ASK THE DOC 10/13/2017


Dr. William Whaley joins us for our weekly checkup, featuring your questions!

We would like to thank the Georgia Cancer Specialists for sponsoring this segment. I f you have a question for our doc, send it to [email protected] or 706-889-9700.

  1. What causes me to lose my sense of smell?
    1. All sorts of causes… NUMEROUS DISEASES
    2. Also, with age it can deteriorate.
    3. Also, seasonal allergies.
  2. Can a mental illness change personality or behavior?
    1. Personality: No. Personality disorders are serious disorders. The medical community divides it into three categories.
      1. People appear odd or eccentric. Schizotypal
      2. People who are dramatic, emotional, erratic. It’s a disease when its narcissistic.
      3. People that appear anxious and fearful. Avoidant behavior, obsessive compulsive. Or very dependent.
      1. Low Thyroid/High Thyroid makes you lethargic or too hyper.
      2. Too much Testosterone can make you over aggressive.
  3. I’m just getting over a cold and my ears feel plugged up.
    1. The tube that drains the ear is full, caused by a virus, then your can’t equilibrate the pressure.
      1. Nasal sprays can open them up.
    2. The most common occurrence is because of ear wax
      1. The worst thing to do is stick a q-tip in the ear
      2. Go to the pharmacy and get something over the counter that will melt the wax.
    3. If you go onto an airplane after having that sort of cold you can rupture ear drum on the way down from altitude.
      1. It can lead to a lifetime of dizziness with zero cure.

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