Senator David Perdue Talks Budget & Infrastructure On Kudlow Radio Show

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ATLANTA, GA – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) joined Larry Kudlow on The Larry Kudlow Show to discuss how Congress is working to fix the broken budget process and the importance of investing in infrastructure priorities that will provide the greatest economic return.

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Responding To Florida: “This was a tragedy. We’ve got to find a way to close the gaps in the FBI. I’m confident Director Wray will get to the bottom of this and close the loopholes in their procedures.”

Solving Debt Crisis: “The debt is what pulled me into running for Senate. What we’ve done on tax and what we’re doing on infrastructure are investments to grow the economy. This is one part of solving the debt crisis.”

Leveraging Partnerships: “When Democrats won in 2009, they poured a trillion dollars into programs that provided absolutely no stimulus and no impact on the economy. It’s another manifestation of their big government solution that the government creates jobs. President Trump wants a public-private partnership plan that multiplies every federal dollar invested with several dollars in private investments.”

Greatest Return: “We have to make sure the top priorities are ones that present the greatest return on investment so they can reinvest some of those savings in the same ten-year period.”

Model Example: “There are roadblocks inside the Department of Transportation. Secretary Chao is committed to getting rid of those. A great example was right in my state. We had a burned highway system, right in the middle of downtown Atlanta. It would have normally taken 2-3 years to replace that part of the highway. However, they got it done in 4 months because Secretary Chao and President Trump waived all the restrictions imposed by the federal government.”

Silver Lining: “There is a silver lining in the funding bill that was passed two weeks ago. It called for the creation of a Joint Select Committee, made up of 16 Republicans and Democrats from both the Senate and the House. The purpose is to find a solution to the broken budget system and present it to Congress before the end of the year. I have been asking for this for three years.”

Creating Consequences: “The first objective of the Joint Select Committee is to get to a politically neutral platform and develop a set of consequences if Congress doesn’t get a budget or funding done on time. Sequestration was the wrong way to go. Democrats and Republicans have seen this process doesn’t favor either side but creates the atmosphere for a lack of control.”

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