Shafer talks party cohesion following Trump Endorsement for re-election

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Endorsed by former President Donald Trump, Georgia GOP Chair David Shafer is running for re-election for Chair. After his official announcement to run for re-election, he faces challenges in the party to keeping the party cohesive and united in the coming elections.

With some Republicans already calling for a GOP 2.0 separation among Republican supporters, Shafer said he got a mix of good and bad news from the recent election process. Growth in the party is obvious, but breakdowns in the election came as Shafer said changes were made “outside of the law” by the State Elections Board and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

The vast increase in absentee ballots coupled with a failure in verifications was just a surface issue as Shafer stated the offices were obviously overwhelmed. On top of that, he pointed out the refusals to allow poll watchers easy access, sometimes making them stand as much as 50 feet away when they were allowed to watch.

Unmanned drop boxes and rampant ballot harvesting were part of the massive issues in the election according to Shafer.

Yet, he is looking forward and trying to bring people in the party back together in forward motion to retake the safety and security of the elections.

Raffensperger blamed Shafer for issues saying he was responsible for exact match signatures. Shafer responded saying it was absurd as Raffensperger changed laws entering into a consent agreement without consulting the Republican Party. The betrayal in March showed his Democratic Party affiliation.

Shafer said Raffensperger made it so much harder to throw out non-matching ballots and the change in laws were unilaterally altered from the laws he voted on.

An example of some of the unrest in the party, Shafer agreed that 2022 could be difficult as he has already heard several county chairman in the Republican Party not running for re-election because they are wanting to contest races in the state. As a leader of the State GOP, he hasn’t called for Raffensperger’s resignation, but he has been a part of several lawsuits trying to, as he says, “make sure the laws are carried out.”

In one final question, when asked about any possibility to see him on the ballot in major offices in 2022, he replied that he felt his best place to be helpful is continuing as the State Chairman.

Shafer said, “The real danger to this country is posed by the Democrats. We have got to pull everyone back together and defeat Raphael Warnock in 2022 and preserve our Republican majority so the Democrats don’t do to Georgia what they are currently doing to America.”

Vernon Jones discusses elections and his part in America

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Spending a lot of recent time in Florida, Vernon Jones (R) spoke with FYN today on his efforts and plans with former president Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and

Meeting and studying with Ron DeSantis, Florida’s Governor, Jones said he is looking into businesses, vaccinations, and protection practices that Florida is doing so well.

Voicing concerns on other states and the federal implications of many modern issues including COVID, Jones again pointed to Florida as having the right idea. Jones supported DeSantis’ remarks that all are welcome and loved, but denied transgendered biological males from competing in female sports. He called out President Joe Biden for pushing to allow such things. Delving deeper into the transgender issue, Jones voiced his dismay that many are also pushing to inject children with hormones and perform surgery on children to modify their gender.

Jones said, “Now think about this, you have to be 18 to vote, 21 to buy any alcohol or anything. And they are performing this type of surgery on children and injecting them with hormones? Please, a child doesn’t know any better. You raise a child up and the child will make a decision at the appropriate time.”

Speaking on so many issues, BKP asked Jones if a recent group of tweets on social media bore any further effect on the Governor’s Race in Georgia. After many of those tweets started with “If I were governor…” the question became, “Are you running for governor?”

In response, Jones gave a few hints, but never directly said yes or no. Instead, he offered an analogy of baking a cake and the cake needing time and preparation to cook properly. He said, “I’m baking a cake. I’m not going to mess this cake up. I’m going to take it out when the time is appropriate.”

Continuing he claimed if he was governor, Trump would still be president because he would have campaigned for him in Georgia every single day.

With credentials ranging from optimizing organizations, agencies, and departments through corporate training to experience as a Chief Executive, he said he has been a Chief Executive longer than Brian Kemp. Serving twice as a County Executive in Dekalb County including nearly $4 billion in budget, one of the largest police departments in the state, one of the largest transportation budgets, public utilities, and the involved staff for that organization, Jones said he is among the most effective Chief Executives to ever come through Georgia. He never raised taxes, managed Bond referendums, and proved himself a fiscal conservative.

