Update on Theron Knight

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PICKENS COUNTY, Ga.- Earlier today Pickens County Sheriff’s office released a statement with an update for the missing person Theron Knight.

Knight was discovered in a wooded area about a quarter mile from his home on Gordon Road in Jasper. At this time the cause of death is still under investigation, however, foul play is not believed to be involved.

The GBI crime lab is conducting an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. To review the information the Sheriff’s office has shared about Knight visit


Stancil takes the election and the helm of the county

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Kris Stancil said he wants to make upright decisions and bring the community together for common goals.


Photo by Susan Kirkland
Kris Stancil talks with Marsha Jasperse, wife of Rep. Rick Jasperse Tuesday night.

He will take the helm as the new chairman for the Pickens County Board of Commissioners. Tuesday’s win against independent candidate David Shouse brought a two-year campaign to close.

“It feels like it’s gone on and on forever,” said Stancil to a group who gathered downtown to watch the election results come in with him. Most wore campaign shirts and cheered when the numbers posted around 11 p.m.

Stancil said the victory was “humbling.”


He ran on the platform of aligning Pickens County with goals set out in two comprehensive plans. Those issues include helping animal control and the animal shelter.

“I think so much has been talked about who is on the left and who is on the right and I think it really should be who is upright,” he said, speaking to the crowd. “That’s why I need you. I need you to challenge everything I do. Hold me to the standard that is upright.”

Stancil claimed 11,929 votes, or 72.59-percent with Shouse taking 4,504


Photo by Susan Kirkland
Kris Stancil won the election to become the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners.

votes, or 27.41-percent. There are 23,766 register voters in Pickens County and according to the Georgia Secretary of State’s website, 17,172 ballots were cast, netting 72.25-percent. In the chairman’s race, 16,433 votes were cast.


Stancil will take the reins from current Chairman of the Pickens County Board of Commissioner, Rob Jones. Jones who has served for 16 years, the first eight as sole commissioner and the last half of his career as the chairman with Becky Denney and  Jerry Barnes serving as board members.

“Sheriff, I need to tender my resignation for Dec. 31.  It’s been an incredible ride for the last twelve years,” he told Sheriff Donnie Craig while the crowd laughed.



Stancil wins over Shouse for chairman position

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Republican Kristopher “Kris” Stancil beat out Independent candidate David Shouse in the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners race Tuesday night.

Stancil had 10,919 votes in the chairman race, while Shouse came in with 3,997 at around 11 p.m. on Election Day. Total votes cast were 14,916, although mail-in ballots had not been accounted for. The county had as of Friday, 2,404 mail-in ballots with more coming in before Tuesday’s election.

Pickens had several races impacting them and most were called on Tuesday night, according to the Georgia Secretary of State’s website.

In other elections, Rick Jasperse (R) had 21,563 votes and Kayla Hollified (D) took 3,729 votes for State House District 11.

In the U.S. Senate race, David A. Perdue (I) won with 2,258,799. Jon Ossoff (D) had 1,942,573 and Shane Hazel (Lib) had 99,956. In Pickens County, Perdue had 12,865 votes, Ossoff 2,114 votes, and Hazel 385.

The Special election to fill Johnny Isakson’s vacated seat-currently held by Kelly Loeffler(R), will head to a run-off as none of the 20+ candidates received the require 50-percent-plus-one vote to claim victory. In Pickens County, Doug Collins (R) had 6,684 to Loeffler’s 5,524. However, Collins placed behind Loffler and Raphael Warnock (D) overall. Loeffler has 1,162,101 statewide votes, Warnock 1,304,363 and Collins 906,858.


Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) received 207,236 votes to officially claim the U.S, House District 14th seat, although Kevin Van Ausdal (D), who bowed out of race due to moving out of district, received 70,384. In Pickens, Greene had 4,851 votes to Van Ausdal’s 613.

For the U.S. House District 9, Andrew Clyde (Rep) obtained 284,253 while Devin Pandy (D) took 74,388. In Pickens, Clyde had 8,090 votes and Pandy 1,450 votes.

In State Senate District 51, incumbent Steve Gooch (R) had 81,567 votes while June Krise (D) took  votes. In Pickens, Gooch had 7,599 votes and Krise 1,387 votes.



Pickens County Commission Chair Debate Shouse & Stancil

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Watch the Debate with Pickens County Chair Candidates brought to you by FetchYourNews.com on Sept 17, 2020.

Pickens VA Clinic dedicates flag on 4th of July

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JASPER, Ga. – Today marked a special day for veterans in Pickens county as the VA Clinic not only celebrated Independence Day, but honored the day and the location as they raised, in dedication, a new flag on their flagpole.

flagThe American Flag was custom made by Annin with 100 percent American made materials according to the Va Clinic’s statements online. They said Annin was established in 1847 and is the largest and oldest manufacturer of flags in the world. Their flags draped Abraham Lincoln’s casket, were raised at Iwo Jima, and have flown to the moon.

The Marine Corps League North Georgia Mountain Detachment 1280  raised the flag and the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 47 Honor Guard of Jasper, Georgia conducted a firing salute. Mark Mitton lead prayer to start. Britney Walker sang the National Anthem.

The flag measures 30 feet by 38 feet and was raised on a 90 feet tall flagpole. Owner of the VA Clinic Building, Supervisor of the property, and the man who purchased and built the flagpole in front of the clinic, David Shouse said the event went far better than he expected as they filled every parking space and even had more parking on a nearby hill.

flagShouse said that when he was first asked to build a flagpole in front of the VA Clinic, he was told they could have a small one or something sufficient. Shouse said he replied at the time, “If we’re going to build a flagpole, then we are going to build a flagpole.” Since the construction, Shouse said they have flown smaller flags to let the pole settle and have some time before adding a larger one with more weight and wind drag.

However, Shouse said that the larger flag was not supposed to be delivered until August. But as the times aligned, and they were able to have it delivered last week, they pushed for a more meaningful day, July 4, 2020. Independence Day would become their day of celebration and dedication, for just as we celebrate our freedoms, our independence, and our rights on this day, so too would this day hold meaning for the clinic, and for the flag flying outside of it. A representation that Shouse said would mark a “modern VA Clinic that will provide local care to our veteran’s that have waited so patiently for something they deserve.”

The VA Clinic serves local veterans in, according to Shouse, a community with the largest veteran demographic population in the county and serving those veterans is a necessary service for such a place.

