Can Trump Do it?


Opinion by George McClellan:

“Friends, delegates and fellow Americans” (Friends, Romans, Countrymen), “I accept your nomination…” What a way to start an acceptance speech. The Donald, not the most polished of public speakers, became one of the best Thursday night. He’s a doer not a talker, a producer, not a destroyer and he clearly laid out a course for Americas return to the rule of law, social stability, economic fairness, military strength and a return of respect for America, world wide, now being snubbed by tin horn despots in meaningless countries Obama has permitted to challenge us. Trump even promised to ensure protections for the weirdest among us.

His task, our task, will be difficult. It has taken decades for the Marxist infiltrated Democrats to bring America to the brink of a total socialistic, one world government. It will take some painful years to undo the damage, if we can. First among those necessary items to be repaired is to restore trust in government, one that issues lies and half-truths, all supported by a corrupted media determined to imposed Socialism upon us.This type of government is a criminal enterprise to be uprooted and destroyed. Trump told us it will end. I believe him.

The lawlessness on our streets, the murdering of our police officers, aided and abetted by Obama’s policies, i.e.: the importation of young, male, Islamic jihadist, the failure to suppress urban criminal gangs, indeed encouraging the beginnings of new ones like Black Lives Matter, serves only to further divides our citizens into armed camps of mutual distrust. Obama has even added federal law enforcement to his side of the armed camps, if they come. This was not mischance, this was planned all along. Trump will sweep that mind set of evil away.

The Dept. of Justice and the IRS, the two agencies that have the most frequent contact with the public are the most in need of revision. Unconstitutional bureaus and agencies, like the EPA, DoEd., and the BLM, with assumed police powers not authorized in any founding document, can be swept away in a moment. Errant Federal judges can be quickly brought onto line by simply cutting off their operating budgets. We know who those judges are. They are the ones who decide to make law instead of ruling on their constitutionality, apparently in contradiction to already established law.

Trump addressed, in no uncertain terms, the complete failures of Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s foreign policies that have left us with a nuclear Iran, a Red Lined Syria, a destroyed Libya, ISIS running around the middle-east cutting off peoples heads and launching bloody attacks against the west. Trump recognizes that Obama, with Clinton, has put America in dire peril.

Trump clearly understands how world wide trade agreements negotiated by Obama and his incompetent minions, Hillary Clinton and now, John Kerry, has economically damaged the ability of Americas citizens to survive without government assistance. Trump understands that middle class wage earners have lost their earning ability, their health care options and the ability to educate their children at affordable prices. The middle-class is dwindling away, by design.

America’s economy has been twisted to satisfy a Marxist dream of a one world government, a world without borders, a world where all workers are the same (think Venezuela), and a world where only the elites make decisions. I don’t see that happening in my life time so long as Donald Trump gets cracking and starts pushing back on all the silly Democrat nonsense.

The Republican Party is dead! Trump did it! Long live the Republican party. Remember, freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way. Now, celebrate, then go get ‘em! (22 July 2016)


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