Georgia Governor Candidate Visits Fetch Your News

Politics, State & National

BKP Interviews GA Candidate for Governor, and Secretary of State Brian Kemp. Among many topics, Kemp discusses immigration, Georgia voting machines, paper ballots, pay for law enforcement, and what Kemp’s opinion of the negotiations to bring Amazon HQ2 for Georgia.


Get Fit with Fetch 6/15/16


Karleen Ferguson visits BKP for an update and continuing process of Advocare and the Get Fit with Fetch Program.

Get Fit with Fetch 7/27/16


BKP weighs in and Karleen highlights new plans for Advocare in North Georgia.

Get Fit with Fetch 6/29/16


Karleen Ferguson takes BKP to Gilmer’s Farmers Market to help Get Fit with Fetch.

Get Fit with Fetch 4/11/16


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