More than just a flag, it is the people who were there to celebrate the dedication, it was the presence of the Marine Corps League, the Veterans, the Honor Guard, the presence of people that made the dedication meaningful. For it is not a ceremony or a constructed symbol that makes something sacred. It is, instead, the people who honor that symbol, the people who recognize the meaning that make it so.


(Photos provided by David Shouse and the Pickens County VA Clinic)

Current Closings and Delays for Public Health in North GA for Dec. 10

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Due to the potential for wintry hazardous road conditions tomorrow, Monday, December 10, Pickens County Health Department will be CLOSED all day, and Fannin County Health Department will delay opening until 10 AM. Gilmer County Health Department will delay opening until 9:30 AM. This applies to all public health services in these counties.  Further updates will be posted to the North Georgia Health District website at www.nghd.org and to our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Back to School Info for 2018 – 2019 School Year


Nita Cagle speaks about life on the campaign trail

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BLUE RIDGE, Ga. – Georgia’s current Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle continues to make his way across the state in his bid to become Georgia’s next Governor. Recently Cagle made stops through North Georgia as part of his campaign on a two week venture dubbed the “Cagle Country Bus Tour”.

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Nita Cagle speaks to a group of youths in Blairsville, Ga.

While supporters and undecided voters alike packed venues to hear the candidate speak in their hometown, many were surprised to see another Cagle family member emerge from the bus to give her take on why Casey Cagle, her husband, should be Georgia’s next Governor.

Nita Cagle has been by Casey’s side for 32 years. In these 32 years, the Cagle’s have raised three sons and are currently enjoying the addition of three grandchildren to family, but raising a family and having a life in politics has not always been easy.

Cagle holds the title of Second Lady of the State of Georgia, but she says what she is most proud of is her title as wife, mother and now grandmother of the Cagle household.

“I’m the inaugural member of team Cagle,” Georgia’s Second Lady joked as she spoke of the family’s early years in politics.

Casey Cagle first ran for Georgia Senate District 49 in 1994. At this time both of the Cagles were in their late 20s and just beginning a family.

“Casey had helped a friend run a campaign,” Cagle spoke of how their life in public service began, “Over the next couple of years I saw the spark start.”

Cagle admits that when she first noticed that Casey was showing interest in this field, that she was “a little hesitant” to jump on board, but says that her faith changed her attitude.

“I had many nights, many talks, and eventually a calmness just came over me, and I was okay with it. So when he came to me and said this is something that is on my heart, I already knew,” Cagle spoke candidly of her acceptance to stand by Casey as he joined the political arena.

When asked if she felt she had known of Casey’s intentions before he spoke openly of them, Cagle laughed and said, “Actually he probably already knew. It was just ‘how am I going to tell Nita’.”

Georgia, Fannin County, White County, Towns County, Pickens County, Habersham County, Lieutenant Governor, Governor, Casey Cagle, Nita Cagle, Cagle Country Bus Tour, Opiod Epidemic, Small Business, Preschool, Gubernatorial Race, 2018, General Primary, May, General Election, November, Republican, Family

Nita Cagle rallies the crowd for her husband at Glenda’s in Cleveland, Ga.

This career move was not always smooth as Cagle had to adapt to managing her time: “The boys were young. You’re divided because you want to be with them both, be a mom and be a wife.”

Ultimately, through family discussions, Cagle decided that she would become a strong foundation for her family at home.

“You only get one time at it,” Cagle explained the decision and the importance of having an active role in a child’s life, “You don’t get a do over.”

This decision did pose obstacles for the Cagles to overcome as the now Lt. Governor was often called away for his job and for campaigns, but Cagle explained that these obstacles are no different than what many families face: “Whether it’s politics, any job is going to put stress. No marriage is going to be without stress.”

Cagle explained that she has been blessed in that despite the calling of Casey’s career, he has always put his family first, “He’s a homebody, and if it is humanly possible to come home, he is coming home.”

With their children grown, Cagle says being on the campaign trail this time has a much different feel, “It absolutely was harder as they were younger. It got a lot easier as they got older. I’m really energized. I’m really enjoying it.”

Having grown children poses a set of new and exciting challenges when it comes to time management, as Cagle announced that their youngest son recently proposed to his girlfriend and would like to wed in the Fall shortly before the Nov. General Election.

This announcement didn’t slow Cagle down as she smiled and enthusiastically explained, “What better thing to do in the middle of all this craziness, than to shut it all down and to celebrate family, remember why we do it to start with, and welcome a new daughter-in-law into our family.”

Georgia, Fannin County, White County, Towns County, Pickens County, Habersham County, Lieutenant Governor, Governor, Casey Cagle, Nita Cagle, Cagle Country Bus Tour, Opiod Epidemic, Small Business, Preschool, Gubernatorial Race, 2018, General Primary, May, General Election, November, Republican, Family

Casey Cagle takes time to boast on his wife Nita via social media.

Cagle added that having been in a house of men for so long, and with her two older sons already married she is excited for the wedding and glad that the male to female ratio is evening out.

With the prospect of becoming Georgia’s First Lady, Cagle has given a lot of time to her platform and her mission if given this duty: “I have several things that I have thought about, and I may or may not narrow down.”

Having obtained a degree and having a background in early childhood education, Cagle taught preschool for a number of years.

“I specifically love the preschool age,” Cagle smiled as she discussed one of her goals if given the title of First Lady of Georgia.

Cagle would like to see preschool education expanded and offered throughout Georgia. She cited the importance of teaching children at a young age and how this early nurturing can carry over throughout their life.

Knowing that not every child is able to receive this kind of early start at home, Cagle would like to see this program offered in more areas, stating that the work put into a child at an early age will benefit society for generations to come.

Cagle would also like to put a focus on small businesses throughout Georgia. She and husband Casey got their start by establishing a small business, so she knows first hand the struggles that entrepreneurs face.

“I would like to champion them, and spotlight them,” Cagle said explaining her passion for this area. She noted that small businesses make up a large portion of the Georgia economy, and she would like to see “mom and pop shops” continue to set up and succeed in our state.

Finally Cagle discussed an issue that has come up time and time again on the campaign trail and that is of the opioid epidemic that is not just facing the state of Georgia but affecting countless families nationwide.

Georgia, Fannin County, White County, Towns County, Pickens County, Habersham County, Lieutenant Governor, Governor, Casey Cagle, Nita Cagle, Cagle Country Bus Tour, Opiod Epidemic, Small Business, Preschool, Gubernatorial Race, 2018, General Primary, May, General Election, November, Republican, Family

Nita Cagle is all smiles as she introduces her husband Casey Cagle to the crowd gathered in Habersham County.

