Opinion written by Jennifer Bassett

It’s sad the protesters try to disrupt their cities because they don’t want to accept the election results. They don’t realize he will improve life for everyone. Our national security, way of life, and our civil liberties were at risk.

They haven’t even given him a chance to fix this mess we’re in. Our nation needed a new direction. Our liberties were beginning to be restricted. Not just white Christians,but everyone’s liberties were in jeopardy. When the government begins to tell it’s people they can’t show their religious beliefs and starts restricting what you can and can’t say it’s on the edge of dictatorship.

Donald Trump is not against Hispanics…just the ones who break our laws. He is not against Blacks ….just the ones who make the inner cities unsafe for those who live there. He actually wants to improve the education and living conditions in the poor neighborhood. Donald Trump is not against anyone being Muslim….only the radicalized ones whose agenda is to kill anyone who isn’t Muslim. He is not against the LGBT Community.
Those protesting against him need to listen to his message. His agenda is to improve our lives , work, and national security. As the old hippie saying goes they need to “give peace a chance”.

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