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Why We Need The Second Amendment

Simpletons like Beto “Beno” O’Rouke said: “hell yes we’ll seize your guns,” and, “I’m open to banning all guns,” in response to push back against his pronouncements on the need of the Second amendment.


The reason our founders expected Americans to be armed was to protect themselves from a hostile government (ours) they foresaw as being usurped by politicians desperate for power. Democrats, now really the American Communist Party, want to disarm us because they can’t enter the third stage of Socialism, totalitarism, so long as Americans can legally have the ability to protect themselves.


American history has many examples of its government using the power that comes out of a gun barrel to enforce it’s edicts, and this even before the era of fascists socialism. For example, the Ludlow (Colorado) coal strike, a totally commercial labor issue, to become famous as The Ludlow Massacre, was a labor strike. The final government action to settle the strike was to order the Colorado National Guard to support guards of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company to attack 1,200 striking coal miners and their families at Ludlow, Colorado, on April 20, 1914.


Okay, we’ve seen labor strikes before but this one saw the Colorado National Guard ordered to use use government issued machine guns to fire into the strikers. They killed approximately twenty-one people, including miners’ their wives and children. The miners didn’t fire back, then. The Ludlow massacre was the deadliest single incident of the State vs. the people using deadly force, until Waco. It was a PR disaster for John J. Rockefeller, the mine owner.


Eisenhower warned us, after his second term as President to beware of the “Military-Industrial Complex.” In 1914 it was the Government-Commercial complex that set the rules, the people be damned. After the Ludlow outrage had dimmed, some good come out of it. Child Labor laws were enacted, and the eight hour work day was implemented. The United Mine workers Union was formed and became a socialist organ but then, people were only looking for good working conditions.


But, what about Waco? A religious group, no threat to government at all and knowing their civil rights were being violated by the Clinton Administration’s  Attorney General who didn’t like their expression of religious practices, and certain they were going to be attacked by the gun wielders of the Dept. of Justice, retreated to their private enclave in Waco, Texas where, indeed, they were attacked and killed to the last child by the FBI and ATF.


Ruby Ridge is another example. The murder by a federal police sniper of a woman standing in her doorway holding her child, became a ‘cause celebre’ after the governments phony gun charge was dismissed in court because it couldn’t be supported by trial. Another outrage.


Don’t forget the Elian Gonzales issue too; a violation of an individuals civil rights perpetrated against one little Cuban refugee boy, snatched out of a closet in which he and his aunt sought refuge, by an armed squad of Clinton administration federal gunmen. Neither Elian nor his aunt were were armed. They would have been killed outright had they been.


Elian Gonzales was one little immigrant boy forcibly returned to Castro’s Cuba to be taught to become a good communist. What has changed since then? Democrats now ardently refuse to send illegal immigrants back, indeed encourage their criminal behavior to flood our borders.


A final example is the recent Bundy Ranch standoff in Nevada, thwarting a government attempt to steal Rancher Bundy’s range rights so Senator Harry Reid could profit by offering the land to a solar power company. Guns stopped the theft because armed Second amendment supporters rallied to Bundy’s cause. The issue ended up in a murder by a police officer of one of Bundy’s relatives in Washington state a year or so later.


This is what happens when Americans, able to defend ourselves still believe government is our friend. It’s then we realize resistance and sound judgement quickly evaporate after such incident(s) and things go on as usual until the next outrage. Obama changed that thinking.


The Bundy incident demonstrate that resistance can work. Obama’s social manipulation of the economy, our culture and our constitutional rights, proved highly profitable for investors in gun companies. The socialist in government, demanding other elements of our government to abandon their oaths to protect the constitution, have opened a pandora’s box of potential  whoop-ass. Comments by idiots like ‘Beno’ Beto O’Rourke proves it.


If Hillary Clinton had been elected, we would never had known about the treasonous ‘coup’ by top Obama administration officials against an elected President, and we would doubtless be warping up the first stage of her Socialism. Don Chambers, a Townhall contributor, wrote the first stage of Socialism was making America a total welfare state. Trump put the ‘kibosh’ on that but It won’t last.


When and if they come back, they’ll start it up all over again heading for the second phase of socialism, government seizing the means of production. Obama tried it with his government funding of solar power, giving them vast amounts of money just before they went bankrupt. The expensive, tax exempt giant windmill eyesores dotting our countryside are still robbing us.


Of course, if they get that far, the third and worst phase of socialism Don Chambers calls totalitarism, will be inevitable. The Socialists have their Fascist antifa’s already trying to implement fear on the streets. Do we need protection? You bet! Do we need our second amendment protections? Absolutely. I believe long before that, our citizenry will often have demonstrated the absolute need to remain armed and on defense.


Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (22Sep19)

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