From speaking with residents in Georgia, Cagle is left with one strong impression when it comes to the opioid epidemic, “It’s everywhere. It does not discriminate. We hear the same story over and over. It’s repeated everywhere.”

While Cagle admits that she is by no means an expert when it comes to this crisis, she says that she cannot deny the need to address the issue and “get the conversation going.” She states that by hearing the heartbreaking stories from families affected by opioid addiction she understands the depth of the problem and that it will not be an easy one to combat.

Being a multifaceted issue with a number of areas that need to be addressed, Cagle said, “If we are blessed enough to be elected, the platform is going to put me in a position to do good and open doors for the people that know about it.”

Cagle would like to increase awareness of the opioid epidemic and at least on one front open the doors for mentoring programs where families struggling with this issue can speak with former addicts on how to help loved ones.

Cagle also acknowledged the successes being seen through Georgia’s Drug Courts, and would like to study the impacts of possibly expanding these programs.

Nita Cagle beams a confidence and sincerity in all that she speaks of, but perhaps her biggest conviction is in that of her husband’s ability to make a great Governor of Georgia.

“The best way to know the kind of leader or character a person is going to have is to look into the home, and that is what I bring to the table,” Cagle stated smiling at her husband, “I’ve been married to a man that is consistent every single day.”

She speaks of his competitive drive and his ability to connect with people, but says that he is also a fair man and one she is proud to have spent the last 32 years by his side.

Cagle’s birthday is May 23, just one day after the General Primary, and she states that this year she doesn’t want any gifts from her husband but instead, “I just want a good clean win on the 22nd with no run-off.”

“He says it’s mathematically virtually impossible,” Cagle said explaining her husband’s response to her wish, but she then added with her contagious smile, “I have seen him do the impossible before.”




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Tea Party Talk News Release


36th Annual Marble Festival 2016 in the Marble Capital ~ Pickens County Georgia

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Did you know: Most of Pickens County’s early industry revolved around the marble industry.  Polycor Georgia Marble is located in Marble Hill near Tate.  For decades Georgia Marble has been mined and used to create historic architecture around the world, including the Archives Building in Atlanta, the New York Stock Exchange, the Supreme Court, the Lincoln Memorial and our local Tate Elementary School.  The marble is also used for tombstones for the United States Military at Arlington National Cemetery.  Most of the marble is white, but there is also very rare pink marble.  It is one of the few places in the world where pink marble is found.

[cincopa AIBAwvtZGbTU]

Murder Indictments issued for Christopher Byers and Arnold Griffith


murder-investMurder Indictments issued for Christopher Byers and Arnold Griffith

Fetch Your News spoke to the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office and below is the information that they are able to release at this time regarding the earlier indictments. The Sheriff’s Office said they knew there was probably  many questions, but until the investigation is wrapped up, this is all of the information available for release.


On December 7, 2016, a Pickens County Grand Jury indicted Christopher Byers (age 32) and Arnold Griffith (age 58) with the 2014 murder of Raymond Walnoha. Mr. Walnoha was last know to live in Adamsville Tennessee and was 46 at the time of the incident.


In a complicated case that began in 2014, Detectives of the Pickens Sheriff’s Office were able to work with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to make both arrests. Detectives had been working to follow up on information received that an unknown man by the name of Ray had been murdered. Over the course of the 2 year period, detectives were eventually able to learn that a Raymond Walnoha had been missing for this period of time.

Eventually, after requesting the aide of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, detectives and agents were able to learn that Mr. Walnoha had been killed by a blow to the head with an axe. Detectives were also able to learn that Mr. Byers and Mr. Griffith attempted to cover up the scene and hide the body.

Both Griffith and Byers were in custody for unrelated Probation Violation charges at the time of investigation and are currently being held without bond in the Pickens County Adult Detention Center.

This case is still being actively investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Pickens Sheriff’s Office. Additional details related to the crime are not available at this time.

If you need additional information, please contact the public information section of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Kris Stancil / Captain
[email protected] / 404-536-5035

Pickens Sheriff’s Office
2985 Camp Road Jasper, Georgia 30143

Fetch Your News will update more as it becomes available.

Part 2: Who is Running High Speed Fiber Optic Cable through North GA and Why?

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Do you know Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong or Thomas Wittenschlaeger?
A fiber optic cable is being run along the Georgia Northeastern Railroad. In this segment we look at the possible agreement between Patriot Rail and Mox Networks LLC to run the fiber optic cable along the rail line. We question – Who is Mox Networks LLC? We question – Who are they running the fiber optic cable for? It looks to be that there are some ties between Mox Networks and Nantworks LLC companies. Stay tuned for more information on this topic from #BKP in the next part of this segment.

Who is Running High Speed Fiber Optic Cable through North GA and Why?

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Part One:
Have you been wondering what they are doing along the train tracks in North Ga? Have you noticed the big spools near the tracks? Why are they digging trenches along these rail road tracks? The answer: They are installing high speed fiber optic cable. But who is doing this and what is their reasoning?
#BKP gives us information about who is doing this and where in this video. He will tell us more about who and why they are doing this in part two.


FBI Investigation? Fannin County House of Cards

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“Some would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth” BKP

Monday afternoon July 18th in a Pickens County Courtroom Senior Judge Richard Winegarden signed the nolle prosequi orders dropping the charges against Fannin Focus publisher Mark Thomason and Attorney Russell Stookey.

Thomason and Stookey were arrested Friday 6-24-16. Thomason was charged with three counts; identity fraud, attempt to commit identity fraud and making a false statement. Stookey was charged with two counts; identity fraud and attempt to commit identity fraud.

Appalachian Judicial District Chief Superior Court Judge Brenda Weaver filed the complaint with the District Attorney’s office. District Attorney B. Alison Sosebee presented the charges to a Pickens County Grand Jury made up of sixteen citizens. The Grand Jury returned true bills on both Thomason and Stookey.

When the charges were dropped that made the file concerning this case open for the public to view, FYN spent Friday afternoon thoroughly reviewing the file.  I listened to the witness interviews several times.

Immediately after the court adjourned Fannin County Attorney Lynn Doss did an interview with Channel 2’s Mark Winne.  (Doss interview with Mark Winne.)  She told Winne she has spoken with the FBI three times since March.

