Trump, the Boy Scouts and Obamacare


Trump, the Boy Scouts and Obamacare.

Because the Boy Scouts wear brown uniforms and listened in their thousands to President Trump address their West Virginia Jamboree, as all Presidents have been invited to do, the mean street media has chosen to compare Trump to Adolf Hitler addressing the Hitler Jungend in support of National Socialism. That’s a mean smear of the Boy Scout movement.

Nothing could more asinine then that clumsy media attempt at political comparison. It’s all visual of course, boys in brown uniforms and a strong leader addressing them. The media’s intent had no other purpose, expressed or implied, then to make Trump look like a fascist dictator and denigrate the Boy Scouts as mere Hitler Youths. That the boys cheered wildly is because they realize Trump was returning to them the very reasons of their oath taking pledges.

The last thing in the world Donald Trump could possibly be is a National Socialist. At the Scout’s Jamboree, we saw no torch light marching, no goose stepping around a massive bonfire, no adoration of happy youths singing the Horst Wessel song, Die Fahne Hoch. As usual Trump delivered his prepared speech with a few personal asides thrown in and the press went ballistic.

Obama was closer to being a National Socialist than Trump ever could be, but Obama lacked that killer instinct to make the final important decisions needed to implement and make stick his National Socialists policies. Remember the videos right after Obama’s first inauguration, of a cadre of young negro boys marching into a room, arms swinging like storm troopers, snapping to attention on command and reciting their oaths declaring their total commitment to Obama? Those boys are now eight years older and are still out there. Doesn’t ISIS do the same with their children, brainwashing them into such a hatred of the West that they’re willing to cut throats, wear explosive vests into crowded streets and kill their enemies as directed? Yes!

Obama offered Americans a plate of socialism, like his Obamacare scheme. He supported it by promises that were all lies then left his political minions (the DNC) to carry the ball in his attempt to fundamentally change America. Obama had two full terms to make it happen and he still couldn’t get it done and now his plans are quickly unraveling at the hands of a potent businessman who recognized socialist crap when he saw it and tells the boy scouts why. Too bad three Republican Senators, Collins, Murkowski and McCain, refused to come along.

National Socialism, aka: fascism, is simply one side of the same Socialist coin. Communism, with slight social variations, occupy’s the reverse side. National Socialism (fascism) permits its citizens to own their homes, farms and factories so long as they grow or produce what the state demands. It is better that the citizens concur because outwardly, all seems serene and in agreement. Failure to do so earns a late-night visit by the States Secret Police.

Communism on the other hand, owns everything, homes, farms, apartments and means of production and doles it out to their citizens, like single payer heart care, according to their needs. The Communist State, in return, demands from its citizens their labor according to their ability. Not a good formula for economic development so State bureaucrats set production goals that must be met. Not a happy place to be, “from you according to your ability, to you according to your need.”  Both systems promise its citizens a happy Socialist utopia. “Comarads, just do what you are told and be happy about it.” They have a secret police too. Trump makes no such claims. He’s a pure pro American capitalist and told the Boy Scouts that. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ‘em! (28Jul17)

Collins Discusses Obamacare Skinny Repeal and Tax Reform on Fox Business


WASHINGTON—Today, Congressman Doug Collins (R-Ga.), Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference, spoke with Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto about the mechanics of an effective repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the need for comprehensive tax reform.

Seven Wasted Years


The Washington Post in its never ceasing quest to demonize and destroy Donald Trump is now examining his relationship with the several recalcitrant Republican Senators who believe they alone have the answer to true happiness and prosperity regardless of their prior promises to repeal the ADA. The Post claims the Senators left the Presidents luncheon ‘confused’ about exactly what Trump wants to see in the GOP’s dying Healthcare bill. We’re not confused!

Regardless of what the Post wants, Trumps base wants Obamacare “REPEALED.” They promised, time and again and now, when push comes to shove, they’re stepping back refusing to repeal the ADA because, “the public needs it!” Unprepared, they wasted seven years. Is their a disconnect between Trump and the Republican Congress as the Post claims? You bet there is! What nobody wants to acknowledge is that Trump is Americas CEO, with a mandate, not a political hack who bends to the will of big money lobbyists, political chiefs and popular demand. Like Ronald Reagan, Trump is from outside the circle and is not beholden to the mechanisms they control. He got his message out and they didn’t. Trump is the President!

Neither the Washington Post, the other mean street media organs, or the Republican Party see Trumps as an equal. They don’t even see him as President. He’s a danger to them because he answered a mandate demanded by the people. He is their champion and still, after six months, continues to prove it. It’s driving the Left crazy so they also attack his son Donald Jr.

