Is Loss of Trust Forever?


The old adage “keep your friends close and your enemies close” applies only when you know
who your friends and enemies are. Lt. Col. Vindman, a US Army Officer, held a position of trust
and responsibility on the National Security Council Staff, probably because of his Ukrainian
speaking skills. His brother, an officer, worked there too. But, alas, they both became convinced
of their self-importance to the bureaucratic Deep State that lead them to insubordination.

Both are now looking for positions somewhere suitable to their talents, ratting on their superiors.
Lt. Col. Vindman, if not court-martialed for his deeds, could soon find himself commanding a
basic infantry training battalion at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. perhaps! He took an oath not only to
defend the Constitution but also to obey his superiors. There is a clause that allows a soldier to
disobey an illegal order, but nothing that permits him, on the strength of his personal feelings
alone, to publicly “rat out” his Commander-in-Chief simply because he “thinks” something said
that was inappropriate. That sort of thing is far above his pay grade. Even an Ambassador was
fired. The Commander-in-Chief must have advisors he can trust.

Because one political party is drifting Left toward fascist totalitarism and has dragged half the
country with them in that belief, does not imply that the old rules of decent conduct no longer
apply. To believe that the incumbent, Donald Trump, who was voted in as President by an
electoral majority is unacceptable because his program is intent on Making America Great
Again, is to toy dangerously with the intent of the Constitution and the rule of law. It&’s a fools
undertaking for anyone who has come to accept the Democrats philosophy that the Constitution
and the rule of law, are out of date and should no longer apply. We're not there yet!

Lt.Col. Vindman’s escorted removal from his position on the National Security Council was
public, shameful, showy and meant to convey a message to his administration. The C-i-C is
Donald Trump, not a staff functionary. Lt.Col. Vindman not only lost his job, he lost his TS/SCI
security clearance that he’ll never get back as well but, he irrevocably lost the trust of his
comrades and the Army that accepted him. I will be surprised if he is not court-martialed and
ends up at the Leavenworth Military Disciplinary Barracks (prison) for his faithless conduct.

Lt. Col Vindman had choices. He could have resigned, retired or asked for a transfer if he felt he
was laboring in an office whose aims were contrary to his personal beliefs or, he could have
complained up his chain of command. What he absolutely could not do is sneak and contrive
behind the President’s back, to undermine his programs by publicly blabbing his personal
opinions to any forum that asked him. It was not his job. The argument that he was subpoenaed
is fallacious because the White House, by right, would have exerted Executive Privilege to
prevent his testimony. He did so, proudly in his shiny blue uniform, by his own will.

Lt. Col. Vindman, his brother and Ambassador Sondland are the first. Trump’s acquittal has
opened the portals of a subtle realignment that will come as surely as Elm blight comes in
January. Trump doesn’t need to be revengeful; In their anguished pursuit of his demise his
enemies, primarily Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler, have exposed the Deep Staters within the
administration and revealed their despicable behavior that will cause them their own grief.
Trump does not need to be forgiving. The toil and hurt the Democrats have put him and his
family through, brook no sympathy. Whatever comes, they got it coming. Trust is the most
valuable asset a person can carry throughout his life. The loss of that trust is forever and the
consequences incalculable. Let the cleansing begin!


Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get 'em!

New Years Resolutions – 2020


A very happy New Year to you all. It’s time to make our resolutions for the new year and as our
Resolution No. 1: I propose we dedicate ourselves to helping the Democrat Party destroy itself.
One way is to & out of their way. If they want to hang themselves why should we interfere?

Resolution No. 2: Confront Democrat incumbents and challengers on their records and their
public statements at every townhall or staged meeting they attend. The Democrat Party have
refined their oratorical skills to the highest levels of prevarication, never mind the level of BS
they spew out is choking them to death. Lets do it. White Squaw woman Warren still speaks
with a forked tongue every time she opens her yap!

Democrats lie on every subject that doesn’t advance their anti-constitutional agenda. Still unable
to accept the 2016 election results, they whine constantly that Trump the winner, cheated to win
but have no evidence to prove it, no matter how hard they try. They insist the voters erred; that
they are our betters and we should realize that. Challenge them on it! They glorify their rejection
of a moral deity. There is no God except government, with them in charge and If they can’t
worship themselves, and we won’t, then no one can worship anything.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd said, “Show me a person who believes in Noah’s Ark and I will show you
a Trump voter.” By that he suggests us "deplorable's" are still “deplorable”; “Why do good
people support Trump? It’s because people have been trained, from childhood, to believe in
fairytales.; Todd opines that voters want to be lied to, sometimes. They don’t, they don’t always
love being told hard truths.” Oh, and yes, we are all white supremacists, like Trump.