Mark Thomason, Russell Stookey, Lynn Doss, and Fannin Probate Judge Scott Kiker have made claims that there is currently an FBI investigation into Judge Brenda Weaver and Judge Roger Bradley.  Thomason, Stookey, and Doss have made the same claims concerning the FBI during interviews.  Witness interviews claim Kiker told them about the FBI investigation in detail.

Throughout the DA’s investigation one name kept coming up, County Attorney Lynn Doss. It is common knowledge in the Appalachian Judicial District that Doss does not care very much for Judge Roger Bradley.  I stated in a previous article a comment Doss made to me regarding her feelings for Bradley.

Doss serves as the Attorney for Fannin County, Fannin County Water Authority, and the Fannin County Board of Education.  Her husband Harry Doss is the Fannin County Juvenile Public Defender and the Fannin County Probate Judge Public Defender. The Doss’s have received a lot of money for several years from Fannin County taxpayers.  Side note, FYN has researched Doss and Kiker court cases from Cobb to Towns Counties and have found several cases where Lynn Doss and Scott Kiker are co-counsel.  See any conflict with that?  Doss is public defender in Kiker’s courtroom.  Also what happened to the promise Kiker made the voters of Fannin County that he would be a full-time Probate Judge?  Far from it, Kiker has private cases in several counties. And that is a story for another day.

Lynn Doss thoroughly understands attorney/client privilege so why would she risk losing a client like Fannin County Board of Commissioners who pays her $5,708 per month, $68,496 a year?  I asked Chairman Bill Simonds if he knew that Fannin County was being investigated by the FBI and also if he knew Doss was speaking to the FBI? Simonds told us he just found out in the last couple of weeks and was not aware of any conversations Doss was having or may have had with the FBI.

Remember the checks from the Judge’s account which Thomason claimed appeared to have been illegally cashed?  Who gave the checks to Stookey or Thomason?  During an interview with DA Investigator Greg Arp, Simonds told Arp he understood that Doss said she thought the FBI would be contacting her and so Doss wanted the checks.  Simonds went on to say, his understanding was that Doss gave the checks to Stookey who in turn gave them to Thomason.  

So if Doss told Simonds about the FBI possibly contacting her why did she not come back to her client (Fannin County) and confirm her involvement with the FBI investigation once she was actually contacted?

Investigator Arp asked Simonds if Doss ever admitted to him who she gave the checks to?  Simonds replied “Oh Yeah!  She gave the checks to this Stookey guy. She is the county attorney.  She has no F****** business giving checks out to nobody especially another attorney.  She said ‘I do that all the time, I give out numbers.’  Simonds said, ‘Lynn this is a lot different than a F****** telephone number, this ain’t no telephone number.’  She lied about it.  I think this is a d*** vendetta.  Lynn is vindictive.”

The DA’s investigators Greg Arp and Christy O’Dell interviewed Rita Davis Kirby.  Kirby is Fannin County’s CFO.  Kirby told investigators that she gave the check in question to Doss and only Doss.  

“She is the only one who had the checks. The only person who had copies of those checks.  It’s obvious that Lynn is the only one with copies of the checks from Fannin County.  If Mark Thomason has a copy of them it came to him from Lynn Doss.  In March Lynn comes in and asks me for a copy of the third quarter, second, third and fourth quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016 of Judge Bradley’s checks.  She said I have gotten word the FBI is going to be looking into this and they will probably call me so if you will just go ahead and get those for me I will have them when they contact me.  I got her the copies and sent them to her. She sent me an email and said could I go ahead and give her the other two judges just for the sake of not singling any one judge out. Something to that effect.  She emailed me. Kirby said Doss never came back and said anything about the FBI investigation. “

Kirby was asked if the FBI had made any requests to the commissioner’s office?

“No, and that is what’s strange to me as well.”

Kirby recounted a meeting with investigators between Doss, Simonds, and herself concerning who Doss gave the checks to and how she knew they had been cashed. “ When Bill got a copy of the Open Records Request that Thomason sent Chairman Rob Jones in Pickens County, Lynn came in and was in Bill’s office.  Kirby went into Bill’s office and sat down.  Lynn read a copy of the email and told Bill she needed to talk to him about this.  She needed to explain.  She said this is crazy (Lynn), I could kill Mark Thomason (jokingly).  All I know about this is ‘Mark Thomason received copies of these checks from Rita,’ and I (Kirby) stopped her.   I said “No, Lynn, No he didn’t.”   “I thought I had given him those checks but I didn’t.  I went back to verify that.  I did not give those checks to Mark Thomason, you are the only one I gave those checks too. She said (Lynn) I’m not sure how he got them.”

The reasoning behind the investigation is there is a problem about ‘if’ the checks have been cashed and they’re not supposed to be cashed.  Lynn said on the back of the check in the upper left hand corner on Judge Bradley’s checks there are numbers that go across and we understand and were told it was a teller override. (Rita said) I told her that was not a teller override and Lynn said, I spoke to Ruth Jordan and she told me that it was a teller override.

Kirby said she was in the room when Simonds asked Doss who she gave the checks to. “Doss told Bill she gave the checks to Stookey who is Mark Thomason’s Attorney.  At that point Bill looked at her and said, “you did what?”  She said it’s open records and I gave them to Stookey.  She said it’s no different than me giving a phone number to an attorney without asking if she could give the number out.  Bill said that ain’t quite the same thing.”

Kirby implied throughout the interview that she feels that Doss shares county information with Thomason.

Did Ruth Jordan tell Lynn Doss that the checks appeared to have been cashed because of the numbers on the back of the check? Jordan is the Blue Ridge Branch Manager of Community & Southern Bank.

DA Investigators O’Dell and Arp interviewed Jordan. Jordan immediately let them know she could not answer questions for the bank but she could talk about procedural issues.

If we show you the back of the check could you tell us if it’s a teller override?

Jordan, “You would not be able to tell anything about the back of the check, I think that is the whole issue somebody doesn’t understand.”

So you couldn’t look at the back of the check and tell if it’s a teller override?

Jordan, “no,no.”

Jordan, “This is what I told everyone I did have a conversation with but I have not had a conversation with any attorney.”

So you haven’t talked with Miss Doss?

Jordan, “No.”

Jordan, “Concerning the back of the check in question, “this is a routing number, that is all that is.”

Investigator Odell, is there anything on the back of the check that you can tell that it’s been

cashed, deposited, whatever….?


“Absolutely not.”