If we look closely however, we can see slow forces moving the mechanism of political financing. Some big GOP donors are now contemplating discontinuing their support for those RiNO incumbents not willing to support Trump’s goals. One named donor, Frank Vander Sloot of an Idaho based nutritional supplement company, abhorred the lack of personal courage some Republicans have shown toward keeping their promise, fearful instead of losing their jobs.

Another barely perceptible movement, a shifting of the sands sort of, is the lagging confidence of the rank and file in their leadership. Open defiance of course, invites loss of committee and sub-committee chairmanships, but more importantly, if they don’t defy, their re-elections lie in jeopardy. Conversely the leadership, Ryan and McConnell, are losing faith in the rank and file to follow them. These fears are healthy and will cause either a re-thinking by incumbents of their political positions, or will encourage candidacies of more non-political outsiders to step into the fray, challenge  incumbents and push the RiNO’s out. It’s definitely coming.

The Post views Trumps problems within the GOP as a never-ending crisis of leadership when in fact it is really legislative incompetents hurling themselves against an immovable object. Frustration may be the result but frustration is ultimately the path leading to progress.

Forget the Democrats. They’re broke. indeed, encumbered by a huge debt. They have no youthful candidates coming up through the ranks not already programed to be anti-American and are without a message except, “A Better Deal,” do they really think they can recover congress from an alert conservative base? Don’t bet on it. Seven wasted years.

Trumps message problem as the Post happily points out, is that media attacks will constantly overshadow his plans. For Trump the problem here is who controls what’s left of the Republican party. Trump sees it as a simple executive business function, the Elites see it as a disaster. The insiders will never understand his mandate. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is
the way. Now go help make America great again!

Treachery Knows No Bounds


In light of the failure of a few treacherous Republican Senators to keep their promise to Repeal
Obamacare, Chuckie Schumer, the humorless Democrat party’s main man, has become
edacious in his desire to join hands across the aisle, just like the good ol’ corrupt days, to help
Republicans craft a health care bill acceptable to the him.
A government run single payer health care system has long been the communists end goal for a
completely captured America enslaved by dependency. Several Republican Senators can’t see
that and demand an all or nothing acceptance of their own personal ideas, in effect, keeping
Obamacare. The solution does not lie in accepting the Democrats hand of legislative fellowship.
To do so will be the kiss of death for the GOP. John McCain would do it.
With Democrats, no somnambulism there. Chuckie Schumer all but knocked people over racing
to the podium to humbly make his offer to Mitch McConnell. He is determine to keep the
Democrat party, what’s left of it, alive and functioning and in the public eye until the 2018
elections hopefully, will change the composition of Congress. It won’t! America have thrown off
the yoke of socialism and don’t want it back. The big changes will come with primary challenges
of those treacherous GOP incumbents by real conservatives who will keep their promises.
Democrat Schumer believes, despite election losses since 2012, that the Democrat Party is still
relevant when in fact it is totally discombobulated in the extreme, leaderless at its head, is totally
without vision and so far out of the main stream as to be labeled anachronistic.
There are not enough words to render my disgust of GOP Senatorial perfidy, not even wanting
to have a vote to relieve Americans of the one trillion dollar plus tax burden Obamacare has
imposed is grounds for removal. I reckon the one applicable word is “Trust.” Trust is the life
blood of any organization, it is honor based. The military has it. Soldiers in combat absolutely
must trust their mates right and left, as they do him, to protect the flanks, nor pale in the heat of
battle and be willing to die for each other if necessary. That is the epitome of trust.
The media is not trustworthy. They tossed that away in pursuit of the Left’s agenda. The
Democrats, evidenced by their many election failures, have lost the trust of their constituents
and the Republicans themselves are about to go ‘all in’ in losing its base because they lied and
can no longer claim the trust of their base. Worse, Americans are losing trust in the Federal
government itself, especially the odious apparatus of its regulatory bureaus, its few corrupt law
enforcement agencies and its uncontrolled growth with unbridled power to tax. It’s a wicked
state of affairs indeed.
If Republicans are not to be trusted to keep their promises, then why elect them? Their base,
i.e.: Tea Parties in selected states, are already moving to challenge incumbents who have failed
to keep their promises. It will be a hard fight but any politician who has not kept his promise to
repeal Obamacare will have a hard time defending himself from his/her failure. The National
Republican Senatorial Committee will fund the incumbents so, don’t give them your money.
Give it to your candidate of choice and get involved in the candidate vetting process.
Term limits would have relieved the recalcitrant, feckless Republicans senators of the burden of
indecision. If they can’t make a choice, then why even be there? I suspect for the generous
retirement and the more generous nonObama health care plan? That must be it. Yes!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Short Takes, The Dangerous Republican’s


The Republican Party’s “elites’ have dropped all pretense of conservative reliability and are not to be trusted any more. Paul Ryan, the once reluctant candidate for Speaker of the House, speaks with a forked tongue about conservatism, drags his feet on conservative bills submitted by the Freedom Forum members (tea party conservatives), and continues obstructing as he can, Trumps initiatives. He survives by creating “issues.”

