Short Takes: Congress and Spending


Written by: George McClellan

A few short years ago, stung by voter rebuke on congressional over spending on nonsense stuff through an unappropriated, ie:  free money scheme for congressmen called “Earmarks,” Congress dropped the program for a while so as not to adversely impact individual members re-election chances. Oh woe! Voters after all, have short memories and as quickly voter outrage faded, Congress took up the nefarious plot once again calling it “Congressionally Directed Spending,” aka: Earmarks!  How about that? Those Wiley rascals can do just about anything they want, just disguise it for the short memory folks who don’t really care all that much.

Earmarks were long a Democrat scheme to dispense funds to members of congress of both parties, to achieve bipartisanship in passing laws and spending bills. It eventually alarmed the conservative voter base who were paying attention. Remember the Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska?  And, both parties took advantage of it so when push came to shove, Democrats could claim it was all bipartisan! Everyone loved it! But, remember, Democrats will always “Deny everything, admit nothing and blame somebody else.”

Apparently the Democrats changed plans still trying to fool us. Now, with both congress and the presidency barely in their hands, and time running short for them, they have enacted a fast run ponzi scheme using American tax payer funds creating massive phony spending programs under the guise of it being for the family, payroll protection plans, protecting Americans from the horrors of a Chinese Virus which, by the way, gave them the excuse to collapse our economy through fear and then entrap our citizens in the “Tar Baby” goo of good intentions by offering free economic relief entitlements, increased spending on education, voter registration schemes, enfranchising illegal immigration by supplying illegals with free funds, from our taxes by the way, The most egregious spending of all is the Green New Deal nonsense supposedly to capture free Sun and Wind energy. Anybody who still believes our annual weather is some form of heinous, man-made climate disaster looming on the horizon, are the same damn fools who believe masks will stop viruses, and term limits can’t solve the problems of an out of control political leadership. Marxism certainly isn’t the answer, only Capitalism is!

Too, what we don’t see is that almost all the trillions of dollars demanded by the Progressives and enacted by the Democrats under Stumbles Joe Biden, goes to bankrupt Blue cities and states so they aren’t bankrupt anymore. The Blue cities are all corrupt and beholden to Leftist run unions, especially the Teachers Unions who, through their tax re-filled bank accounts, make huge donations back into the Democrats pot to continue the socialization of America. Criminally, that’s money laundering at its best.

Where is this excess federally confiscated tax money supposed to go? How about $7.7 million for the revival of a streetcar line in Tampa, Fl,  Does Kodiak, Alaska really need an $18.6 million dollar fire station; or $40 million for museum projects in Blue Cities and States? Think about it! Earmarks are not their money to give away, is it?  We don’t have any excess federally confiscated tax money, we have IOU’s! The treasury is busted. We don’t have enough gold, silver, platinum or anything else to sustain our economy, just pretend money, cunningly disguised with green ink on paper and taken on face value as spendable and having value.  Value is whatever the government intends it to be and the greatest tax on our economy and personal wealth, is inflation. Marxism, in whatever guise it comes, cannot exist with an armed and prosperous middle class. With the Marxist Democrat party still in control, America will be inevitably doomed to irrelevance, and with it, the world!  They gotta go!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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