Interesting that Progressive news reporters, like Chuck Todd, never question the so apparent
lies that fell from the lips of House Speaker Pelosi and her two henchmen Nadler and Schiff,
during the conduct of their impeachment hearings. Fairness and due process to the opposition
does not rank high as enviable traits of Democrats. Winning at all costs does. Maybe Pelosi
knows that very well and that’s why her partisan House Impeachments charges lay moribund on
her desk. Resolution No. 3: let’s get the Trumped up trial going, quickly exonerate the
President through due process, and move on and do it before Trumps State of the Union
address to a Democrat empty chamber. They won't be able to stand it.

As to the Democrats public persona, one must ask why they do not condemn the Black Attacks
against New York’s Jews? One anti-semitic black female nut case attacked Jews on the street
three times, was apprehended in each case and released without bond in each case. That's the
doing of Mayor DeBlasio. He's one of them! Jews should follow the example of the Muslims in
Brooklyn. They have patrols out driving in cars painted in NYPD colors, without red lights of
course, and they’re allegedly there to protect the muslim population from Islamaphobes. But
they enforce Sharia law on ’em, lest they should become westernized.

Another good example Jew can emulate was shown to us by the Christian church in Texas who
chose to protect their congregations with members who volunteered to be trained in armed self-
protection. Wow, did that work out well or what? Those people certainly didn’t reject God like
the humorless, shameless, Godless Democrats have…;and they shall be known by their
deeds; Democrats have no compassion, no empathy for what’s right. They have no candidate
capable of challenging Trump either. It’s time to let ’em go, don’t you think? Resolution No. 4:
Let’s make it a really Happy New Year. Now, go get ’em!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way.

Letter to the Editor on Trump Impeachment

Letters to Editor, Opinion, Politics
Dear Editor:


President Trump’s enemies started planning his impeachment the day he became president.  On January 20, 2017 the Washington Post reported; “The effort to impeach President Donald John Trump is already underway.  At the moment the new commander in chief was sworn in, a campaign to build public support for his impeachment went live at  Impeach  Their effort is early, strategists admit. But they insist it is not premature”


As shown above, the Democrats started their efforts to impeach Trump from day one, first it was the emoluments clause, then obstruction of justice with the Comey firing, then Stormy Daniels, collusion, Quid Pro Quo, then bribery, etc, etc.  Congresswoman Maxine Waters started shouting impeach 45 in early 2017.


In my opinion, Democrats and the mainstream media have demonstrated a hatred of all Republican presidents not just Trump.   And their hatred of Republican presidents have hurt the country. During George Bush’s term there was a cartoon showing a radio announcement condemning Bush and a man turning to Osama Bin Laden saying; “I love your  latest tape“ with the Bin Laden figure saying; “that’s not me, that’s the Democrats”


And once again, it’s the Democrats encouraging our enemies around the world with their “resistance” against Trump.  Just recently, the week Trump was in Europe talking NATO, the Democrats in Congress started the debate about his impeachment.   Can you imagine how encouraged a football team would be seeing the other team in a fist fight with each other?  Then you can imagine how encouraged China, Russia, North Korea and Iran is watching the Democrats beat up on President Trump.


That said, how much better off would the United States and the world be if the Democrats and mainstream media were working with president Trump instead of against him?  Would China have settled with Trump over tariffs if they did not see the Democrats trying to remove him?   Would Russia have stopped their aggression against Ukraine if they thought a united America would act?  Would North Korea and Iran have given up on atomic weapons if they thought president Trump had the support of the whole Congress and would act if they didn’t?


And last but not least, as good as the economy is, how much better would it have been if the Democrats had passed the trade agreement with Mexico and Canada last year and supported closing the loopholes in our immigration laws so illegal aliens did not take jobs away from the poorest amongst us?


I don’t  recall a lot of  glowing reports in the news from Democrats and the mainstream media about  presidents Bush 1 and 2, and Reagan and candidates McCain and Romney.  The fact is, it was during president George W Bush’s term that the condition we attribute to Trump haters (Trump derangement syndrome) was first used to describe the Bush haters (Bush derangement syndrome).  The bottom line is hatred of Trump (a Republican president) is nothing new, just an intensified, continuation of hatred of Republicans by the Democrats and the media.


