The Politics of Dysfunctional Envy


Let’s face it, the Lefts anguished squalls of “White Supremacy” are just that, anguished squalls, like that legendary “storm in a tea cup” Shakespeare told us about, “full of sound and fury all signifying nothing.” Except for the several attacks by immigrant Muslims who have murdered Americans in the past two decades, and a few disaffected black males, all the other major mass shooting offenders, but one, have been young while males, products of Liberal or Progressive home and school backgrounds. The one exception was the El Paso Walmart shooter.

We must recognize the Democrats screed for exactly what it is, complete nonsense mouthed by media and the unlearned young products of Americas socialist education systems who gather together as mobs in front of homes of politicians they do not like, wishing the worst atrocities, upon them, including death. Deep in their Id, they know they are losers, envious of success. They can’t define it but they know it when they see it. White supremacy, has become a substitute for the word “racist,” a term that has lost its sting by overuse among people who know the issues and understand the politics of dysfunctional envy.

Whenever a Democrat politician who hates Trump sneeringly calls the President a “white supremacist” who hates, this, that, and the other person, place or thing, they are calling you and me white supremacists and haters as well. I’m growing so weary of constantly waiting to defend myself from some socialist geared nimrod whose historical concepts match those of a monkey who has only recently learned to peel bananas with its hands. And, anyway, so far I’ve not really seen anything culturally I would want to replace what the white races have brought here that has made America great.

As the dysfunctional personalities of envy they have become, the Democrats are the best teachers. They must be because they’re not doing any legislating; their whole focus directed to thwarting President Trumps administration. It’s the old Them vs Us theme, their goal: to demonize the white race, make us the villains so we can be hated.

The ‘white privilege, white supremacy” attacks are not only about race envy but constitute a denial of the culture of success. Their screeds by the new class of political wannabe’s (i.e.: the AOC’s), from cultures other that Caucasian Europeans, have been taught to believe that it’s okay to be mediocre in life because government will take care of them, and surely, haven’t they had enough of the social and economic philosophies of old dead white Europeans? Perhaps, they are told, wouldn’t it be better if America, meaning the whites, could survive under the new dynamic cultures of goat herds, throat slitters and wife beaters?

Having said all that, I must hasten to add that there are indeed whole groups of real white supremacists within our midst, still clinging to the political philosophy of Mein Kampf. They are truly evil, low class, culturally deprived moron’s who deserve the approbation they get as true neo-Nazi haters. The same applies to the KKK and Antifa, that Portland, Oregon group of hooded and masked fascists who violently confront people on the street. Now, we also seeing imitator groups, emulating the Portland crowd, showing up at other functions.

Why am I now sounding an alarm of caution? Because the Left, is becoming unglued; the minions who have been trained in our Socialist educational system are becoming impatient, and we’re just standing by watching it happen. We do not need to be afraid to take a stand against hatred and we don’t need the Left to define who we are. “We cannot let them win.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Islam, the Religion of Subjugation


Islam, the Religion of Subjugation

A sole Englishman, in frustration, finally struck a blow at the theft of his country by the Islamic usurpation of its laws and the theft of its culture by using the simplest of Jihadists attack weapons, a vehicle. He mowed down Islamic worshipers exiting a London Mosque.

It is a disgusting outrage to our western thinking to do things like that, but we knew it was coming because the Islamic outrages now regularly occurring in Great Britain, and justified by the British government, have about reached the saturation point where Britain’s, in their frustration, are saying “ they can’t take it any more,” and feel the desperate need to strike back.

I fail to understand what motivates our western leaders, nearly all of them as a matter of fact, to want to prostrate themselves, us, our culture and our Christianity as well, at the feet of 7th century savages trying to convert the entire world, by subjugation if necessary, to submit to Islam. Defined, Islam means: ”Submission.” There are no moderate Muslims. To be a muslim means one submits to the teachings of Allah. Adherents cannot pick and choose what chapter and verse of the Koran they wish to obey, they must obey them all or simply ignore them until called upon, but obey they must. “It is written.”

Since the 1960’s, or earlier even, American political leaders, Trump excepted, have purposely lied to us either through their own ignorance about Islam and what it demands, or on purpose as an item of the Progressive agenda that demands we accept Islam to be a religion of Peace when we instinctively know, by its own practices and propaganda, that it is not.

Before President Jimmy Carter’s diplomatic fiasco in Iran overthrowing the Shah, Islam was practically a nothing religion practiced by desert dwellers who bought, sold, and rode camels as a vocation. They were unreliable warriors, incompetent statesman and practitioners of strange habits foreign to Western thinking. We gave it little concern then and now, suddenly, we are engulfed by it while our own leaders demand we kowtow to islam in every way lest they should be offend.