In the Senate, Mitch McConnell predicts the Republicans will just have to join with Democrats to get any bill passed. No, No, No, never! It’s not needed and will only serve to embolden the already moribund and near death Democrats looking for some excuse to be relevant. Chuck Schumer is a shill only looking for a single payer health plan. Never! The very thought of reaching out to Democrats on this issue, is anathema to the conservative base that could start an internal war, but certainly will precipitate the death of the GOP as we know it today, feckless, insecure, frightened, inarticulate and incompetent to meet America’s needs.

But, we’ve known this for years. For the past eight years Republicans, in unison, promised to repeal Obamacare. Now, they won’t even drop the onerous mandated taxes the Democrats imposed upon us in the AHCA. They’re living in a make believe “La La land of their own construction, hoping the problem will go away, and don’t even see the coming disaster. The problem will not go away. I’m here, as are thousands of others ready to keep the problem front and center. The GOP even produced a pretty good replacement plan in 2015, but did so secure in the knowledge the Commie in the White House would veto it, which he did! The sighs of relief could be heard everywhere in the “beltway” except, not in middle America.

A fire is lit and the simmering pot of outrage is coming to a boil and the establishment Republicans will pay. It’s not Democrats who will replace them in upcoming elections, it’s the tea party conservatives, the New Republicans, The New Constitutional Party, or what ever title you may wish to give ‘em, the old elite GOP order, just like the Democrats, will soon be swept away. As a small reminder, remember how Jeb Bush simply disappeared? Keep that vision in mind. With the GOP demise, the unintended chain of events that will follow will be terrible to behold.

The Federal Reserve will be reorganized, if not done away with. The Council on Foreign Relations will be in panic and their international machinations for a one world order will suffer, but, don’t count them out. International banking will return to a gold standard; Germany will rearm and have another go at Russia and everybody will stand around wondering what to do, humanly, with the remnants of the 3rd century muslims caliphate cluttering up the Western worlds cities. We will always be fighting Islam. Just joking about Germany.

Today, eight months after 08 November 2016, DC’s shocked political elites are still shocked and ranging about for meaning and purpose to their lives, wondering how to get their mojo back and  how to displace America’s new CEO Donald Trump from an office he rightfully shouldn’t have. They need to keep the lobbyists money flowing and figure out how to get reelected until their retirements. Wait for the campaign lies we’ll hear. A real house cleaning is called for. The next big shock to the GOP will be the increasing numbers of registered Republicans who will drop their GOP memberships and re-register as Conservative Independents. Maybe Morning Joe gets it after all, but for different reasons.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

The GOP, Obamacare and Dysfunction


What the hell is wrong with the Senate Republicans. Why is it that a few miserable individual politicians, allegedly conservatives, believe it is their duty to hang forever the Albatross of mandated, unaffordable healthcare, as tax law, around necks of middle class Americans?

In consequence of their failure to REPEAL Obamacare, just repeal it, Mitch McConnell may, and probably will, bring forth for a vote the 2015 Republican House bill that did repeal  Obamacare. When that happens these Senators, in conference, will have to decide to fish or cut bait. Believe me, they will collapse, defeat the bill they once championed and plunge Americans into a two class system, the poor and the wealthy. Goodbye Middle Class, forever.

So long as people know that the fundamental flaw of Obamacare, its unaffordable mandates, still exists, that it keeps tax money flowing to insurance companies without any controls, those politicians not killing it are in danger of being primarried as they should and replaced by Tea Party conservative candidates as they will. Failure to do so will not stop the rise of the costs of healthcare but will accelerate its collapse and thus, Americas descent into the abyss of socialism. Look to Cuba and Venezuela to see what lies in our future.

