The Battle is Joined


Opinion by George McClellan:

The weeping extent of the resounding defeat of the Democrats in this years elections has raised such an agonizing, painful cacophony from the Left, as to suggest, indeed promise, that the next four years will be very interesting if not eventful. Democrats are very sore losers. They thrive on conflict, but they never, never, ever quit. The fight for America’s soul is joined. Good vs. evil.

I fear the world of “fake news,” hasn’t seen anything yet. Democrats, past masters of deceit, exponents of feckless propaganda, twisted stories, convoluted meanings, outright lies and personal attacks on anybody they don’t like, will be on full view during Trumps administration.

It has already started with a stumbling assault on the Electoral college system by unorganized elements of hateful losers who tried desperately to reverse the tide before time ran out. They couldn’t because, well, time ran out, on that issue at least.

What to do next? Well we already hear leftists promising us that the Democrats are calling up their Storm Troops of dissent, their street thugs, like BLM, and other fellow travelers, to conduct demonstrations at Trumps inauguration, his Inaugural Balls, and any place else they believe they can make a believable statement that Trump stole the election from Hillary. This will go on and on because the media, mired in it own death throes, will continue to spew out the Marxist party line given to them by their masters.

Another piddling example will be a Democrat sponsored, in your face concert to coincide with Trumps inaugural celebrations featuring all the leftists buffoons in the entertainment industry, many no names of any celebrity importance, who pleaded in a TV ad for Electors to vote their consciences and elect Hillary instead of that awful Trump. Ignore the TV presentations.

We will be treated with scammers who plot events that, on the face would be considered churlish, crass, disrespectful and hurtful, but will gain some notoriety. An early example was the attack on Ivanka Trump on a Jet Blue airplane with her family in tow. The headlines screamed  “for exercising his free speech rights the offender was thrown off a Jet Blue flight.” He should have been bloodied first as an object lesson for his disrespect, then thrown off.

I am getting weary of the political correctness crowd that allows idiots to scream and holler and get in our faces without penalty but being accused of a “hate crime,” if one slew the dragon right where he/she stood. The Left’s greatest trick is their ability to set the narrative. Righteous Americans must put an end to that, now. It is time to push back, seize the narrative, and deliver some necessary blows for decency, then move on. If Americans don’t start protecting themselves from these in your face attacks, and do so with prejudice, i.e.: drawing blood, these attacks will never stop, indeed they will get bigger and meaner.  Trust me, they are bullies and bullies won’t ever stop if the victims don’t stop ‘em cold in their tracks.

The remedy is to destroy what’s left of the Democrat Party; Investigate democrat criminal perpetrators and send them to jail. Eviscerate the leftist media by collapse their advertising dollars, Attack their narrative every time it appears in print, on web sites or social media outlets. Do not be afraid to speak out yourselves. As a community, seize back the schools and educate yourselves first. Learn the lessons on civics and history no longer taught in our schools because its not multicultural or diverse. Support “English Only” for everything and let’s help Donald Trump make America great again. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (27 Dec 2016)

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