In 1952, US Senator Pat McCarran (D-Nev.), saw the dangers of unrestricted immigration and framed his concern with the following speech delivered on the Senate floor on March 2, 1953:

“I believe that this nation is the last hope of Western civilization and if this oasis of the world shall be overrun, perverted, contaminated or destroyed, then the last flickering light of humanity will be extinguished. I take no issue with those who would praise the contributions which have been made to our society by people of many races, of varied creeds and colors. … However, we have in the United States today hard-core, indigestible blocs which have not become integrated into the American way of life, but which, on the contrary are its deadly enemies. Today, as never before, untold millions are storming our gates for admission and those gates are cracking under the strain. The solution of the problems of Europe and Asia will not come through a transplanting of those problems en masse to the United States. … I do not intend to become prophetic, but if the enemies of this legislation succeed in riddling it to pieces, or in amending it beyond recognition, they will have contributed more to promote this nation's downfall than any other group since we achieved our independence as a nation.”

He was speaking about the Immigration and Nationality Act, of 27 June 1952, vetoed by President Truman but overridden by the Senate to become US law. Particular to Public Law 414, as it is known, is this provision in Chapter 2, Section 212 : “the prohibition of entry to the United States if an alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” That specifically means the Koran (Qur’an) and Sharia Law. In short, Islam! That law is still on the books, supposedly.

Any American citizen who runs for public office as a Muslim, either by conversion or birth and demands to take their oath on the Koran, is lying to their constituents and should be disqualified to hold elected public office. Any American Jurists who’s oath is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and permits the introduction of all or any part of Islamic Shariah law, is a traitor to the Constitution who should immediately be removed from the bench.

The Koran itself, expressly forbids any muslim to swear fealty to any entity other than Allah unless that declaration is within the permitted lies that can be told to unbelievers to hastened their subjugation. Allah is perfect and therefore, his words are perfection. How possibly can unclean infidels (that’s us) improve Allah’s perfection? That is the driving force of their hatred of the west. They picture westerners as decadent, valueless and unclean, meaning we have abandoned religion. So, they have a religion for us and they’ll beat it into us so long as our politicians let ‘em.

Once this fascists Islamic philosophy gains hegemony within the body of any non-Islamic government (more of them than us), the impact will suddenly become immediate and adverse. They will demand adherence to Islam not only by advocates, but by all infidels within their reach who don’t submit, as well. Disobey and the penalty is gruesome. Everybody obeys or pays. Simple as that!

We must learn, and be cautious enough, to protect ourselves short of paranoia. Islam survives by violence and subjugation and is inherently demanding of obedience and submission to Allah, the Koran, Shariah law and to the other tomes of Islamic jurisprudence.

Our protections now lay in pushing back, vocally and noisily at all politicians who attempt to assuage our fears by minimizing the dangers Islam actually poses to us. Our country will not survive if we fail to recognize the real dangers lurking at our doorstep and take action through Public Law 414, to surround and neutralize them and ultimately, remove them.

Political correctness is a deadly disease that infects common sense. One lone Englishman, in desperation, finally had all he could take. That’s not the way to do it, but he opened the door and, I fear soon other Englishmen will walk through. Some may be losing their fear of their weak government that protects Islam but not the victims of Islam in their own country.

Islam to western societies is like a cancer that spreads through trickery or subjugation. It is that dangerous, that it must be eradicated. There is no place for Islamic dogma in western culture. Politicians who try force our acceptance of it, and deny our self-defense initiatives as self- defense protections against it, is to destroyed America. Islam is unnatural to the West and its presence will cause decades of conflict, Balkanize our country into warring segments that will never find common ground, unity or peace.

That’s the ultimate cost to liberty, freedom and independence by voting in Progressives as our leaders.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

The Barbarians Are Coming


The Barbarians Are Coming

The panic from Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, was a call for help reporting that Islamic Immigrants have armed and by default, seized great parts of many of Sweden’s cites and towns creating absolute “no go” areas, total enclaves of Shariah Law, where crime and instability is pushing Swedish law enforcement to the point of collapse. The next step, he said, was to call in the military. Swedish progressives, in line with Germany’s Angela Merkel, have willfully imported Islam into their midst where it has metastasized and is growing like a cancer and now, Sweden may stand at the brink of civil war.

The onslaught of muslim immigrants welcomed into Europe by the European Union, do not want to assimilate as Europeans. The very fact they are Muslims, followers of Allah and his prophet Mohammad, shows they are only interested in importing their life style, their culture and Islam.

They see Western culture as decadent, its citizens as infidel apostates to the faith, who will either convert of die. That is the flash point Sweden is now facing. Will the Swedish people continue to listen to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels tell them that Islam is a religion of peace, and to get over it? Will Americans fall into the same rhetoric trap? Upheaval is now everywhere.

In our own hemisphere Venezuela has been reduced to poverty, starvation and street warfare. Cuba, the other socialist utopia in our hemisphere, having already arrived at poverty and starvation long ago, just waits to die. And, here in America, the Progressive Democrat party is urging their minions to “resist,” and go out and “hunt Republicans” as one has already done.

