Damage Party’s


Opinion written by George McClellan:

The tatters that is the Democrat party still survives, barely, as the evil antithesis of Constitutional government, morality and decency. For the next four to eight years the total aim of the Democrat Party will be to destroy, delegitimize or render ineffective, anything the Trump administration attempts to do. It will be a hard task, but, It’s for the children, isn’t it?

Thanks to Harry Reid, the Democrats, having little political leverage left, will resort to all manner of tricks to keep their narrative in the publics mind, abetted naturally, by the media. In any event, they will have a tough row to hoe as they have no vision that is truly American or fits within the Constitutional framework Americans demanded in November. But, that’s their problem.

How did they arrive at this unhappy state? I believe it was because their charming, black candidate Barak Hussain Obama, was just that, a candidate, a Democrat in name only. In intelligence trade craft lingo, it was good cover. He allowed the party to go its way, slavishly lingering on the periphery of his marxist leadership. Basically, he ignored the Democrat party and allowed it to atrophy. They didn’t even realize it until after the shock that was Nov. 8th.

Populism swept all that away and ushered in the era of Donald Trump, as a Republican candidate. But, here is the caution: Trump is, and will remain just that, the Republican candidate, pushing ahead with his own vision just like Barak did. He will do so with or without the establishment Republican’s active support. If they don’t catch on they too, ignored and unwanted, will atrophy. Both parties are severely damaged clinging as they do to failed ideas.

The Republicans, however, unlike the Democrats, still have some political leverage because they control the majorities of both houses of Congress. But, they do not have the good will of their voter base. Donald Trump has the “Bully Pulpit” and knows how to use it. It will be a sad fate for the establishment Republicans if they fail to recognize the populist juggernaught that has overwhelmed them and crushed the Democrats. Socialism is endemic but not incurable.

Unenlightened GOP advocates, like John McCain and Lindsay Graham, will still stubbornly cling to their old philosophies of crony conservatism, unfettered immigration, extending the hand of friendship across the aisle, and find value in the Democrats narrative that should be nourished, all in the name of bipartisanship. The comparisons are complete!

Republicans beware! You are still distrusted and the Tea Party activists will start moving their populist message forward, just like the never dead Democrats will try to do. Right now, appears to be the best open window available to start making the changes to enfranchise the Independent conservative Republican movement, the one built on the corpse of the out of date establishment Republican Party. The mechanism is in place, only the people need to be changed. Remember, all politics are local. That’s where populisms greatest strength lies.

And, let’s not forget how Trumps victory is affecting the Democratic world. Populism is sweeping Europe. It started with the Brexit and was confirmed with Trumps victory. The path forward has been revealed and soon, we’ll see the cracks in the EU’s foundation open wider. France, Germany and the Netherlands are right behind. It’s a bright day dawning, but it will not be an easy one. Among our other problems, the fascist forces of Islam still hovers within our midsts and like a cancer, must be cut out and neutralized.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (27 Dec 16)

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