imprison themselves
thus damaging the American economy, to satisfy some Chinese need that Trump shouldn’t be
President again. And we know why? Where’s the Russian boogieman when we need ’em?

Not all is so dreary though. In my enforced imprisonment, I can still get some work done around
the house because I am allowed to venture out to my local DIY store where I can purchase
Chinese made tools and equipment, but I’m forbidden to go to a flower shop to buy a spray for a
recently deceased friend. Apparently, I can’t even go to the funeral service either.

Thousands of “non-essential” private American businesses have closed by edict. They can’t
afford to pay their employees, their rent or meet their expenses but, have we seen any
government employees furloughed as non-essential? Why is that? I had to change my semi-
annual dental appointment because some bureaucrat said it was unsafe for the dentist to peer
into my mouth. But Planned Parenthood is still open and killing babies. NY Governor Cuomo
trashes Trump for not providing enough corona virus funds saying, “We value all human life,”
while funding abortion clinics. Why is that? The problem with government is we have too much.

I can’t buy garden vegetable seeds at the outdoor nursery because its too dangerous to go out,
but I can still buy a lottery ticket at the corner gas station and other essential places still open for
business. The problem with government is they’re filled with people who know nothing yet see it
as their mandate to tell the rest of us how to act in a storm, pandemic or otherwise.

The out of doors is probably the safest place to be except in an electrical storm, but the State
tells us it’s too dangerous to go to a shooting range, or go fishing alone or be out on a lake in a
rowboat, not because of a thunderstorm but because of a bloody Chinese virus. Why is that?
Why is it possible for politicians to get their stage make up and hair done for public appearances
but I can’t get go to my barber shop? Maybe government is the problem!

Is slamming a person in jail for disobeying a political edict and not apologizing to a judge for
doing so, a jail-able crime because confronting the states presumed authority on civil law is
deemed a heresy? It is evidence enough of a fascist police state looming on our horizon!

How about when a mother takes her children to a public playground to let them get their steam
off and gets jailed for it, while convicted child molesters are released from jail for fear of them
contracting the China Virus? How is that providing for the public’s safety? Because government
is the problem and we have too much of it, especially the Liberals ones.

When the state tells me it’s too dangerous to get treated by my chiropractor or attend my
physical therapy sessions yet tells me an open liquor store is essential, speaks a lot about the
wrong direction our governments take. We have too much government and what we do have, is
arguably non essential. The lugubrious state of our local governments is becoming alarming.

They are also the targets of Leftists who see local governments as an easy way to alter state
governments and ultimately the Federal government. The Democrat Party remains the very
personification of evil. It must be defeated. Mail-in voting won’t get it done either. Remember,
freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Let’s Let China Go


Written by George McClellan

I saved over $200.00 last weekend shopping at one of our local DYI chain store outlets that
sells just about everything except underwear. Spring is here and like everybody, we need to get
our yard in shape. Most of our yard and garden tools were consumed in a recent woodland fire
that swept near our home and has to be replaced.

We needed yard gloves…Oh? Made in China, no thanks! Knee pads, oops, also made in China,
no thanks! Yard furniture, made in China, again, no thanks! When I calculated what we didn’t
get, it came to around $200, more or less. In reflection, these new tools and accouterments, while
nice, were not really that necessary. New, American grown Ash handles were far less expensive
than the Chinese made tools, they only required the effort to install ’em. We needed something
to do anyway to occupy us during this economy wrecking, phony China Virus shut down.

As Americans, we’ve got to ween ourselves from China’s cheap economy, in fact, the whole
world should. During previous administrations, American political advocates of the New World
Order conned us into believing American production of goods and services was too expensive
to afford, so we let China, Mexico, Bangladesh and other third rate world countries take over the
onerous job of making our clothing, shoes, tools, underwear and tons of useless junk. We got
hooked on cheap junk and think we can't live without it. That’s got to stop.

In 2016 America elected Donald Trump, a savvy visionary businessman who saw Americas
future turning socialist and wanted to stop it. We elected him to be our President and lead us out
of the economic morass the Democrats are determined to keep us in. Since NAFTA and the
TPA, China has walked all over America and Trump said: “no longer!” He promptly set about to
literally strangled China’s one-sided trade deals to the point their economy was in free fall and
ours started to rapidly grow again.

Then China’s Communist Party, criminals worse than the Clinton’s even, seized an opportunity
provided by an unfortunate laboratory accident and launched its China Virus on the world and
we’ve been in free fall ever since with our attention to the pandemic danger diverted by a
ludicrous Democrat Impeachment trial.

The Chinese Communist Party can afford to lose millions of their citizens; we can’t! Its computer
modeling on a grand scale full of fear and loathing and the”west” is on the dirty end of the stick.
Every time President Trump tried to correct the trade imbalance with China, or up the ante on
their imports, the political Left somehow interferes. Now it is the China Virus and the Democrats
are taking full advantage of the confusion to return America into the hands of the Deep State
looters who have been wallowing in Americas fiscal swamp for generations.

We desperately need to quit China. They need us, we don’t need them. When the opportunity
came China, temporarily at least, achieved its goal. Trumps phony impeachment trial gave
Chairman Xi Jingping an opening and he took it. He did what Trump does, walked onto the
stage, threw a grenade into the laps of the worlds media, and walked out. As intended, the
explosion was heard around the world encouraged by Chinas fellow travelers, the scientific
“experts” scaring the hell out of everybody.The Democrats anti-Trump propaganda machine
went into high gear and no matter what Trumps said in his daily briefings, it was challenged,
derided and ridiculed! Trump tells it like it is while their babbling idiot, good ol’ Joe Biden, is still
sequestered in his basement looking for an idiot running mate. Let’s quit China now!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ’em!

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