Lumpkin Commissioners approve new hospital

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Lumpkin, Ga.- The County Commissioners approved the plan for the new hospital that Northeast Georgia submitted an application for known as the planned unit development. Additionally, they approved a pay raise for jurors, an increase in recycling fees, and options for the Yahoola Creek basketball court.

The planned unit development for the hospital was presented to the board at their July 7 work session. The presentation outlined what the hospital and surrounding area would look like when fully completed. The representatives from the hospital also took time to answer a citizen’s concerns with the plans. For more information about the plans visit

The next item that the commissioners approved was a pay raise for jurors. The raise would be to $35 the first day and $50 each additional day. This was a recommendation from the Grand Jury.

“I don’t really have any problems with that even at the maximum pay no one is getting anywhere near where their regular daily pay is,” commented Commissioner Bobby Mayfield District 2.

At their July 7 work session, Mark Robison from the landfill requested that the fees for recycling be raised. The commissioners voted on three courses of action for the recycling problem.

The first was an increase from $4,350 to $6,000 per month until contract renewal. Additionally, they voted to ask the city to contribute to the program, and they also asked staff to come up with PR programs to instruct people on the correct uses for cardboard at the facilities. All these measures are in effect until October right before the contract renewal when they will have a better plan moving forward.

“There are a lot of smart people out there so if someone smarter than me can tell me how to make this recycling work and be able to afford it. I welcome that person to set up and show us how to make it work,” stated Chairman Chris Dockery.

The board also approved the completion of a full-court recreation facility with six goals with the possibility of adding at least one pickleball court to the court if feasible. The courts will cost $86,287 with the maximum addition of another $5,000 for the pickleball court.

This meeting was the last meeting that County Manager Stan Kelley will attend before his retirement goes into effect. Kelley has served the county for the last 16 years.

County Manager Stan Kelley speaking at his last meeting.

“I wanted to thank the board for allowing me to do this job for the last several years, I do appreciate that and I’m honor to have served this community in this capacity,” remarked County Manager Stan Kelley.

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