 “Procedural-wise, as far as Community and Southern’s bank policy, a check like that should never be cashed. That’s a business check. It’s a business check. One person does not have ownership of that check. So that check should have been deposited.  Now, there is a For Deposit Only here. There is nothing on the back of this check that can tell you the check has been cashed, deposited, you can’t tell anything. There is nothing back there to tell that. It’s a routing number, branch number and teller number.”

Investigator, The only reason you are here is because your name specifically has come up as having a conversation with a certain attorney that has indicated that you were able to tell them from the back of that check. You have not had any conversation with Mrs. Doss regarding any of this?

Jordan, “No”

Any conversation with Mrs. Doss regarding teller overrides? “No”

Jordan, “I have not spoken to Lynn Doss.  I will not disclose anyone’s personal information. It’s not going to happen.”

When discussing the subpoena Jordan said, “I was shocked and amazed. I have never gotten a subpoena that was not served by an officer.  If a deputy would have showed up with that subpoena it would have been filled out by someone before they got here with it. Generally when I get one on something like that they serve notice and generally they want someone to sign showing I received it.  They were here literally wanting us to give them something and I’m like what, we don’t do that.  I don’t think they understood.  I was shocked that they had what looked like nearly a blank subpoena and I just said I don’t know anything about this.  I don’t know what you’re looking for.  You’re going to have to give me some information.”

Investigators showed Jordan the check that supposedly had been cashed illegally. Jordan said there was nothing on the check that indicated a teller override or that it had been cashed.

A check when deposited with a teller show the teller’s number so why not just go to the teller and ask if they cashed or deposited the check?

So why did Doss tell Simonds and Kirby that Jordan said the check appeared to be cashed? Who told Thomason the check appeared to be cashed?  Remember that is what Thomason said in the email he sent Pickens County Commissioner Rob Jones. The email to Jones was an for an open records request.  Who gave Thomason his information?

What about the FBI Investigation?   In one witness interview with “Mr. X” he tells Arp and O’Dell that there are two FBI agents doing the investigation. FYN has learned the name of one FBI Agent, Jamie Harter.

Mr. X told Arp and O’Dell the following:  Scott Kiker told me that a whistleblower came to Mark Thomason.  Kiker would never tell me who the whistleblower was.  Only thing Kiker told me was that the whistleblowers had been granted immunity from prosecution. There are two FBI agents.

Kiker said the reason he got involved was he and Thomason had to sign a paper before the FBI would investigate. They had to sign a paper saying that Mark had asked them to come up here.  Thomason told Kiker he was afraid to sign it without some legal representation so he requested Scott Kiker to be his legal representation and then he signed the thing and gave it back to the FBI.

So if Scott Kiker is Thomason’s legal counsel concerning the FBI investigation does he know who the whistleblower is?  Does he know whom the FBI offered immunity?  FYN has reached out to Lynn Doss and Scott Kiker with a list of questions.  At the time of this article they have not responded.  At the bottom of this article you will see a list of questions we have asked both Doss and Kiker.  We will post their answers as soon as they respond.

Remember the attempt to commit identity fraud in the indictment of Thomason.  We found something very interesting in the DA’s file.  It may be irrelevant but we feel it’s worth mentioning.

In this letter from Assistant District Attorney Chase G. Queen of the Enotah Judicial Circuit, Thomason may have committed identity fraud.

(Article continues under the letter)12ChristyLetter800Check back as this story continues to develop “Fannin County House of Cards.”

FYN would like to be clear regarding the allegations of “cashed checks” there hasn’t been any proof presented at this time which supports the claims of checks being cashed.

Below is the list of questions for Fannin County Attorney Lynn Doss and Fannin County Probate Judge Scott Kiker.

Mr. Kiker,

I have reviewed the entire file including listening to all of the witness interviews in the case that was dropped last week against Mark Thomason and Russell Stookey.

  1. One witness stated that Thomason had to sign a form and send it back to the FBI before they would look into Thomason’s complaint. The witness stated that he (Thomason) brought the paperwork to you and I understand you signed as Thomason’s Attorney. Did you sign a document along with Mark Thomason that was sent back to the FBI?
  1. Have you spoken to or met with the FBI?
  1. Have you and Lynn Doss ever spoken with or met with the FBI together?
  1. Did Lynn Doss tell you she was speaking with the FBI? When was the first time you knew that Lynn Doss was involved with the FBI investigation?
  1. One witness said that you told him there was a whistleblower at UCBI and the FBI has granted this person immunity from prosecution. How are you aware of this information?  Who told you (Mark Thomason, Lynn Doss, FBI…)? Do you know the identity of the whistleblower?
  1. One witness said that when he confronted you about the whistleblower  and UCBI you said it was a rumor Mark Thomason started.  Is it a rumor?
  1. Did you represent Greg Joseph Staffins in a shoplifting case in Union County?
  1. Does the Fannin County Probate Court have or use investigators?
  1. Has Mark Thomason ever worked for the Probate Court as an investigator?
  1. Are you aware that allegedly Mark Thomason went into the Blairsville Wal-Mart and identified himself to Wal-Mart employee Jeff Griffin as an investigator for the Fannin County Probate Court specifically Judge Scott Kiker’s Investigator?
  1. According to Jeff Griffin, Thomason asked to see Wal-Mart case reports on the shoplifting case against Greg Joseph Staffins. Was your office ever contacted by the Union County DA’s office inquiring about Thomason’s relationship to the Probate Court and yourself?

Mrs. Doss,

I am working on an article concerning a possible FBI investigation you discussed in a recent interview.  I have listened to the witness interview from the Mark Thomason-Russell Stookey case and have several questions.

  1. You said you have communicated with the FBI 3 times. Were those phone conversations or meetings?
  2. Did you provide the FBI with any Fannin County documents?
  3. At any time did you make the Fannin County Chairman Bill Simonds aware of your involvement with an FBI investigation?
  4. Who (name) did you talk to at the FBI?
  5. Did you give the checks in question to Russell Stookey or Mark Thomason?
  6. Did you contact the FBI first?
  7. Did Ruth Jordan tell you the numbers on the check showed the checks had been cashed?
  8. Did you tell Chairman Simonds, with Rita Kirby present, that you gave the checks to Stookey and that Ruth Jordan told you the checks had an override number on them indicating they had been cashed?
  9. Did you tell Mark Thomason the checks appeared to have been cashed?
  10. Have you ever had a conversation with Scott Kiker concerning the FBI investigation in this matter?
  11. Has Scott Kiker or Mark Thomason shared with you the name of the whistleblower?
  12. Have you signed any paperwork with the FBI?

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Fannin Focus Publisher Mark Thomason Arrested, Journalist or Vendetta?

