Short Takes – The Slow Walk to Certain Death


Withholding evidence from the hand that feeds ‘em can be dangerous. At what point did Federal bureaucracies become unaccountable fiefdoms of their own, picking and choosing who they will share the results of their work with? The desperate efforts to insulate the FBI and Justice Department from congressional accountability are illustrative of pure corruption.

Why are people under the impression that bringing down President Trump, who they don’t like, is more vital to this nation then defending its borders, its citizens and its Constitution, and trying to hide the attempt? Feelings should never override the Constitution. If Democrats can neutralized the Constitution, which they have been trying to do for decades, the only thing left is anarchy, the slow walk to certain death.

It might be a surprise to some, especially in the DoJ and FBI leadership, that the Department of Justice is not an “independent” entity, but works under the pleasure and sufferance of the President of the United States. One may presume that employees of said DOJ might be expected to have some basic understanding of the rule of law, especially the Constitution, which they have so often abused in pursuit of their “justice” in the name of fairness. They are losing these battles in the federal courts, those not yet subdued by political correctness and the feel good policies of diversity and multiculturalism. Basically, it should be noted for his edification that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein doe not work for the leftist media. He in fact works for President Trump. If he doesn’t like it, his remedy is to resign.

We recently went through this charade once before. The Democrats claimed that releasing the findings of Rep. Nunes Congressional Committee Memo on FBI abuses would be a reckless attack on national security. That silly notion proved untrue. Exactly the same affect occurred with the release of James Comey’s memos that ended up providing more context to the endless leaks that has consumed news coverage since Trumps election. Poor losers!

Now they have created a ‘Torquemada’ in the guise of special counsel Robert Mueller and deem it necessary to protect him by a special rule of Congress. The Left believes it’s absolutely necessary to pass a law insulating the special counsel from firing, creating a super-prosecutor with absolute autonomy to investigate anything. That’s an assault on the separation of powers, i.e.: the US Constitution, and would be a slow walk to certain death.

I would have agreed that firing Mueller would have had major political ramifications, but after Federal Judge T.S. Ellis’s ruling and public comment, I’m not so certain. Torquemada thought he had the squeeze on Manafort but, Judge Ellis shot it down. The Democrats long hoped for impeachment of Donald Trump just went south with the rest of Mueller’s investigation. To carry on will be an exercise in futility and a slow walk to a certain death. To make it work the Democrats need proof and so far they have none and the American people, while Trump scores major political and foreign policy victories, are growing very weary of the Democrats assault.

Democrats seek means of impeachment without any proof of criminality. Considering Muller’s questions for Trump, a fishing expedition unrelated with collusion, is probably a last ditch effort to find something actionable. It’s folly to try to contain the inevitable.The cat’s out of the bag and the whole world knows that corruption has suborned the once proud guaranteers of our civil liberties, the FBI and the DoJ. Mr. Rosenstein, turn over the requested documents to Congress who are your Constitutional masters and let’s get on with Making America Great Again.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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