Senator Rand Paul, smart as he is in looking for a reasonable bill, has missed the point of the existence of a Republican Party anyway. The fundamental flaw of healthcare is that the government has no business at all providing health insurance. It’s not in the Constitution. “But the poor in my state” will have no health care at all if the government doesn’t require it.” That’s a lie too, and they know it. No one will be denied healthcare at the point of need. The taxpayers just don’t need to fund their abortions, their treatment for alcoholism, drug abuse and smoking addictions. That entire class could be simply dropped from coverage and billions of dollars would be saved. They’re non productive anyway. If high costs are the only problem, let the Death Panels send them to the grave. That’s why they exist.

But we forget, the original purpose of Obamacare was not to be a healthcare plan, but a wealth redistribution and transfer scheme specifically designed to eliminate the middle-class by driving Americans into the embracing arms of Socialism with a single payer (government) in charge of another one sixth of the economy. When that happens watch how fast the death panels do go into action. Baby, Charlie Gard, in England, a victim of the U’s National Health System, is a current best example of the state deciding who live or die, by board decision.

Senator Rand Paul did accurately described the present situation. He said: "It keeps the insurance mandates that cause the prices to rise, which chase young, healthy people out of the marketplace, and leads to what people call adverse selection, where you have a sicker and sicker insurance pool and the premiums keep rising through the roof.”

Obamacare, or its Republican echo as it seems probable, will continue the charade of political leadership, retaining the mandates nobody is anymore willing to pay, inflicting the criminality  of tax evasion on avoiders, thus eliminating the middle class by enforcing the seizure of private property to accomplish by ruthlessness, what the law cannot do by willingness and will continue the Left’s enforced socialism on an increasingly uncooperative citizenry.

The elite Republicans have discarded all pretense of being conservative. They are and will continue to be champions of Big Government. It’s a virus that feeds on itself. They can’t quit unless removed from office. Stop funding the National Republican Senatorial Committee. They are not for you. Fund your own candidate of choice. Drop your Republican membership and reregister as Independent Conservatives; re-energize your tea party’s and get to work. If conservatism is to survive, a new party must replace the old. The GOP is worn out. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Congressman Collins Votes to Repeal Obamacare, Sending Health Bill to Senate

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WASHINGTON—The House today passed H.R. 1628, the American Health Care Act(AHCA). The bill repeals the individual and employer mandates of 2010’s Affordable Care Act as well as $1 trillion in Obamacare taxes.

Congressman Doug Collins (R-Ga.) released the following statement in response to the bill’s passage:

“For seven years, I have watched Obamacare afflict my neighbors with soaring insurance costs and narrowing health care options. Obamacare shattered the insurance market, and Americans now struggle first to afford insurance and then to find providers that accept it.

“Obamacare saddled businesses and individuals with mandates that robbed them of their freedom to choose health care options that make sense for them. Our families, our workers and our economy have born the weight of bureaucratized medicine for too long. The American Health Care Act removes that burden and demands compassion for both the healthy and vulnerable, the born and the unborn.

“I have seen the grief that Obamacare has brought to northeast Georgians and have worked for my entire tenure in Congress to repeal this destructive law. Republicans promised to repeal Obamacare, and the House voted to keep that promise today. I agree with the President’s call this week for us to repeal Obamacare now, and I look forward to the Senate’s getting to work on this crucial bill.”

Additionally, this legislation returns to states the flexibility they need to serve their communities. The AHCA provides more generous Medicaid reimbursements for elderly and disabled enrollees while Obamacare prioritized able-bodied individuals over disabled Americans by assigning proportionately more Medicaid dollars to the healthy. It establishes a federal invisible risk sharing program to stabilize insurance markets, lower premiums and protect individuals with pre-existing conditions.

The AHCA represents the first major entitlement reform in U.S. history by ending Medicaid’s expansion while shoring up the program for the disabled and elderly Americans it was meant to serve.

This legislation also defunds Planned Parenthood.

Collins Statement on the American Health Care Act

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WASHINGTON—Today the House of Representatives did not vote on the American Health Care Act as part of Republicans’ comprehensive health care reform plan. Congressman Doug Collins (R-Ga.), Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference, is an attorney and Air Force Reserve chaplain representing one of the most conservative districts in the nation. Collins has issued the following statement in response:

I am proud to have stood with President Trump to repeal and replace the law that has hurt American families and replaced their freedom with federal mandates. Yet I find myself frustrated and grieved that so many Republicans refused to act according to their professed principles.

Because I am convinced that human life and dignity deserve fierce protection under the law, I am unable to understand how many of my colleagues allowed political myopia to prevent them from supporting the opportunity to defund America’s largest abortion peddler. Because of the decisions of a few members, we remain mired in a health system that is able neither to care for our neighbors nor to protect unborn Americans.”

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