Subpoena that Landed Journalist Mark Thomason and Attorney Russell Stookey in Jail

Ads in Fannin Focus do not show up correctly in Sheriff Candidates Campaign Financial Reports



Superior Court Judge Weaver Drops charges, Publisher Mark Thomason will not stand trial

Featured, Featured Stories, News

District Attorney B. Alison Sosebee received a request from Superior Court Judge Brenda Weaver to drop the charges against Publisher Mark Thomason and Attorney Russell Stookey.  Sosebee will not prosecute and filed a nolle pros this morning, July 7th in the Pickens County Court system and awaits a judge’s signature.  Judge Weaver cites reasons in letter below:



Fannin Focus Publisher Mark Thomason Arrested, Journalist or Vendetta?

Featured, Featured Stories, News

“If someone starts a fire, takes pictures, calls for a fire truck, follows the fire truck to the scene, asks what happened, writes the story, does that make them a journalist or an arsonist?” BKP

Lynn Doss,  Fannin County Attorney, “If (Judge) Roger Bradley was on fire I would throw a bucket of gasoline on him.”

A Pickens County Grand Jury returned true bills on Friday, June 24th and indicted Fannin Focus Publisher Mark Brannon Thomason for 1 count of Identity Fraud, 1 count of Attempt to Commit Identity Fraud, and 1 count of Making a False Statement.  Thomason’s Attorney, Russell Stookey of Hiawassee Georgia, was also indicted for 1 count of Identity Fraud and 1 count of Attempt to Commit Identity Fraud. Thomason and Stookey were released Saturday the 25th on $10,000 bond with conditions. Ashleigh Merchant from Atlanta is Thomason’s Attorney.

Immediately on Monday morning Thomason started looking for any media outlet who would listen to his story. Journalist arrested, claiming his First Amendment Rights had been violated. Repeating to anyone who would listen how he was arrested for making an open records request, requesting checks from the Appalachian Judicial District Superior Court Judge Brenda Weaver and (retired) Judge Roger Bradley claiming the checks appeared to have been cashed instead of deposited.

Thomason knew asserting his rights were violated- Freedom of the Press, Open Records Requests and possible judicial corruption would bring the media out of the woodwork in his defense. He was right. State and National Media outlets and publications have rushed to write “Journalist Jailed.”  Even Georgia First Amendment Foundation wrote “North Georgia publisher jailed in open records matter” and has offered its help to Thomason. In a comment to the Dalton Free Citizen Thomason indicated he plans to file a First Amendment lawsuit because he believes the arrest was a clear example of government “retaliating against a citizen for exercising First Amendment rights.”

Thomason is playing the “poor journalist went to jail” act really well. He made the following comment on his FaceBook page “It’s sad that we live in a world where a message is now being sent to all journalist–you do your job and you just may go to jail!”. Thomason’s quote in AJC “I was astounded, in disbelief that there were even any charges to be had,” said Thomason, 37, who grew up in Fannin County. “I take this as a punch at journalists across the nation that if we continue to do our jobs correctly, then we have to live in fear of being imprisoned.”


“Vendetta, a series of acts done by someone over a long period of time to cause harm to a disliked person or group”

As a defender of Freedom of the Press,  before everyone rushes to the defense of the Fannin Focus publisher Mark Thomason, let’s take a look at some of the inconsistencies in his story. We will identify the possibility of vendettas which Thomason and others may have against Judge Roger Bradley and Judge Brenda Weaver.

Thomason’s reason for wanting to see the Judges’ checks he claims is because he received a tip. Sources tell FYN that many of Thomason’s tips came from Fannin County Attorney Lynn Doss.

In the Dalton Free Citizen article Thomason told a reporter while the lawsuits were dismissed, and her request to have attorney’s fees paid were denied, Thomason received another tip that the court reporter’s legal expenses were paid out of public funds, viz. Judge Weaver’s court expense funds that are paid out of the Fannin County general fund budget. That’s when Thomason made the open records request for the checks.  

This statement may be inconsistent with the facts. Thomason’s claim that he wanted the checks to prove how the court reporter Rhonda Stubblefield’s legal expenses had been paid may not be valid. Why would he need this when he has the letter? Judge Brenda Weaver sent a letter on November 24, 2015 to Gilmer County Chairman Charlie Paris, Pickens County Chairman Rob Jones and Fannin County Chairman Bill Simonds. The letter explains the reasoning for approving the payment of Stubblefield’s legal expenses from Judge Bradley’s operating account. Judge Weaver asks for the Chairman to contact her if they have any opposition to the payment.  Thomason had a copy of the letter. Thomason even wrote an article in his paper concerning Weaver paying Stubblefield’s legal expenses.

Thomason has never commented about the fact that he lost the case he brought against court reporter Rhonda Stubblefield. Thomason’s claim that audio in the courtroom did not match the transcript was never proved. Thomason and his Attorney Russell Stookey put on quite the show during the court proceedings. Claiming there were several witnesses who could prove the audio and transcript had been altered. Judge Martha Christian accepted their request to depose and present witnesses. On the day of the trial when the court read the list of depositions entered into evidence several were missing.  Mary Beth Priest,  attorney for Stubblefield, questioned the missing depositions. Judge Christian asked Stookey about the depositions which were missing from the witness list. Stookey seemed surprised and, after a short recess, reported to the court that they found out that the court reporter had not been paid so she did not file the depositions in the Clerk of Courts office. Stookey told Judge Christian that they were in the process of paying the court reporter and the depositions would be filed. Although this caused a delay in the case Judge Christian accepted having the depositions filed at a later date for her to read. It appeared Judge Christian was giving Thomason and Stookey every opportunity to prove their case. In court Stookey always liked to play the F.B.I. is investigating the case and his client is being followed and is in fear for his life. Judge Christian ruled that Stubblefield filed the transcript in question properly with the clerk’s office and there was no evidence the audio had been altered.

Who was adding fuel to the fire and pushing Thomason on what to do next? I remember Lynn Doss coming into the courtroom and sitting next to Thomason. In the back of the courtroom the two of them would review paperwork and Doss would whisper into Thomason’s ear.

So was Thomason being the great investigative reporter everyone is giving him credit for or just staying focused on the agenda and vendetta. Doss had nothing to do with the case so why was she sitting in the back with Thomason during the case. Doss is the Attorney for Fannin County, Fannin County Water Authority, and Fannin County Board of Education along with her private practice. I am sure she had much more pressing issues to handle rather than to be sitting in the courtroom with Thomason whispering in his ear. Maybe a vendetta.

