• Hit and Run shuts down Highway 52 East

    UPDATE – July 26, 2020 According to a social media post by those claiming to be family with the deceased, as well as corroborating comment on FYN, the victim of the hit and run is Teddy Oliver. While law enforcement is investigating, comments and messages across social media are requesting any citizens who may know […]

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  • Employee from February incident out on bond

    Mary Elaine Newberry, bond

    GILMER COUNTY, Ga. – February saw a threat and incident at the Gilmer Schools’ Transportation Depot as a single woman allegedly walked into the facility with a firearm. Now, nearly 150 days later, Mary Newberry has left the detention center on bond. Allegedly the woman behind the incident, she faces felony charges of Aggravated Assault […]

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  • Community Paramedicine meets students in schools


    EAST ELLIJAY, Ga. – As many are beginning to talk about the possibility of returning to school, some are still attempting to wrap up the previous year. In Gilmer, part of that process occurred this week as students returned to the buildings to collect left-behind belongings. Planned in April, the Board of Education and Superintendent […]

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  • Health Department Responds to positive test in Courthouse

    GIlmer Health Department

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Gilmer’s Health Department and Courthouse are working closely together this week after a confirmed positive test was reported by the county Probate Judge, Scott Chastain. FYN reached out to the Health Department and spoke with Gilmer Commissioner Chairman Charlie Paris about the Health Department’s involvement. Both entities noted that the Georgia Department […]

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  • County responds as Probate Judge tests positive for COVID-19 after revival


    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Gilmer County Probate Judge Scott Chastain has confirmed that he has tested positive for COVID-19, commonly called the Coronavirus. While sources have spoken recently about employees in the Gilmer County Courthouse having been exposed, Chastain himself has reached out to inform the public that he has tested positive. There are still indications […]

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  • Gilmer and Fannin Extend Judicial Emergency under order of Chief Judge


    NORTH GEORGIA – Both Gilmer and Fannin have received a new order entitled “Amended Third Order Extending Declaration of Judicial Emergency” closing and requiring deep cleaning for offices in the courthouses of both counties. The order, sign by Superior Court Chief Judge Brenda Weaver of the Appalachian Judicial Circuit, states that a number of courthouse […]

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  • Pickens VA Clinic dedicates flag on 4th of July


    JASPER, Ga. – Today marked a special day for veterans in Pickens county as the VA Clinic not only celebrated Independence Day, but honored the day and the location as they raised, in dedication, a new flag on their flagpole. The American Flag was custom made by Annin with 100 percent American made materials according […]

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  • Gilmer High School cancels prom in face of resurgent Coronavirus


    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Gilmer County is still finding new information from news of exposures in the Courthouse and offices shutting down, but now, Gilmer High School is responding to the general resurgance of the Coronavirus in Georgia as they officially announce cancelling this year’s prom. Originally cancelled during the school year as responses and shutdowns […]

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  • Black Lives Matter rally comes to Jasper

    JASPER, Ga. – Protesting continues across many North Georgia counties as demonstrators rally in the wake of media reports on the death of George Floyd and other protests. Tonight saw another of these rallies in the city of Jasper, Georgia, as police blocked off parking spaces and sections of side streets around the Pickens County […]

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  • Protesters rally in Ellijay over Black Lives Matter movement


    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Both protesters and police commented tonight with two words that many have not heard recently in news, a “peaceful protest” in Ellijay concluded despite rain and counter-protests in the area. Authorities prepared after permits were approved yesterday, June 3, for a planned protest expecting 25 to 30 people in attendance. Even Eloisa […]

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  • County seeks to help farms to support recovery

    farms, farm winery, BOC,

    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Gilmer’s Board of Commissioners made two approvals this week for farms to, as Chairman Charlie Paris said, “try to recover as quickly as possible.” While Paris said they are looking at several areas of the county’s economy, two of the approvals in June focused solely on farms and agriculture including the first […]

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  • Three phase line adds to power troubles


    ELLIJAY, Ga. – While last night’s storm wasn’t as bad as some have been recently, Amicalola EMC is still reporting almost 2,000 homes without power today. This major outage comes from collateral damage in the storm as Amicalola says that strong winds brought trees down on power lines this morning. However, currently over 1,900 members […]

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  • Public Safety opens shelter amid storm

    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Ravaged by a storm across North Georgia, counties across the region are responding tonight to provide for citizens as best as possible. The Gilmer County Public Safety Department has enacted plans late this evening due to the storm. A shelter has been opened for anyone displaced from their home, or otherwise needing […]

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  • Lieutenants offer details on National Guard visit to Parkside


    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Soldiers and Reservists from the National Guard met in Ellijay today as part of a running program from the state to help clean, sanitize, and train staff at Parkside Ellijay. The facility is only one of many that Lieutenant Jacob Mizell of Bravo Troop said his team has and will visit during […]

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  • Gilmer BOC will hold April Regular meeting in person


    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Both cities and counties carry on amid the shutdown, and Gilmer is also moving forward in this time with their April meeting, but with a few changes. Gilmer has already made changes over March as meetings saw a distancing line in the meeting room, and all meetings have been held in the […]

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  • Gilmer BOE approves 2020-2021 calendar

    2020-2021 Calendar

    EAST ELLIJAY, Ga. – Official approval has come for the Gilmer Board of Education and the Gilmer County Schools’ 2020-2021 Calendar for the school year. From late July for teachers, the approved calendar will have students returning to class on August 3, 2020, and going all the way to the final day, a 2 hour […]

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