Ask The Doc: Long Term Effects of Surviving Cancer

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This week, Dr. Whaley and Dr. Raymond Tidman discuss some questions sent in by viewers. They touch on the long term effects of Cancer and some possible complications of surviving cancer. They also discuss how to know when you’re cured of cancer. Is there anyway to prevent future complications for cancer survivors? The doctors also discuss the current numbers of cancer survivors compared to in the past.


Ask The Doc! Polycythemia and Follicular Lymphoma Scans

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This morning, on Ask The Doc, Dr. William Whaley and Dr. Raymond Tidman discuss Polycythemia. How is it diagnosed? What are the courses of treatment? How Effective is the Jak Pill? They also address a viewer question regarding wanting another scan for their mom after 7 years of Treatment when their doctor suggests they stick with physical exams until something shows up. They also touch on the latest Covid-19 stats since the release of the vaccine. What is the best way to get the Vaccine? All this and more on Ask The Doc!


Ask the Doc! Cologuards and the Lance Armstrong Shot

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Dr. William Whaley has returned for the new year and is ready to answer your questions about colonoscopies vs the Cologuard test and the other about Myelodysplasia and the Lance Armstrong shot.



Ask The Doc! College And Covid-19

Ask The Doc! Recovery Process Of Covid-19

This morning, the doctors discuss how colleges are dealing with Covid-19. When a Student tests positive, the colleges continue classes and give the infected student their own quarantined dorm. Is this the approach we should be taking with everything? Should we worry over the numbers? Hear Doctor Whaley and Doctor Tidman’s point of view on this right here on Ask the Doc!


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