This was never about Rhonda Stubblefield. She was the one caught in the middle of the vendetta. Do you think Lynn Doss and Mark Thomason are just trying to do the right thing by Ray Green you know, aka  N…. Ray?

From an artical in Gawker.com

Thomason, whose dedication to this courtroom slur story is really something else, had his lawyer file paperwork in an attempt to legally compel the stenographer, whose name is Rhonda Stubblefield, to release the audio recording. She filed a counterclaim, asking Thomason for $1.6 million in damages(!) for allegedly defaming her in his story by implying that her transcripts might not be completely accurate. A judge closed Thomason’s case against Stubblefield, and Stubblefield dropped her counterclaim.


Didn’t quite happen that way. Stubblefield did not drop her $1.6 million defamation case because Judge Christian closed Thomason’s case against her. Thomason lost his case. When Thomason lost it basically confirmed that most likely Stubblefield would win the $1.6 million defamation case.  


When FYN asked Stubblefield’s Attorney Mary Beth Priest why they dropped the case she told us they could not find any value in the Fannin Focus or Thomason personally. Thomason claims to be the owner of the paper. Sources tell FYN that Thomason lives in his mother’s basement. In May the Fannin Focus was served a dispossessory notice on its office space in the amount of $16,000 for back rent.  In 2009 Ford Motor filed a Fi Fa (Writ of Fieri Facias) in the amount $18,638.73.

On January 21st of this year Tonya Nuelle filed a complaint in Fannin Magistrate court stating “I loaned Mark $3,300 on 10/04/15 he promised to pay me back in full on 10/31/15. He has paid me nothing as of to date.  Sources tell FYN there is a list of people that have loaned Thomason money who have not been repaid. Mystery surrounds the source of revenue for the Fannin Focus. Stubblefield’s attorney told FYN after the research on Thomason and the Fannin Focus her client was going to have to invest a lot of money into a court case and come out with basically a worthless piece of paper.

Thomason told the Dalton Free Citizen Dalton “ According to the rural north Georgia journalist, he simply made open records requests that made people in powerful positions angry.”


Again not a true statement. Thomason was never denied an open records request.

Thomason sent an open records request to Fannin County CFO Rita Davis Kirby for copies of checks. When Kirby sent Thomason the cost from the bank to get the checks and redact them she never heard back from Thomason. Thomason was not denied the open records. FYN has a copy of an email Pickens County CFO Faye Harvey sent Thomason concerning his request for the checks.  

From: Faye Harvey  Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2016 9:35 AM To: [email protected]

Cc: Robert Jones; Deborah Watson Subject: Open Records request

I received your request for documents regarding the Judges’ quarterly operating expense for the previous 3 years. I estimate that the retrieval and printing of the cleared checks from our bank account archives will take 3.5 hours and can be done by my assistant, whose hourly rate is $18.00.   The cost for performing this request is $58.50 for personnel time plus $2.40 for copies.  Please forward payment in the amount of $60.90 and we will begin compiling the requested information. I am attaching a copy of Pickens County’s open record request form which is on the county website pickenscountyga.gov under the “Pickens County” tab on the home page. Best regards, Faye Harvey, Finance Director Pickens County Government


Faye Harvey never received a response from Thomason. No one denied Thomason the checks through open records request. Another false statement from Thomason. If Thomason would have received the checks through open records request the account and routing numbers would have been redacted.

So how did he and his Attorney Russell Stookey get copies of the checks? Could it have been Lynn Doss? Did Lynn Doss misuse her position as County Attorney to get the checks and then give them to Thomason and Stookey with the account numbers still on the checks? Maybe the District Attorney missed one indictment in this story?

Why did Thomason think the checks had been cashed instead of deposited? What would lead him to believe the numbers on the check indicated they had been cashed. How did he know what was on the checks? Would he once again be following the lead of Lynn Doss. We understand Doss told people a local Bank Executive Manager said the numbers on the checks indicated an override and the checks had been cashed. Wonder if Thomason heard this from Doss? We understand the Bank Executive denies telling anyone what the numbers indicated. The Bank Executive is on the witness list which District Attorney B. Allison presented to the Grand Jury.

Pickens County CFO Faye Harvey, Gilmer County CFO Sandi Holden, and Fannin County CFO Rita Davis Kirby released a statement stating they had reviewed the front and back of each check and all checks appear to have been endorsed properly (Deposit Only) and deposited into the proper accounts. The Statements are posted at the bottom of this article.

There is a difference between a motion for evidence using a subpoena and an open records request. So if the case is closed, Stubblefield has dropped her case and you know for a fact that Stubblefield’s legal expenses have been paid out of Judge Bradley’s operating account why push so hard for checks? To prove what?

Maybe Lynn Doss? Doss’s husband resigned as a Superior Court Judge as the JQC was preparing to recommend formal charges for Harry Doss in 2009.

“Judge under state investigation resigns

By TOM CRAWFORD | Published: NOVEMBER 9, 2009

Judge Oliver Harris “Harry” Doss Jr. of Blue Ridge, who was facing the possibility of a trial before the Judicial Qualifications Commission on charges concerning his behavior in courtroom proceedings, has resigned his Superior Court judgeship effective Dec. 5.In his resignation letter to Gov. Sonny Perdue, Doss said he was told that the JQC, using “newly discovered information,” was going to file formal charges against him. Those charges could be avoided, Doss said, if he resigned from the bench by Nov. 7; his letter of resignation is dated Nov. 6.”

Lynn Doss made the remark to FYN in the past that she thought Brenda Weaver and Roger Bradley were involved in her husband’s JQC investigation that eventually lead to her husband’s resignation.

Lynn Doss has such a dislike for Roger Bradley she didn’t even want to have Bradley preside over one of her cases. When Scott Kiker became Probate Judge Chief Judge Brenda Weaver entered a recusal order for all Judges in the district to not preside over Kiker’s cases. Knowing this Doss went as far as to have Fannin County Probate Judge Scott Kiker enter an appearance on one of her cases to force Bradley to recuse himself and have the case assigned to a visiting Judge. Lynn Doss and Scott Kiker are co-counsel on several cases and her husband Harry Doss is the Fannin County Probate Court Public Defender where Kiker is the Judge. Interesting.

Vendetta? Maybe.  Rogers gone, now Brenda? Maybe Kiker wanted one of the open Superior Court seats? He interviewed for the seat with Governor Deal. There is much more to this part of the story we don’t have time for today. Oh, by the way, Mark Thomason is Scott Kiker’s cousin. Just say’in.

