In My Opinion…


Opinion written by  Jennifer Bassett:

In my opinion, I think we should all send Putin a fruit basket, flowers or a gift certificate to his favorite day spa for his alleged email hacking instead of sanctions. I personally don’t believe it was the Russians doing it. I think it was an insider who gained a conscience. Whoever it was, we all owe them a big thank you for exposing and proving all the wrong doing we thought was going on behind our backs.

The democrats have no-one to blame for their loss other than their poor choice of a candidate, all the backstabbing and the alleged illegal activities going on in their own backyard. Being out of touch with what the average middle class American has been experiencing the last eight years also added to their demise.

Trump even before being sworn in has made such great progress with the major corporations with keeping jobs and production here. The stock market is stronger and the majority of our population is more optimistic than it has been in quiet awhile.

I myself have personally gained a lot already. I’ve gained tons of free time from boycotting all the stars and musicians who have chosen not to support our nation’s choice of Donald Trump. I’ve also financially gained from boycotting the movies, CDs, and the companies who sponsor the TV shows, movies, etc. of the celebrities who think we are subhumans for supporting him. If they stopped to think about it , it’s us subhumans who make them who they are. It’s our hard earned money that pays for their limos and diamonds. If we don’t support their venues then they are lowered to mere commoners. If our economy is stronger, we (who line their pockets) have more money to attend movies, plays and buy concert tickets.

So… my humble opinion the stars need to sit down, shut up the whining and enjoy the next four years (hopefully eight) of America’s rise to greatness again. Or if they choose, they can keep acting like spoiled cry babies and we as hard working average Americans can support and make the non-whining patriotic stars shine with fatter pockets.

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