Political Extinction


The once two great political parties of the United States, Republicans and Democrats, are both nearing extinction. “And we shall know them by their deeds.”

For the Democrats, three major election losses in a row as well as failing to win any special elections, has devastated the financial and numerical numbers essential for continued existence. They have even lost so many State governorships, legislatures, cities and county’s leadership positions, as to make any viable attempt of a return, nearly impossible. They won’t change their message. They refuse to abandon Socialism as their primary platform, always claiming only they are the panacea for America’s problems (which they made) and, only they, with their “Better Deal” can bring joy, happiness and rapture to all Americans if united in diversity
and multiculturalism.

Elite Republicans are now revealing themselves as a cesspool of feckless, lying hypocrites, refusing to repeal Obamacare despite their promises to do so. Their only goal is their own re-elections. See what John McCain did! His campaign promises on video, are out there for all to see, hanging like the Sword of Damocles over his head. I believe McCain, like Aaron Burr, is a dirty, treacherous, no good politician who has long outlived any usefulness he may have pretended to have for  conservative causes. He is a prime swamp dweller and must go.

The Democrats, foolishly believe their “Better Deal” slogan will overcome the Republican House majority. Don’t bet on it. That have nothing better than the Republicans have, to replace them. They will abide in the wilderness for a couple of decades or, until they can embrace the Constitution again and make us believe it.

The Republican party, as it now stands, is also doomed to extinction probably more so than the Democrats. Conservatives know the Democrats are just Communists. The Republicans on the other hand, are duplicitous, lying cretans who betrayed us and will be challenged in primaries. At re-election time, their individual treachery will be thrown in their faces. The base voters know our career politicians lied to our faces, simply to get re-elected. That’s why voters put a real fighter, Donald Trump, into the White House, after giving the GOP both the House and the Senate.

The GOP, now holding the House, Senate and the Executive are still determined to throw it away just to keep Americans dependent on government health care. Tax payers don’t want it. Only free loaders, who demand it and power hungry politicians, want it.

For Republicans, a brutal reckoning is coming. Anti-Elite campaigning will be simply a conservative challenger repeating over and over again, the incumbents lies, focusing on a lack of statesmanship, character and honor. A fundamental change is coming to American politics. Tar and feather parties will probably not happen again, but being kicked out of office will be the bitterest pill yet for the lying GOP Elites. Trump is indeed draining the swamp. The media lies, so easily challenged, are also not to be believed.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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