White vs. Black Culture


Opinion written by George McClellan:

This question will be around with us for some time, at least until the caucasian race realizes they are being hoodwinked by the Progressive education establishment attempting to level the playing field to success so the non achievers can have as good a shot at social respectability as do “privileged whites.” Problem is if you can’t read you can’t succeed. Second problem is the Progressives must reduce the white race to the low level of incompetence of the black race, for the One World Order to succeed. There are leaders and there are followers.

Black Lives Matter (BLM), has assumed the mantle of black leadership in pushing a BLM agenda that seeks redress through violence. It derides our police as murderers then sets about murdering them. They accuse the police of killing innocent black men, disrespecting the black culture and harassing black folk so that white authorities can continue to oppress black neighborhoods, etc. & etc..

The sad truth is that black lives really don’t matter. Not to black leadership, not to Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, not to Obama or the mayors of Democrat run cities and, they certainly don’t matter to Planned Parenthood, Chicago, Baltimore and Atlanta street gangs, or gangs anywhere else where black education has been pushed down a rat hole of indifference, while little black children languish there far beyond their shelf life time ultimately only finding acceptance in criminal gangs of similarly deprived children.

Progressive politicians know the fear factor value the threat of an uneducated population of violent urban black thugs poses to whites who haven’t figured out yet they are being suborned by political correctness to accept a violent social culture that demands respect they don’t earn and tribute they don’t deserve. The grifters, Al and Jesse, and BLM keep the pot boiling. Fear stops everything, fear changes our habits and alters our daily routine. To deny the importance of BLM is to be racist, they say. To resist it is to invite reprisal. White students now tremble in fear of being censored as racist! What nonsense!  Not for much longer I think!

We better get over it or we’re doomed. Guilt, even the accusation of guilt by association, can be an effective weapon that sucks the energy out of a race and it’s culture, especially when wielded by another culture that is artificially supported and whose own survival lies exclusively on entertainment and sports as its main claim to relevancy.

Black teachers in our public schools many, who can barely mumble English words coherently,  are emboldened by the success achieved so far in telling white students how awful it is to be white while celebrating their blackness. Young whites are falling victim to a collective guilt complex by the steady drumbeat of negative progressive propaganda, supported by self-loathing white Progressive teachers who deplore the white contribution that blacks, as a group, will never achieve.

And therein lies another problem. For the most part the black race can’t compete fairly. They don’t have the tools. They have been denied, or they have rejected, the tools of advancement that is earned by education, discipline and hard work because to do so is to be too white. Most have parents, usually only one, who are themselves, ignorant products of urban blight and self-loathing. Socialism, the source of all black misery, is a pox on society and a death knell for whites if they succumb to the siren song of guilt just by being white.

One need not be erudite to explain the problem here. The vicissitudes of political and economical distress facing all Americans is too horrible to contemplate. Add to that an incompetent or unwilling labor force and well, there is misery for all. There are really two classes of people, the doer’s and the drones. Color doesn’t matter if they get the job done.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (25 Oct 2016)

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