Questions surround Thomason’s bond conditions. First let’s look at the drug testing. Thomason is no stranger to court ordered drug testing. Just check court records. In Thomason’s divorce, which Judge Bradley presided over in 2011, in Thomason’s ex-wife’s petition for full custody of the two minor children, she made a statement to the court that while the children were in Thomason’s custody he used illegal drugs. Judge Bradley awarded full custody of the two minor children to his ex-wife and gave Thomason supervised visitation. Court records show that Thomason has been in contempt of the order several times for back child support. Judge Bradley even ordered Thomason arrested in the past for his neglect to pay his child support. Maybe some reasons for a vendetta against the judge? Just this May, Division of Child Support Services issued a Complaint for Contempt against Thomason for back child support in the amount $2,004.00. Sources tell FYN Harry Doss may be his attorney in this matter.

On June 5th 2012 Fannin Magistrate Court issued a warrant for Thomason’s arrest for theft by taking. Jeffery Meeks claimed Thomason took $350, a checkbook, a birth certificate, a social security card and other miscellaneous papers from his car. Thomason was released on a $1,000 bond.

Thomason says one of his bond conditions is he can not be within 200 yard of the witness the District Attorney plans to call in the case. Some of the witnesses include Lynn Doss, Rita Davis Kirby, Ruth Jordan, Scott Kiker, Bill Simonds, Robert Jones, Melissa Queen, Dana Chastain, and Carol Caywood (Stearns Bank). There are several more.

So Mark Thomason and his Attorney Russell Stookey want you to believe that District Attorney B. Alison Sosebee presented this to a grand jury made up of sixteen Pickens County Citizens who don’t even know who they are but returned a true bill indicting Thomason on three counts and Stookey on two counts because Thomason angered some powerful people with a open records request. I can’t wait to watch this play out, maybe more indictments to come.  Journalist jailed or Vendetta?

Appalachian Judicial Circuit District Attorney Alison Sosebee told the AP on Friday that the false statement “has nothing to do with an attempt of Mr. Thomason to access records utilizing the Open Records Act.”

She said the charge “specifically relates to the statement that he included within his request.” Sosebee said she couldn’t elaborate on the charges since the case is open but that the charges related to Thomason and Stookey’s use of the subpoena were “based on a totality of the circumstances.”

One should question why the online news network who wrote “Video Journalist Forcefully Removed From Republican Meeting!” and was a guest of Nydia Tisdale’s at this past years Georgia First Amendment Foundation Banquet has not written a story in defense of Thomason? Because there is much more to the story that Thomason is sharing with all who will listen.

The way Thomason’s publication, the Fannin Focus,  reads one may get the idea they have an agenda. An article in the AJC by Rhonda Cook stated Judge Brenda Weaver said others in the community were using Thomason to get her. “It’s clear this is a personal vendetta against me,” she said. “I don’t know how else to explain that.”

The vendetta against Judge Weaver and Bradley go way back for Lynn Doss and Mark Thomason. Both for different reasons. When Bradley used the racial slur in the courtroom, “N” Ray, Doss was quick to let everyone who would listen know what the Judge said. She called FYN to tell us what happened. You could hear the excitement in her voice as she explained what Bradley said in the courtroom. She exclaimed this is big. I don’t see how Bradley will survive this one. FYN told Doss we would start gathering the facts so that we could write the story. In a Dalton Citizen article by Jim Zachary, Thomason said Back in early 2015 he had gotten wind of another local judge using racial slurs in open court. That wind was Lynn Doss. FYN received the same wind from Lynn Doss. When Doss contacted FYN about the story she let us know Mark Thomason was already on the story.

Doss called FYN the following day to inquire about when we would be writing a story concerning what Bradley said in the courtroom. I told Doss that at this time I could not verify  what took place in the courtroom and did not know who said what. Accusations were being made about several people and I needed more information before I could write anything. Her tone noticeably changed and she became angry. That is when she told me,  “If Roger Bradley was on fire I would throw a bucket of gasoline on him.”

This comment made me realize she was more interested in me being a part of her vendetta against Bradley than FYN writing an accurate story for our readers. It was clear that this was much more to her and Thomason than a racial slur.

Wonder if Fannin County Attorney Lynn Doss will ever have to explain that comment and just how far she would take her vendetta against both Superior Court Judges Roger Bradley and Brenda Weaver. We may soon find out.

Allen Duray Green AKA Ray Green AKA N….Ray. I met Ray Green approximately 13 years ago in Union County on a construction job site. I was waiting to meet Ray concerning some building materials he wanted to purchase. When Ray showed up he got out of his truck and introduced himself to me as N…. Ray. I said Mr. Green, he stopped me and said everyone calls me N…. Ray. I am the N…. of Union County.  So when Ray Green says with tears in his eyes that he is so hurt because he has never been N…. Ray, he is Ray Green. That is a lie. Click here to watch my video interview with Ray Green. When Thomason sued Rhonda Stubblefield over the court audio one of his witnesses, Walter Liete, in his deposition under oath admitted to  how Ray Green referred to himself. N…. Ray. Wonder if Thomason knows this?

Judge Bradley was hearing a bond revocation motion for Robert Vivian AKA Robo the day the racial slur was used in the courtroom. The District Attorney’s office was asking for Vivian’s bond to be revoked based on accusations that Vivian was threatening witnesses in his case. Ray Green was in the courtroom as a witness for Vivian. Vivian and Green were business partners in construction. The transcript showed that the Assistant District Attorney Martin referred to Ray Green using his street name N…. Ray. That lead to Judge Bradley to ask if N…. Ray was relation to a Fannin County man back in the 70’s who everyone referred to N…. Bob. The Judge said in the transcript he was not saying that disparagingly. Everyone knew Bob referred to himself as N…. Bob. FYN knows this to be true on both accounts, Ray and Bob. Click to read court transcript.


A couple of months after Vivian’s Bond revocation hearing where the racial slur was said Vivian pled guilty in front of Judge Amanda Mercier in a Gilmer County Courtroom. FYN was present. Vivian was sentenced for one count of arson, one count of burglary, and one count of theft by taking. Sentenced to 30 years and to serve 9 years with the balance to be served on probation. Robert Vivian and Ray Green with the help of Mark Thomason did everything they could to use the “N” word to muddy the waters in Vivian’s case.

You see I could write much more I was there and can tell the story in detail.


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