Have we Americans lost the stomach to defend ourselves against the on rushing tide of barbaric Islam? Is there some valid reason we must accept their values over ours, simply because they will be offended if we don’t? It’s happening everywhere, we see a disintegrating Europe on television and yet we hesitate to stand up and say enough of this Islamic BS. It’s time to round them up and send them all back because they’re not wanted here.

Is our Christianity even worth the effort to preserve it? Absolutely! Can our Christianity protect us? Probably not! Do we even believe we need a moral code to guide us anymore? Progressives have all but convinced us to toss it away. Porn, LBGT’s, and gay marriages is evidence enough it’s probably already long gone. But, many still struggle on keeping the faith.

Decades of Progressives diversity nonsense and political correctness has dampened our will, polluted our cognitive thinking and criminalized the common sense needed to protect ourselves. Even Bishops of the Catholic Church, smarting no doubt from the still lingering effects of decades of unrestrained pedophilia, now can’t seem to move fast enough to welcome Islam into our midsts, accommodate their every want and encourage their parishioners to do so as well. What the hell is going on here? They once lead the charge against Islam. Have they abandoned the message of Christ?

If Islam doesn’t overwhelm us militarily, they’ll do it stealthily by out producing us in children, while we merrily go about murdering our own future in the womb and glorify the nature of LGBT’s who don’t/won’t reproduce anyway. That lack of reproduction, and therefore workers to contribute to the social security rolls, has been the excuse politicians needed to overwhelm us with the foreign workers, even odious ones. The welfare rolls must be maintained. Robots don’t pay welfare. Keep your eyes on Sweden. The answer lies there. That could be our fate. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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Short Takes – Here Comes John Kasich Again


Here Comes John Kasich Again

America is caught in a tsunami of sad news, depending on one’s point of view.  Mueller hasn’t found dirt on Trump; NFL players openly disrespects the American flag and National anthem; a shooter in Las Vegas kills 58 people; The Hillary campaign and the DNC were responsible for the phony “dossier” against Trump; another Muslim murders eight with a truck in NYC & etc..

But, we still have internal problems that, if not countered could make the next few years a mirror image of the past eight. I have pointed out in previous articles that Ohio Governor John Kasich has a deep yearning that “he needs to be President,” an obsession almost as bad as Hillary’s. The Governor said: “he would represent a different viewpoint, insisting he wants to restore “basic principles of caring, of love, of compassion, of connectedness.”  Well, we just got rid of those dysfunctional viewpoints, didn’t we? Ya just can’t keep a good man down, can you?

What he means is that his ‘different viewpoint’ isn’t the one that the impostor Donald Trump, embraces. Kasich clearly believes the polls that shows Trump’s popularity at a low 30% so Trump must be universally hated, not only by the “establishment” but by the citizens who voted for him. That borders on dementia just like Hillary’s. If you believe Trump’s popularity lies at 30%, you should give up reading tea leaves for a living.

Kasich’s ‘different viewpoint’ is the same “compassionate conservatism” BS that George W. Bush championed. It was such an un-conservative point of view that it left the conservative electorate wondering exactly who we were and, it opened the door to the Democrats. We were also suddenly attacked by the dark forces of Islam. It was the 9/11 murders. We were off guard.

Kasich also said “there has to be a fundamental change, in my opinion, with all of us. I’m willing to be part of that (as President). I want my voice to be out there. I want it very, very much.”  Fundamental change? Isn’t that exactly what Barack Obama sold enough of us on that he got himself elected twice despite revealing himself as a complete and ultimately incompetent liar, cheat and hypocrite? John Kasich now enters the ranks as a new Progressive.

Since Trumps November 2016 election victory, 4th place runner up John Kasich still pursues a campaign for Trumps job, as a #Never Trump” darling of the “Establishment.” He insists that Trump was really not who the American people wanted but that Trump was a usurper of the Republican party platform substituting his own “Make America Great Again” plan while ignoring the Party’s principles and advice.  

But, Trump is President, and indeed, has started draining the swamp, including republicans. My only observation about that is that Trump never realized just how deep the swamp really was, and despite all the caterwauling from the “elites” including John Kasich, Trump has revealed that the swamp creatures individually are unidentifiable as anything other than corrupted politicians, no matter their party affiliation. Party affiliation only counts at election time. After the election, let the looting continue!

John Kasich reveals himself. Essential to his desire to “restore basic principles of caring, of love, of compassion, of connectedness” is his determination to cling to bipartisanship,with Democrats, to do Americans work. I don’t believe Kasich really knows or understands the enemy he wants to embrace with his “hands across the aisle” nonsense unless he’s one of them. One need only look no further than John McCain, to see and understand the failure of that idea.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (03Nov2017)

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