Corruption and Gas


Opinion written by George McClellan:

So many bad things are coming to light in the wake of the Obama presidency. Actually, Hillary Clinton, as first lady, brought the dark aura of political corruption to the federal government when she first co-opted the FBI files on her and Bill’s political enemies. Eight years of absolute corruption and unexplained deaths followed. Indeed Hillary introduced a corrupt way of life to national politics that was apparently, acceptable to both parties.

Bush was never accused of corruption, just ineptitude and that’s debatable, but he acted decisively when it was called for. Then came Obama and his reign of sweet talk, failures and corruption of the functions of government. He’s gone and new problems now confront us. The news of the gas attack in Syria returns us to that famous Obama “Red Line” threat  about Syrian President Assad using gas against his own people and what America should do about it.

Well, he did nothing and the world saw a weak, feckless US presidents inability to keep his word unless that word was detrimental to Americas interests. And that leaves us where we are today, at this very minute, with a new president having an important decision to make, how to blunt the re-emergence of barbarism with Obama’s deep state, swampy bureaucracy at his back.

We will quickly know exactly which Syrian combatant committed that atrocity but, the best guess is President Assad because, except for the Russians and us, he’s the only one with an airborne delivery system and sarin gas in stock. My instinct tells me the Russians didn’t even know about it because they can’t afford any more bad publicity of this nature. Too, the Turks also have a voice in this game. What happens next will inevitably charge Americas course on foreign policy for decades, unless Schemers Democrats can screw it up for us.

The question under immediate discussion within the media, is how Trump should respond. Punishment is absolutely called for. US Navy submarines in the Med., the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean are all ready and set to launch cruise missiles into Syrian targets, especially Assad’s pleasure palaces and government command and control centers. Believe me, we know where they all are. Last weeks unfortunate comment by Secretary of State Tillerson, about Assad no longer being a problem to the US, will no longer apply. T-Rex will have learned an important diplomatic lesson on what not to say and when not to say it.

The primary worry is the reaction of Syria’s sponsor, Putin’s Russia. if his military complexes and aerodromes are inadvertently targeted and planes destroyed, how will he immediately react? Russia like us, is broke and cannot sustain any lengthy combat, especially over an Arab president who may have gone off the rails. Russia as a member of the UN, signed onto rules and regulations regarding use of weapons of mass destruction. Putin has this other problem. Not everybody in Russia is happy with him. At the moment, he just has the biggest stick.

For us, the most favorable consequence will be that Trump will have delivered the most important message of all, America’s back! Many will heave a sigh of relief and welcome the prospect of area stability It will give them room to prepare for whatever Iran may decide to do.

Iran will also note the change in Americas determination and, if they can tear themselves away from the pages of the Koran, they’ll realize they are really an easy target. We have entered a period of extreme political combustion. We must tread heavily now. The world is waiting!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s MAGA! (06Apr17)


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