Get Fit with Fetch & Stay Active Ellijay ~ Feel Great and Get Healthy Starting Now!

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How does getting fit and feeling great sound to you!  Now is the time to join us for the Mountain Makeover!  Do fun stuff, exciting hikes, eat great & healthy and work with someone who truly cares about you!

Not only do you get great products, you get coaching throughout your whole process.  AdvoCare has inspired so many to make a lifestyle change to get healthy, eat clean and make fitness a priority.  Whether you want to get healthy, lose weight, get fit and actually enjoy your meals this is the way to make a change to give you a better quality of life!  Please sign up!  Email us at [email protected] to find out how to start your journey.


It’s that time of year! Time to think and plan for your New Year’s Goals! Take advantage of the FREE shipping and FREE gifts below that go along with your ALL IN 24 Day Challenge. We will all start our challenges together on January 2nd. allin_2017_desktopmemberhome

Get Fit with Fetch 6/15/16


Karleen Ferguson visits BKP for an update and continuing process of Advocare and the Get Fit with Fetch Program.

Get Fit with Fetch 7/27/16


BKP weighs in and Karleen highlights new plans for Advocare in North Georgia.

Get Fit with Fetch 3/28/16


Easter Recovery and heading into the next 24 day challenge.

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