What We Don’t See


Opinion by George McClellan

Does anyone not remember that all but one of the Islamic terrorists involved in the attack on America on 9/11 were Saudi’s? One must ask why does our media downplay anything involving the Saudi’s? Americans who have recognized the problem and sounded the alarm, have been attacked as being Islamaphobic, racist and out of touch with reality. Well,Chattanooga, Ft. Hood,, San Bernardino, Paris and Brussels, among other western targets of Islamic assault, should have put Americans back in touch with reality. Come on Folks, can’t we see that?

Here’s another reality that’s being ignored: Many of American’s politicians have been corrupted by Saudi money. Hillary Clinton immediately comes to mind with her Clinton Crime Foundation receiving gigantic donations from Saudi Arabia (among others) and, our second biggest idiot in the Senate, John McCain, has also been tainted by Saudi’s largess.

Senator John McCain received a $1 million donation from Saudi Arabia in 2014. McCain holds a honorary role with the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University, and its fundraising arm, the McCain Institute Foundation. McCain has even appeared at fundraising events for the institute and his Senate campaign’s fundraiser campaign as is revealed in the foundations tax returns. McCain is shown as the contact person for the foundation. That’s the power only a corrupt politician can wield even when federal law strictly prohibits foreign contributions to electoral campaigns. Here’s the corrupt part: the foreign donation restrictions do not apply to nonprofits engaged in policy studies, even those connected to sitting lawmakers. We don’t see that, do we?

At this point we must look at Saudi motives for purchasing so much political influence in western countries, especially America. Another word for influence buying is “bribery”. Bribery is the sacred Sunna of Mohammed who commonly bribed foreign delegations to seek intelligence from them and to make them betray their countries to his jihad against them. So, every thing they do goes back to the demands of Islam. There, in a nut shell, is the motives of Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed’s last words were his ‘three last orders’ one of which was, ..”give gifts to the foreign delegations as you have seen me dealing with them.” Then Mohammed ordered them to do other things. He said, “Turn the pagans out of the ‘Arabian Peninsula; respect and give gifts to the foreign delegations as you have seen me dealing with them.”

The Saudi corruption runs deep. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of our ‘career’ politicians do not receive money from Saudi Arabia and other oil producing Arabic nations. Clearly, the same is true for our media. It’s no wonder our media outlets say little against Islamic terrorism, warning Instead of the fear of a backlash against Muslims. Why? Hasn’t happened yet!

Also, ex-ambassadors to these countries have been awarded plush jobs at middle-east study Institutes sponsored by Saudi Arabia. Can you imagine that they would speak ill against Islam? Not only are Muslims buying political influence in Western governments, they have extend their financial influence to our universities, our think-tanks and our clueless Western leaders. The Pentagon, is delivering tons of modern weaponry to the very barbaric and genocidal islamic jihadists that are mass-murdering and butchering each other throughout the middle-east. Why?

I read a short line on a news blog that sums up our dangers: “Skulduggery is the essence of Islam and Islam has the ethics of the mob”. Remember freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (01 April 2016)

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