A Peril of Our Own Making


Opinion by George McClellan:

Our dilemma is trying to understand the how and why our constitutional republic does not function the way as was originally laid out in the US Constitution. The answer is that politicians have meddled with it at a time when no one was apparently looking.

First, the 16th amendment, ratified in 1913, establishing the income tax has turned out to be a candy dish for politicians to painlessly extract taxpayer funds for what ever use they wanted. Second, is the 17th Amendment, also ratified in 1913, that deprives the fifty states of real direct representation in Congress. Somebody thought Senators should be voted for directly like in popularity contestants, in effect becoming six year Representatives, not two year ones.

It didn’t take long for Congress to legally corrupt itself and start passing out legislative favors for money, so they could stay in office, while side tracking the individual states from participating in overall government as the 10th amendment once provided for. For the 10th amendment to work, the 16th and 17th amendments must be repealed.

Originally, Congress was the superior of the three branches of government simply because they had the citizens ear and the states concerns in mind. Indeed, the Speaker of the House is third in succession to be President of the US, on an accidental basis of course. The House is the only chamber of the three branches authorized to allocate money. The Senate, whose job was supposedly to represent the interests of their States, ratified house spending bills, or not. It was the Presidents job to say “Okay” or veto a bill if he didn’t like it. By a majority vote, the House could make the bill a law by overriding the veto. Other machinations can be used.

This current election process has become the vehicle for our education. By the Trump phenomena, we should be learning that the people (us sheep) don’t select the President, the political parties do, with ‘electors.’ Its always been like that and will continue to be so. Lastly, the Judicial branch, now formalized into near political efficiency. is a creation of the Executive and the States. It is apparently now, being created by crony favoritism, disregarding the law as it exists, substituting instead individual judges own feel good solutions to accommodate the weirdo’s, deviates, illegals, fraudsters, and social bottom feeders who think they need to be served and the rest of us should pay for it.

Once, all that worked well is now gone. In 1946 the Congress passed the Administrative Procedures Act which permits Federal agencies, created out of whole cloth, to make rules and regulations that carry the force of law, suppress our constitutional freedoms and threaten our personal security, without the authority or even knowledge of our Representatives.

It’s the little things that irk so much! Regulation of lawnmower emissions, prohibiting animal ponds on private property, stealing vast swaths of land from the states and forbidding use of it by the citizens without strict controls, changing our moral and social standards to accommodate a .03% of the country’s deviates so they can potty freely where they wish without getting the crap kicked out of them. Did I fail to add murdering babies for their body part? When do we say enough? When do we strike back, after it’s too late?

I have been down on the GOP for inaction. I now see some movement in a once lifeless form, the happy talk about impeaching the Director of the IRS. They can do that you know! If that dam of fear finally bursts, look out Feds., Look out Obama, and Eric Holder, go into hiding. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (21 May 2016)

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