Shafer talks party cohesion following Trump Endorsement for re-election

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Endorsed by former President Donald Trump, Georgia GOP Chair David Shafer is running for re-election for Chair. After his official announcement to run for re-election, he faces challenges in the party to keeping the party cohesive and united in the coming elections.

With some Republicans already calling for a GOP 2.0 separation among Republican supporters, Shafer said he got a mix of good and bad news from the recent election process. Growth in the party is obvious, but breakdowns in the election came as Shafer said changes were made “outside of the law” by the State Elections Board and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

The vast increase in absentee ballots coupled with a failure in verifications was just a surface issue as Shafer stated the offices were obviously overwhelmed. On top of that, he pointed out the refusals to allow poll watchers easy access, sometimes making them stand as much as 50 feet away when they were allowed to watch.

Unmanned drop boxes and rampant ballot harvesting were part of the massive issues in the election according to Shafer.

Yet, he is looking forward and trying to bring people in the party back together in forward motion to retake the safety and security of the elections.

Raffensperger blamed Shafer for issues saying he was responsible for exact match signatures. Shafer responded saying it was absurd as Raffensperger changed laws entering into a consent agreement without consulting the Republican Party. The betrayal in March showed his Democratic Party affiliation.

Shafer said Raffensperger made it so much harder to throw out non-matching ballots and the change in laws were unilaterally altered from the laws he voted on.

An example of some of the unrest in the party, Shafer agreed that 2022 could be difficult as he has already heard several county chairman in the Republican Party not running for re-election because they are wanting to contest races in the state. As a leader of the State GOP, he hasn’t called for Raffensperger’s resignation, but he has been a part of several lawsuits trying to, as he says, “make sure the laws are carried out.”

In one final question, when asked about any possibility to see him on the ballot in major offices in 2022, he replied that he felt his best place to be helpful is continuing as the State Chairman.

Shafer said, “The real danger to this country is posed by the Democrats. We have got to pull everyone back together and defeat Raphael Warnock in 2022 and preserve our Republican majority so the Democrats don’t do to Georgia what they are currently doing to America.”

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