Short Takes – The Roy Moore Affair


I take no side on Roy Moore except to recognize an organized plot to disenfranchise Alabama voters by the Elite DC Swamp dwellers. Whatever happens to Roy Moore is the concern of the voters of Alabama alone, not Mitch McConnell. If he wins he must be seated. Senate rules or not, it is not the ”Elite” establishments role to kill the Senatorial choice of the voters of Alabama simply because Roy Moore is an ultra conservative and not one of them.

The array of females accusing Moore of predatory sexual offenses in years gone by, standing alongside ultra feminist lawyer Gloria Alred, is proof enough that the whole tawdry thing is another orchestrated coup attempt against Trumps administration in favor of maintaining the status quo of the DC  swamp dwellers. It’s a full court press against our Constitution too.  

Sean Hannity, fearing that his earlier interview of Roy Moore tended to exculpate the Judge, in light of the phony school yearbook business shows him in a bad light, has demanded that Judge Moore clarify his position, immediately, in view of the damming new information of the old signature in the yearbook trick. Just who the hell is Hannity to demand such a thing?

I still have my high school senior yearbook from 1957. It is filled with pro forma signatures of fellow students, of both sexes, wishing me good luck in the future and all that stuff. And I did the same. Looking at some of these names today, I don’t remember many of the people who signed my book except those with whom I grew up with from elementary, through Junior High to High school. For the others, from other school systems, I cannot even now, know what our relationship was or why they were interested in my future. But, their names are there.

Roy Moore matriculated through Alabama politics, as a Christian and a Democrat all the way to Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court without ever being accused of anything but being a Christian. He stayed there until the evil forces of Marxism contested his decision to maintain the “Opiate of the Working Class”, a visual stone monument of the Ten Commandments, on State property. The anti-Christ’s went berserk, forcing an unelected board of Christian haters to remove the judge from his chair. Could they actually do that without a criminal charge?

The people of Alabama elected Moore to the Alabama Supreme Court, not an unelected board of weaklings bowing to the grinding forces that demand the separation of Church and State, to remove him. Now, Roy Moore, as the Republican candidate for Alabama’s junior Senator, a true believer in the Constitution as it was intended to be applied, not as the Left want’s us to believe it should be applied, is the target of a scurrilous attack against his character and his Christianity.

As a career criminal investigator, I still haven’t heard that any of those women, not one who have stepped forward to demean judge Moore, have been deposed under oath. To the Left, it makes no difference though because the alleged crimes, long past their shelf life, still sells so the charges just hang out there as truths. I don’t believe it for one minute.

It is unfortunate for Judge Moore at the moment, that Left wing Democrat men, DC and Hollywood types alike, are being sucked into the vortex of sexual crimes against women, with evidence, just at the time the establishment politicians are trying to defend their swamp from Conservatives like Roy Moore. What a splendid opportunity for the left to add the Judge in there, which is exactly what they are doing. Lumping Moore into the class of perverts like the Democrats are riddled with, is disgusting. Think of Bill Clinton, Al Franken and Robert Menendez. It’s the dirty politics we’ve been expecting and being ratcheted up to full volume.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (16Nov17)


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