Opinion written by Jennifer Bassett

It’s sad the protesters try to disrupt their cities because they don’t want to accept the election results. They don’t realize he will improve life for everyone. Our national security, way of life, and our civil liberties were at risk.

They haven’t even given him a chance to fix this mess we’re in. Our nation needed a new direction. Our liberties were beginning to be restricted. Not just white Christians,but everyone’s liberties were in jeopardy. When the government begins to tell it’s people they can’t show their religious beliefs and starts restricting what you can and can’t say it’s on the edge of dictatorship.

Donald Trump is not against Hispanics…just the ones who break our laws. He is not against Blacks ….just the ones who make the inner cities unsafe for those who live there. He actually wants to improve the education and living conditions in the poor neighborhood. Donald Trump is not against anyone being Muslim….only the radicalized ones whose agenda is to kill anyone who isn’t Muslim. He is not against the LGBT Community.
Those protesting against him need to listen to his message. His agenda is to improve our lives , work, and national security. As the old hippie saying goes they need to “give peace a chance”.

My Opinion…


Opinion by Jennifer Bassett:

CNN and other mainstream media along with Hillary and her supporters have been damning Donald Trump for taking one hour to do a ribbon cutting at his new hotel in Washington DC. When he just yesterday did EIGHT campaign stops and was in two states along with the ribbon cutting in Washington DC.  All the while Hillary did one appearance and then spent all evening at an Adele concert….really….how strenuous… Actually at his ribbon cutting he didn’t speak much or long about his hotel which, by the way, came in before the projection date and way under budget.  I am sure he will run our great country with the same efficiency.  Instead of talking about the hotel, he gave a beautifully executed speech on his plans for our country.  It was one of the best soft spoken talks he has done.  His speech was very presidential and covered many key issues.  I watched Hillary’s ONE appearance speech. She was loud, used the same old rehearsed lines, and talked very condescending to us voters.  In my opinion, if she is trying to gain votes she needs to memorize new lines and not talk down to voters like we are underlings who need to give our vote to the ‘great and powerful Oz’…. In my opinion we are way off the yellow brick road and have been trapped for the last eight years in the haunted forest or sound asleep in the poppy field. We don’t need more years off the golden path to prosperity.

In My Opinion…


Opinion written by  Jennifer Bassett:

In my opinion, I think we should all send Putin a fruit basket, flowers or a gift certificate to his favorite day spa for his alleged email hacking instead of sanctions. I personally don’t believe it was the Russians doing it. I think it was an insider who gained a conscience. Whoever it was, we all owe them a big thank you for exposing and proving all the wrong doing we thought was going on behind our backs.

The democrats have no-one to blame for their loss other than their poor choice of a candidate, all the backstabbing and the alleged illegal activities going on in their own backyard. Being out of touch with what the average middle class American has been experiencing the last eight years also added to their demise.

Trump even before being sworn in has made such great progress with the major corporations with keeping jobs and production here. The stock market is stronger and the majority of our population is more optimistic than it has been in quiet awhile.

I myself have personally gained a lot already. I’ve gained tons of free time from boycotting all the stars and musicians who have chosen not to support our nation’s choice of Donald Trump. I’ve also financially gained from boycotting the movies, CDs, and the companies who sponsor the TV shows, movies, etc. of the celebrities who think we are subhumans for supporting him. If they stopped to think about it , it’s us subhumans who make them who they are. It’s our hard earned money that pays for their limos and diamonds. If we don’t support their venues then they are lowered to mere commoners. If our economy is stronger, we (who line their pockets) have more money to attend movies, plays and buy concert tickets.

So… my humble opinion the stars need to sit down, shut up the whining and enjoy the next four years (hopefully eight) of America’s rise to greatness again. Or if they choose, they can keep acting like spoiled cry babies and we as hard working average Americans can support and make the non-whining patriotic stars shine with fatter pockets.

We Really Need to Focus on What Really Matters


Opinion by Jennifer Bassett:

As we draw near to an election that will impact our nation for decades, we really need to focus on what really matters. The liberals out there keep saying the emails don’t matter and their contents don’t matter. Well it all matters. The emails, contents some of which were classified, some of which were marked highly classified, were illegally sent on unprotected servers. That put our nation and our lives at risk. It has been discovered that more than five other countries hacked in to the servers. But what matters most is the fact that Hillary knew what she was doing was illegal and attempted to hide it. Then she also lied under oath about turning over all her emails. This is a proven fact. The FBI has said there are numerous new emails sent from her personally in the Weiner/Aberdin emails. Why would anyone want someone leading our nation who under oath lied and knowingly put us at risk.

Then there is her Clinton Foundation…boy is it ever correctly named….the Clinton’s profit greatly from it. Hillary lies again each time she claims that over 50% goes to charity works….nope according to tax return documents only 6% goes to charity. The largest expenditures go for travel and fund raising events….and payroll. Then there’s the illegal pay for play plans where if you’re like Morocco and give 12 million dollars you get preferred treatments. Even their ‘blame everything happening on Russia’ friend after donating millions got 20% of our uranium stockpile.

