Opinion by George McClellan:

I don’t mind giving kudos when they are deserved. In my last essay, I mentioned detecting some twitch of movement in what has long been considered an inert and moribund life form, the GOP congress.

Apparently, the House Oversight and Reform Committee, chaired by Jason Chaffetz, the House Freedom Caucus, chaired by Jim Jordan, and the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Bob Goodlatte, Republicans all, are deserving of support and encouragement because they are indeed commencing the process to impeach the corrupt IRS Director, John Koskinen for his contempt of Congress. It’s a good first step and about time too!

The House representatives mentioned above, believe they have a very good case that can proceed against the IRS director and, apparently, they have the gonads to do it. If they start the impeachment train moving against mere bureaucratic functionaries, like Koskinen, perhaps other Republican house committee chairmen may feel the urge to get involved and start the process of bringing down other of Obama’s socialists. How? By kicking out the leaders. More power to them. Socialism is not good for Americans. It’s not who we are!

Obama is a criminal. He ignores court orders against his despotic edicts; he expects his acolytes, like the young ignorant DoJ lawyers who lied to a Federal Judge in Texas, to purposely lie to judges to simply to advance his Progressive goals by edict. So far, a few Federal Judges who have not been corrupted, have thwarted many of Obama’s plans for the social re-engineering of our America, plans designed to legalize border crashers, deny Islamic Jihadists terrorism, release apprehended felons, create parity for the sicko transgender crowd, and to continue to separate our nation from its centuries held moral base of Judaeo-Christianity.

As conservative voters who make up the base of the Republican party, it apparently falls upon us to renew the pledges we have made to our country that affords all our citizens the right to prosper under the protection of its laws. We have seen the Progressive/Liberal movement over the past several decades, slowly erode away our great American values on the premise of fairness, multiculturalism, equality of outcomes, diversity of opinions (Liberal only), inclusiveness of all cultures no matter how backward they are, and other nameless acronyms of BS they can think up to blur our minds.

The head of the IRS is the first target for congressional removal, but hopefully, not the last. If Koskinen’s impeachment is actually accomplished, can we soon look forward to the impeachments of the heads of the EPA, DoEd, DoEnergy, DHS, HUD, etc., etc.,& etc.? One can only hope. Out here, in flyover land, the base conservative voters expect to see such GOP action against criminals to proceed apace with energy and enthusiasm; to do their job legally and kick the bums out. I should think, as individuals, each representative in danger of being faced with a primary challenge for his job, should view these actions as necessary to restore the long lost trust the GOP so desperately needs.

Trumps amazing ascendancy, and Bernie’s too for that matter, directly reflects the voters frustration over the course big government politicians have taken our once great country, into the odious far left field of absolutism. I for one no longer want to be governed by battalions of unelected bureaucrats supported by products of corrupted liberal law schools, appointed for life, as arbiters of the law while being encouraged to push the leftist agenda along.
Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitutions the way. Now, go get ‘em! (22 May 2016)

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