A Wild Wind Blows Bitter Weeds


Opinion by George McClellan:

In light of Donald Trump’s decisive win in Indiana and Ted Cruz’s inevitable decision to abandon the chase, it only remains for the remnants of the GOP, if they wish to remain a political party of any significance, to rally around Trumps flag and ride the wild wind wherever it may blow them. It is time for the GOP to reap the bitter weed for the failure over the past twenty years to pursue conservative politics. Conservatism is not dead, it was simply allowed to rot away in the hands of political grifters bent on their own enrichment and power.

As for John Kasich, organize a search party to find his remains and bury him somewhere in a lonely boot hill for obstructive politicians where he should remain lost but not entirely forgotten, a pitiful example of ego driven self-delusion even in the face of weekly rejection. Such should be the price to be paid for his unsustainable beliefs in his own exceptionalism. When the numbers don’t add up, either find a new accountant or find a new job. But, he’s like a bad penny.

John Kasich is a numbers cruncher and he’s very good at it apparently. If he is not actually buried in a boot hill, then resurrect him and make him Secretary of the Treasury or director of the IRS. That’s where a number cruncher of his calibre could best serve. As a final comment on brother Kasich, I note the press continuously referred hm as the third place contestant even though he had less than 200 delegates on his score card. Actually, Kasich was forth place because little Marco still has more delegates and he dropped out weeks ago. Just saying!

Ted Cruz is a remarkably engineered human being, totally dedicated to the American philosophy, its constitutional values and its God given promise for a nation unique in the annals of history. Even though he comes to us as a Canadian born Cuban with an American mother (making him quite eligible of course), he is possessed of high intelligence, vast communication, debating and speaking skills, accompanied by a thick resume of constitutional, and legal accomplishment making him the most suitable replacement for Antonin Scalia or, for any job in government to which he may aspire, even President someday. But mostly, the Supreme Court beckons as his calling, a venue where he is no stranger and is far more qualified than Kagen or Sotomayor.

So, the hoopla of this nomination circus is about over. It only remains to stage the big show in Cleveland and be done with it. A few more states still have their primaries of course, and breathless media commentators will expound for awhile on VP choices and saving the GOP, but at the moment there remains still, only one presumptive candidate.

We must now turn our attention to the lesser elections, those of the US Senate, House, and local jobs to be filled, hopefully, by conservatives. In 2014, we gave the Senate to the Republicans. They immediately enshrined a nincompoop as their leader based, not upon quality, fight, determination or drive, but seniority. In these perilous times, that a deliberative body would free themselves from the demands of logic and cling to outdated and archaic modes of determining a leader, simply defies reason.

It remains for us, the conservatives out here, to separate the wheat from the chaff, to commence the painful job of removing failed politicians and replace them with real conservative warrior-politicians who are of the caliber of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Tom Cotton. We the people must now take charge of the selection process because it is the American people who elevated Trump, not the party. They just didn’t get it. It’s a bitter weed they must now swallow. Remember, freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (5 May 2016)

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