Even her new best friend Obama this week while supposedly campaigning for Hillary, couldn’t talk about her much…he mentioned himself 207 times. He couldn’t promote her either. The last eight years of his policies haven’t done America any good. After eight years if his agenda most Americans are still barely making by or are worse off. And even more of us will be worse off this coming year trying to pay for useless health insurance. Why would we want more of that. Obama’s policies and agendas are what most of hers are based on.

Now I want to talk about our security. She said at the last debate that she wants to ” keep an eye ” on ISIS…..hmmmm….I think we need to do more than watch them. We’ve been watching them….watching them terrorize the world and bring death and destruction to many countries. Hillary wants to let them free flow into our country.

She also wants to open our borders up which will take our economy down even further. There are not enough jobs for the people we have now . Our welfare/Medicaid system is strained now giving benefits to the numerous illegals already here.

Our factories and jobs are leaving our country at an alarming rate because of bad trade deals and practices. We import more goods than other countries buy from us which needs to stop. Foreign countries economies are growing at a record pace while ours has basically fallen apart. When was the last time you could find more made in America products in stores than imported goods? Even a lot of our food is imported while the American farmers near extinction. We have been sold out to foreign governments. Just this year a law was enacted that food suppliers no longer have to label country of origin on our food. This to me holds our health in jeopardy. Foreign countries do not have follow the same guidelines as far as safe handling and labeling of food that our FDA has set to protect our food supply. One example being the shrimp that is imported are grown in polluted water and after harvesting are injected with fillers to make them appear larger. Who know what’s in the fillers ….they don’t have to disclose it in the labeling because the food is handled according to their countries standards. We need to return back to American grown foods. America needs to require any food allowed to be imported be grown and processed according to our health standards.

Now let me discuss the Supreme Court judges who the newly elected president will be nominating. The new president will have in their hands the task of naming numerous appointees  to the Supreme Court. That alone will shape our nation for years to come even after the new president’s term/terms end. We need fair judges that will uphold our constitutional rights instead of taking them away or limiting them. Late term abortion is only a form of murder in my opinion. If a woman who is pregnant is killed the person responsible is charged with two homicide. So does it make sense to legalize killing a viable baby? It seems more and more my rights as a Christian are being taken away by the courts who are trying to limit my religious beliefs and how I choose to express them just because it offends someone. Well it offends me not to be able to have my freedom of religion. These are just some of the issues to be decided on soon, as is our right to own and bear firearms.

So when you go to vote…I feel we should consider these facts and vote Donald Trump because he wants to protect our security, our children, our economy and our constitution. He is the only logical choice to make our country strong and great once again.

Things Need to Change!


Opinion by Jennifer Bassett:

I don’t usually get so fired up. But there is so much wrong in the world. There are so many unjust things going on. People need to open up their eyes that our nation is being overrun by people who hate our great nation and our freedom. They are trying to say they are giving more freedom to others…but in all aspects they are actually restricting our freedoms..this used to be a nation if you did an HONEST good try at advancing your lives by working hard you were rewarded by a better lifestyle. It’s just not true anymore….things need to change not continue the downhill spiral we have been on the last eight years.

Where was all the outrage at Hardee’s when they aired commercials which totally degraded women . You know the ones that had the barely dressed in Daisy Dukes and their boob’s hanging out. Eating way too seductive and licking their fingers looked totally nasty….and at Christmas when the men shook their “bells” to Jingle Bells in the Jockey ads…talk about degrading to women and men…don’t get me wrong….I am no prude….but our country has been forced into a morality numbness long ago by the media. Who are they to go on and on like they are perfect.

Well the latest email dump reveals that she divulged classified information in her paid speeches. They diss Catholics and Evangelicals.

And in a speech just this week Bill made fun of the rednecks supporting Trump. Then yesterday she drags Al Gore to Florida….lol…how humiliating for him. He didn’t support her in her first run against O.

If you’re an average Christian American she totally has nothing to offer you.

I’m not wealthy….I’m a bit redneck…I’m Christian…my mother was Catholic…I don’t believe in abortion…I love Bible verses…I don’t support ISIS….I don’t think people who come into America illegally should be awarded with citizenship, food stamps and Medicaid….I think the veterans and elderly suffer while too many able bodied people get rewarded for staying home reproducing (which we pay for that too)…and I have been called deplorable and irredeemable…. Why should I even consider voting for anyone who wants to go against almost everything that is me….let’s not forget a plan to set more freebies in place…such plans will do nothing but raise my taxes…we barely make enough to survive now…if you want free college make good grades and apply for the scholarships….you can get 90% of your college paid for without raising my taxes…it’s hard to barely be physically able to work, pay your taxes, and buy food for your family only to see in the grocery line ahead of you an illegal eating better than you on food stamps. While you’re putting your eight bags of groceries in your 1998 car they fill up their 2016 Escalades and $40,000 pickups. OK rant over…


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