Escaping the Sheepfold


Opinion by George McClellan:

The potential disaster for the GOP is already beginning to reveal itself. America is no longer government of the people, by the people, or for the people instead, it has become government of, by and for the politicians who believe it is their right to remain there, at least until they can achieve a comfortable retirement. That is sacrosanct!

Clearly, our system of government has altered our country from a Republic into a tawdry attempt at a dictatorship of the establishment subject to the co-dictatorship of an unelected Federal judiciary, including the SCOTUS, who happily legislates from the bench to enforce the establishment’s Progressive sociopolitical agenda on the nation. They are all wolves! We, apparently, are a nation of sheep and wolves do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep!

The elites want our new state religion to be Atheistic Secularism, our national motto, In God We Trust to be, In Atheism We (must) Trust. To witness a political party, like the GOP, actually contribute through inaction, to the demise of world’s once only global superpower while China, Iran, North Korea and other tinhorn dictatorships ready themselves to pounce, is damn well scary and demands that the sheep get involved!

This election, at first sight, appeared to have been another exercise in the elites selection process of a hand picked moderate loser. The sheep were not motivated until Trump flashed on the scene and all but settled the matter on who would be the conservative presidential candidate. The GOP recklessly disregarded the grassroots and strove to nominate, not a new face, but a moderate face, one that wouldn’t frighten the sheep, no matter who wore it. They didn’t! Otherwise, this would have weakened the Republican Party by sheer apathy. Trump changed that, he has energized the base.

The arrogant GOP elites didn’t see it. At the next General election, the grassroots voters, basically, would not have voted for another party moderate. Without doubt, this voter apathy would have extended to our States GOP Senators and Representatives races, maybe even all the way into the local and state elections. There may be no Republican elite after a couple more election cycles. Hell, there may be no America either.

Elite enablers, like the cunning Karl Rove, the GOP’s so called “architect,” who speaks for the Republican Party, has gone missing. Since Trump can now all but claim the party’s candidacy, we hardly hear from him any more. One wonders what destructive plan he is hatching in the depths of his secret lair to defeat Trump? I would call it his bat cave but that would be unfair to Batman, wouldn’t it?

If Trump gets “Borked,” so to speak, and goes with a populist third party, most of the GOP’s base would go with him. Millions. The GOP’s arrogance toward its followers (sheep) had nearly reached the point of complete apathy. Trump has revived the GOP but they’re slow at accepting it. He’s got their measure. He say’s of them: “These are very stupid people.” Oh, he is so right! Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is there way. Now, go get ‘em! (18 May 2016)

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