The Barbarians Are Through The Gates


Written By George McClellan

It does not escape our attention that a righteous complaint over an incident of apparent police
brutality was hijacked by radical Marxists, the criminal enemies of Capitalism and America
whose primary aim at the moment, is to rid America of Donald Trump.

When does a righteous protest turn into a riot, into an insurrection, then a revolution? When
organized barbarians, financed by the likes of American hating George Soros, Barak Obama’s
OFA and Islamic elements like ISIS, Hamas, Hizbollah and CAIR, supply the funds to usurp the
protests original leadership by bussing in ready and waiting, antifa stormtrooper’s to seize
control as is happening in Seattle.

What is transpiring on the streets of America today, like Seattle for example, no longer has
anything to do with the death of George Floyd, but serves only as an excuse to radicalize those
young Americans, failed by our school systems, into helping destroy the country they don’t know
because they believe it was founded on white racism, white privilege and black slavery!

We have two big problems on our streets right now. Liberal leadership of many of our cities and
states have no clue how to respond to armed insurrectionists (I don’t mean second Amendment
believers, that’s coming next) who seize and occupy government buildings, chase off the police
and establish a no go zone for anyone but radicals. The lack of aggressive police staff’s who
should have quickly killed this insurrection as it started, were cowed by political correctness so
as not to”harm anybody!” BS! A few dead antifas lying bleeding on the steps of City Halls
would deliver the message of due respect for Law Enforcement and recognize LE’s role in
maintaining civic stability. But no, they’re rendering proper respect to the insurrectionists.

What’s happening in Seattle, if it’s not stopped right now, will show up in city’s around the
country! We stand at the point where this insurrection must be stopped by direct police action.
Their can be no more negotiations, no pleading for understanding, only the arrests or blood on
the steps. The mayor and clowncil of Seattle should be swept aside by the Federalized NG
troops and open straight forward infantry assaults to retake government property because, If it’s
not done in Seattle, soon, it will happen somewhere else, soon. But, it will happen and if the
authorities can’t or won’t stop it because of political correctness, when that protest spills over
into my town or neighborhood, it will be met by armed resistance. We’re ready!

There is very little mention in the press of any central control over these riots but a guiding hand
is visible. Many rioters (Antifa’s) seem to be well trained because some amount of training is
necessary to account for the tear gas-adapted, aggressive barbarians not intimidated by
superior force. No one in the media wants to address the issue of a centralized command and
control, but it’s there! Someone has got to be following the money trail too. Find that and cutting
off the head of the hydra should do wonders for returning peace to Americas streets.

For protestors to argue passion as a motivator is too naive to be believed when alleged police
brutality and racism is the excuse du jour for todays riots. Black male criminals are now almost
untouchable. Expect many idle young black males to seek their street creds by getting arrested
for felony crimes knowing that Liberal politicians will simply release them without bail or
personal accountability. Should they die for the cause, they know they’ll get a free state funeral
like afforded to George Floyd! Obama was right when he said: “This is not who we are!” We’re
in a fight folks for the very soul of America. What America can we abide and would we want

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!


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