Delgado case updates with woman’s identity and arrest warrant

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CHERRY LOG, Ga. – Investigators have confirmed the identity of, and issued a murder warrant for, a woman previously reported in the Rossana Delgado murder case as a person of interest that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) was seeking to question.

Originally releasing a video of an unnamed woman alongside Rossana Delgado in a Ross store, the GBI requested the public’s help in identifying her. Now, the GBI has released her name. But more than just the name, a murder warrant has been issued for Carolina Jazmin Rodriguez-Ramirez, 28 of Oklahoma, for her involvement in the murder of Rossana Delgado.

The GBI originally stated that the woman, now known to be Rodriguez-Ramirez, was one of the last people to interact with the victim long before authorities discovered the name of the fifth suspect when they arrested three people involved in the murder. Now, investigators have identified Rodriguez-Ramirez as the woman with Rossana Delgado in the Ross and Mercado Fresco video previously released in this case.

The video, taken on April 16, 2021, shows the now sixth suspect allegedly involved in the murder according to the warrant.

The GBI stated, “Rodriguez-Ramirez’ location is currently unknown, but she is believed to be in Mexico with at least one other suspect, Mario Alberto Barbosa-Juarez.”

The GBI press release also stated that additional charges are anticipated in addition to the murder warrant. They have already confirmed involvement and partnerships with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Atlanta, HSI Harlingen, Texas and Attaché Matamoros, Mexico. This was how they coordinated their three previous arrests in the case, all three of which took place in Mexico.

Police and Investigators have continually asked for the public’s help in identifying or finding additional information on suspects allegedly involved in the case, but have not commented specifically on if this identification came from a public tip or through the investigators themselves. More information is continuing to become available from the GBI and will be posted to FYN when available.

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