America For Sale—Sold!


Opinion by George McClellan:

Think, Supreme Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Court. Hillary Clinton will fill at least three, possibly four of those seats with marxist oriented, feel good, probably “gay” lawyers with ACLU backgrounds who believe, like she does, that the US Constitution is not relevant to our modern times and is so out of date that it should simply be ignored if not relegated to the trash heap.

Any such Supreme Court will enfranchise corruption as the norm for conducting government business. Why? because they will simply ignore the Constitution effectively relegating it to inconsequence. To work, Americans have got to know the Constitution and still believe that the Constitution and the rule of law matters, not what marxist judges say what matters.

The Left has worked decades for this moment, changing definitions, enfranchising deviancy, forcing our school children to accept it; challenging our Judeo-Christian moral codes and enfranchising the odious tenants of Islam as an acceptable alternative for our Christian values. If this is not true, why then have Islam roll plays in schools? Because the Saudi’s paid for it. Christianity? Sold! Moral values? Gone! Our culture? Multicultural, tending to “Gangster Rap” and Islamic prayers. American values? Sold and long gone!

The Clintons, and their RICO reeking Clinton Foundation, are the epitome of graft and corruption, greed and avarice. Obama’s Dept. of Justice has been so corrupted by the Marxist political class that it’s only mission is to protect the political elites that rule us and attack and destroy all opposition that threaten them. I also included most of our GOP establishment among the poisoned and corrupted politicians, those that want to help lead America to a one world government. They’re safe so long as individual politicians (Tea Partiers) don’t attempt to break out of the favors corral that enslaves them and they know it. Integrity, bought and paid for!

Hillary Clinton has already taken options from foreign dictators and international business’s to sell America by purchasing influence through our equally corrupted State Dept. of which she was once the leader. Sales do not necessarily go to the highest bidder. Her negotiations were not in the form of an auction but rather massive bids for influence paid under the table on the potential of her becoming President. Sales for favors. Hillary, selling American uranium to Russia through a Canadian businessman who bought favors, is only one case in point. Has that trade deal been rescinded? I haven’t heard that it has. Uranium for sale. Sold!

The Obama administration resists all plans that would economically help America. Denying the Canadian crude oil pipeline, for example; the refusal to allow fracking and sale of US fossil fuels abroad and, slamming the doors of the coal industry, exemplify his perfidy. Clinton has accepted money from the oil producing Islamic Arab countries who’s own goals are emphatically inimical to Americas interests. The Saudi’s spend to spread Islam of the Wahhabism version. Sold!

How much money do the Clinton’s need? They should have enough by now. Remember, she said they were “flat broke “when she and Bill left the White House, also taking US government furniture and paintings with ‘em! That’s theft and embezzlement, but of course, the Clinton’s escaped again. What could possibly be left for her to sell? Our advanced Submarine plans, details on our fleet operations? Remember, Bill sold the Hughes Aircraft intercontinental missile guidance systems to the Chinese. Isn’t it wonderful that so many American’s see Trump as cruel and callous but Hillary as honest and trustworthy enough to become C-in-C and President? Don’t bet on it. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (12 August 2016)


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