North Georgia Senior Living by Cameron Hall: Mattie’s Call

FYNTV, Lifestyle

Jessi Barton from Cameron Hall joins Guest Host Rick to discuss about Mattie’s Call.

Pet of the Week! Featuring Sienna

FYNTV, Lifestyle
pet of the week

Sienna is the star of the show this week! Come by the Humane Society of Blue Ridge to meet her and other wonderful cats and dogs that you can adopt!

Ask the Doc! Chemo Recovery and the Flu shot Conspiracy

FYNTV, Health
ask the doc

Ask the Doc returns as Dr. William Whaley discusses with Guest host Rick about Chemo treatment recovery and the flu shot conspiracies.

That’s No Lady . . .Asian Beetles Mistaken for Ladybugs

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The multicolored Asian lady beetle (Harmonia axyridis) is native to Asia; but odds are you may have a group living in your home. Although sometimes mistaken for a ladybug, this insect has a wider range of colors and spot numbers than other ladybug species. Over the years, federal, state and private entomologists released the insect at a number of locations in an effort to naturally control certain insect pests. Their natural control of aphids in pecan orchards and some ornamental plants has decreased insecticide use against those pests. But their booming population makes these lady beetles unwelcome guests for many homeowners. (more…)

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