The Trouble With Legacy’s


Opinion by George McClellan:

Ever since the elections that delivered the House into Republican hands in 2012, and the subsequent disappointing inaction they showed, I have taken the position that their form of conservatism should have never taken the floor if they were not willing to fight the Democrats, i.e.: Progressive-Socialist party over the direction Obama was taking Americas. They promised but they didn’t deliver.

In the election cycle of 2014, Americas delivered the Senate into Republican hands, but sadly, with both houses of Congress in GOP hands, they still failed to deliver, except to provide feeble excuses for why they couldn’t do what they were sent there to do, basically restore a  Constitutional America and the rule of law. That’s a legacy one cannot be proud of.

So, in this last election cycle, American’s sent a novice candidate with no political experience to the White House to run things as we want and by damn, some Republicans still don’t get it. In his ascendancy, Mr. Donald Trump swept away all the usual political roadblocks to conservative performances, as well as the usual suspects that couldn’t get anything done, and did so with the vicious cruelty of a grim reaper, and still the GOP political class haven’t got it. Some still insist the old GOP formula of inclusion and hands across the aisle should be pursued as the fastest way to political harmony and doing the peoples work. Nobody told the Democrats that!

As President-elect, Trump has already done so much more to bolster the spirit of America and Americans than the current buffoon who is departing, that the very air crackles with a spirit not felt since VJ day. This is shown in polls showing that conservatives will support President-elect Donald Trump’s on key issues over those of the old, dying GOP elites. It’s a new legacy forming.

Fifty-three percent of all Americans, not specifically Republicans, support the GOP’s positions while thirty-seven percent say they strongly identify with Trump’s positions. Compare this to only sixteen percent who identify with the positions of the average Republican lawmaker, or thirty-seven percent agreeing with those of the average congressional Democrat.

Rasmussen, the major poll taker, crunches the numbers down even further showing that of Americans who describe themselves as Republicans, sixty-three percent side with Trump’s views on major issues. That leaves a pitiful twenty-seven percent who said they were in step with the average GOP (establishment) politicians. That’s the trouble with legacy’s

Most folks don’t really know how Trump will lead the nation. We know he is a tough negotiator and generally gets what he wants. We know he listens to sage advice of his counselor and does not surround himself with “yes” men. We suspect he will ardently push his ideas, like his cabinet choices, through a basically still hostile GOP congress, and we know he will probably win because the GOP could never fend off the Democrats, how will they possibly fend off the one man who not only defeated sixteen other GOP hopefuls, but the Democrats main candidate, the corrupt and very beatable, Hillary Rodham Clinton? Trump knows weakness when he sees it.

The question arises, will Trump, like Obama, ignore constitutional restraints in his pursuit of change by becoming an autocrat, or will he wisely stiffen the backbone of the this Republican congress to remove America away from is corrupt past and into his promised economic future that appears to be dawning on the horizon? Trump is in the drivers seat. Let him drive.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (10 Jan2017)

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