Conrad Quagliaroli

“Conservative” Republican Congressman Tom Graves refuses to support English as the official language of the United States.


Submitted By: D.A. King

While the political world is focused on the lunacy in Washington DC, conservative, pro-
English voters in Georgia’s 14th congressional district may have an interest in Republican
Congressman Tom Graves’ very curious and un-conservative anti-English stance.

HR 997 – the English Unity Act – was introduced last year in the U.S. House by conservative
Steve King. The legislation establishes English as the official language of the United States.
The bill is often falsely described as “English only” when in fact it is “English as official” –
not “only.” Comprende?

Readers can learn more about the official English movement bt visiting the non-profit

Also in the legislation:
*Naturalization ceremonies and official functions of the U.S. government, subject to
exceptions, must be conducted in English.

*The bill declares that all citizens should be able to read and understand generally the
English language text of U.S. laws.

*A person injured by a violation of this bill may obtain relief, including a declaratory
judgment, in a civil action.
*English language requirements and workplace policies, whether in the public or private
sector, shall be presumptively consistent with U.S. laws. Any ambiguity in U.S. laws shall be
resolved in accordance with the rights retained by the people and the powers reserved to
states under the Bill of Rights.
*The Department of Homeland Security shall issue a proposed rule for uniform testing of
the English language ability of candidates for naturalization based upon the principles that:
(1) all citizens should be able to read and understand generally the English language text of
the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the laws of the United States; and (2)
any exceptions to this standard should be limited to extraordinary circumstances, such as

The little-known fact is that the United States has no official language, despite huge public
support for official English. It is worth noting that the U.S. and Georgia Chambers of
Commerce are stridently opposed to this nationally unifying concept.
Maybe that is why Graves has repeatedly refused to help with the passage of this commonsense
and voter-popular bill by co-sponsoring and is on record as telling political pundit Phil Kent
that “this is not one of my top priorities right now.”

It wasn’t a priority last year or the year before either.
As readers no doubt are aware, all congressmen enjoy feedback and contact from
constituents. Maybe readers can move support for official English up Congressman Tom
Graves priority list with a respectful but firm phone call to his Washington DC office. The
phone number there is (202) 225-5211.

It could very well be that Mr. Graves doesn’t think you know anything about this issue.
D.A. King of Marietta is president of the pro-English Dustin Inman Society.

A Possible Path Forward


The Democrats, in their desperate need to stop Donald Trump, continue in their nefarious antics
to delay, obfuscate, lie, cheat and steal to prevent President Trump from Making America Great
Again. America can start to heal when the Marxist/Democrat party is no longer a threat.

The Senate Judicial Committee hearing of Supreme Court Nominee, Bret Kavanaugh was
turned into a “Progressive circus” by the Democrat Senators on the committee, helped by
Schumer filling the hearing room with paid screaming Leftists. Then came the last minute Dr.
Christine Bassey Ford accusation, purposefully designed to upset the timing of the Senate vote
for Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Who know’s what’s next but it will be as equally stupid.

We have no idea what Jeff Sessions is doing to ensure American law does not utilize a double
standard and that Americans know that, but.… ??? The logical path forward is to put Democrats
on the defensive. I believe that the President should quietly launch a campaign, not on “Twitter”
but behind the scenes, and be cold, calculating and ruthless, and as purposeful in its execution
as the Democrats are in trying to make their schemes work.

Democrats have a serious weakness apart from losing elections. it’s the long list of Hillary
Clinton’s and DNC staffers, colluding NY law firms, Fusion GPS, FBI and DOJ senior employees
who are or should be easy pickings for federal grand jury inditement’s on a basket load of
provable felony offenses. They’re out there, Where’s Jeff?

The offensive campaign should begin quietly, picking off the low hanging fruit, like Mueller does,
and start the squeeze, one by one until the fire alarm of Democratic panic rises into the ranks of
elected Democrat officials and, hopefully, a few “#Never Trumpers” as well. Oh, what fun that
would be! But it’s not being done because except for election loses, there is no visible rising
panic in the Democrat Party, or the media for that matter. Mr. President, turn on the heat!