In his time in Florida, spending time with Trump, the discussions of the coming elections showcased Trumps movements in the coming months. Vernon spoke on efforts to grow the Republican Party, to expand it in the coming elections to make it stronger. In order to accomplish that, he said, “Yes, I’m a candidate for running to save America.”

He did not elaborate on what office or exactly when, but what is important to Jones is Georgia. He said, “If you’re not taking me seriously about my efforts looking at running for Governor and putting Georgia first, then you’re out of your mind.”

Jones also spoke on other members of the party with a message of unity. When asked about opponents to face Raphael Warnock and the possibility of Doug Collins returning to an office, he said, “Doug Collins is as solid as Stone Mountain.”

He said that he knows Collins loves Georgia and wants to help Georgians. An “asset to Georgia,” he needs to be a part. Jones said he doesn’t believe Collins should be on the sidelines.

Jones invited Republicans to join the movement to reinvigorate and strengthen the party finding more information at and signing up to be a part of the process and efforts to bring back jobs, economy, freedoms, and constitutional rights.

New Year’s Eve Party in Jasper, GA!

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New Year’s Eve Party in Jasper, GA!

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New Year’s Eve Party in Jasper, GA!

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New Year’s Eve Party in Jasper, GA!

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Short Takes – Is The End of Social Engineering in Sight?


Is The End of Social Engineering in Sight?

The long sought after dream of the Democrat Party, to create an authoritarian one party state, its leaders nurtured by elitism and Karl Marx, is about over. Collectivism, as a policy that fits all, is unsustainable, but it still exists in the halls of academe thanks to policies of ‘tenure,’ that saves progressive professors from being tossed onto the trash heap of really stupid ideas.

The Democrats no longer deny their role as Socialists, they just don’t use those words that say so. Their decades of attacks on America’s long standing institutions of moral security, Judeo-Christian codes, Boy and Girl Scout programs, fraternities, conservative college political groups, & etc., are starting to fracture under the weight of disgust and common sense.

The very absurdity of combining the Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs together as one, led by “gay” leaders, is asinine. Concerned parents realize that combining impressionable young people, eager to join scouting, as potential targets of pedophiles, is unconscionable.

Forcing military units to accept transgender personnel, and all that that implies, is as equally disgusting as what that deviant community wants to do with scouts. The aim is to make everyone sexually neutral. For the military, not a good idea. Murder and suicide rates will skyrocket in consequence because real men will not countenance gays, transgenders or deviants, of any rank, openly in their combat units. They can’t be trusted. No amount of Progressive social engineering will change the fact that men and women are as different as night and day and that the 98.7% of straight males will not tolerate a lasting role as fighters from the “gay” community. Women in the cockpit of fighters aircraft has proven good. God bless ‘em! They have good coordination, good eye skills and so long as they are alone in the cockpit and don’t have to look an enemy in the eye before they kill ‘em, all the better.

President Trump very quickly announced an end to Obama’s transgender experiment and a few of Obama’s still active senior military officers, have made noises in dispute but, amazingly they have quieted down. I wonder why? One big problem for the military, apart from lack of funding, for training, equipping and maintenance, is the residual effects of Obama’s social engineering, lingering in the dark waiting to pop out again as aggrieved victims of the majority. I believe, Trump stopped that nonsense just in time. but just barely. The pending disaster that Obama’s social policies foretold, can not be salvaged by politicians, court rulings or consent.

It is now time, for American’s to grasp the true meanings of the words the Socialist (Marxist) Democrats use to ensnare us. “Multiculturalism,” describes the Left’s attempt to negate American Nationalism, those tenants that made America great and exceptional. It decries the evidence of race despite the clashing of cultures. European-American culture is not good for black African citizens, therefore it must be neutralized. As victims, blacks must be elevated. Christianity is not good for Islamic immigrants, therefore it must be neutralized lest Muslims be offended. “Diversity and Racism” go hand in hand with multiculturalism and is the Left’s vehicle to shut down all dissent. It lays the groundwork for negating the 1st Amendment.

The Left can’t stand the US Constitution because it tells them “no!” They can’t have that so, when in power, they ignore or it or go around it. Authoritarianism in America is not supported by the Constitution. Americans should learn that and protect their rights against the now stymied Democrats. But, beware, they’ll keep coming and they’ll keep trying. They are out to get us!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em. (30Nov17)

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