Crimes relating to the false FISA warrant applications, illegal smash and grab searches (fruit of
the poisonous tree doctrine) of potential subjects of federal persecutions, the Chinese hacking
into Hillary’s unauthorized server, destruction of subpoenaed documents, destruction of physical
evidence and etc. etc., & etc.. If Trump starts now, the Democrats will be forced into a defensive
mode, something not usual for them, and the business of governing can proceed.

Republican’s can’t or won’t do this. They lack the in-house fighting skills needed both to defend
their own actions and/or launch really cool and devastating attacks on the morally and ethnically
challenged Democrats. Why in the world, for example, would Sen. Grassley, the Judiciary
Committee Chairman, entertain such a silly notion as flying to California to interview Dr. Ford
because she won’t come to Wash. DC? Simply to appease the media. It shows weakness and is
deliberating to the confirmation process. The committee owes Dr. Ford nothing except a
reasonable forum to publicly, under oath, tell her story. If she doesn’t show up, then that’s it.
Proceed with the vote and send it to the whole Senate as was planned. That’s what the
Democrats would do, but no, the Republicans have to show “fairness.”

America elected Trump specifically to put jurists like Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.
Kavanaugh will be confirmed. Soon thereafter, Ruth Bader Ginsberg will depart and Trump will
have yet another nomination to make. It will work while Dems. are defending themselves.

Remember, freedoms the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (20Sep18)



Last week, a military style compound was raided by Federal officers in New Mexico.
They liberated eleven, malnourished children, along with guns and Islamic propaganda. It is
alleged that the children were being groomed to become school shooters.

The man who was running the compound with other family members happens to be the son of
Siraj Wahhaj, a Democratic connected Iman, who listed as a possible co-conspirator and close
ally of the Blind Sheik, Omar Abdel-Rahman, who the orchestrator of the 1993 bombing of the
World Trade Center.

Siraj Wahhaj Sr. who spoke at a separate prayer event before the 2012 Democratic National
Convention, is a mentor of Linda Salsour, a known jihadist and Bernie Sanders supporter.
Wahhaj Sr. is supposedly an upstanding family man, but the words in the specific speech he
spouted at this “Jumah” held prior to the DNC in 2012, will give rise to disbelief.

One of his quotes, “If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United
States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate. If we were united and strong,
we could elect our own emir and give our allegiance to him. Take my word, if eight million
Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us.” Video Here
(Anyone wonder who hoped to be elected the caliphate/ emir? Hmmmmm?)

He was an honored guest at Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the Obama Whitehouse
during the previous administration.

His son, Siraj Wahhaj Jr. of Clayton County, Georgia, has been charged with felony child abuse
as the remains of his son, Abdul Ghani, who was improperly taken from his mother, were found
on the compound along with horrific conditions of squalor and need among the eleven children
taken into custody.

Wahhaj Jr. has been on the radar of federal counter-terrorism officials for 13 years. However, the
FBI was somewhat shy and initially refused to swarm the compound as they did not want to be
accused of “Islamophobia” despite the abundance of evidence. A neighbor wearing a camera was
called upon to enter the compound and report back.

It took the local police to do the work of the FBI. They overtook the compound and were
appalled at the third world conditions.
All of this information is shocking, but there is another question.
Where is David Hogg, et al, protesting outside of this compound? They were training SCHOOL

Where is the anti NRA outrage?
Where are the people who pop up every time something gun related occurs?
What’s the matter?

Isn’t George Soros paying protesters to mill around and chant in front of a serious threat to
school children AND a military style training camp being run by someone who is connected to

An attempt that was eventually carried out successfully in 2001, where 2996 people died
and 6000 more were wounded.

By the way, one more piece in this sinister puzzle, Wahhaj Sr. was connected to Nicholas Cruz,
the Broward County Florida school shooter on February 14th at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High
School. Was it a coincidence? It is highly doubtful.

Despite all of this evidence, the judge didn’t feel that it was sufficient to hold the group in jail for
this particular event. She blamed the prosecutors for failing to bring all of this information
forward. That could be true, it is a terribly tangled web that leads to very high places. Perhaps,
they couldn’t get it all into the courtroom in time.

However, Wahhaj Jr. was held for the warrant from Clayton County Georgia in connection with
his son.

The ironic conclusion to all of this evil ‘connect the dots’ is that MuslimARC is outraged that the
“sensationalist and irresponsible media coverage” has sullied the good name of this man and his
Are you kidding? Really?

As the Bard once said, “Me thinks he doth protest too much.”

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