“Dies Irae” (Day of Wrath)


Opinion by George McClellan:

I feel so silly. For the past several years I have been really worried about our government being cunningly overtaken by Communism that has worked its way into the American fabric by way of the Democrat Party through the issues of environmentalism, clean air, fresh water, cheap bio-energy sources and, let’s not forget Don Quixote’s windmills mercilessly chopping up the protected bird species while the solar arrays fries them that get’s away. Boy, was I wrong!

They’re nothing but a bunch of sleazy damn crooks, hoodlums, freebooters, thieves, perverts and sexual predators of little children, and liars too. Lying is the standard of their craft; lying without smiling and convincing the rest of us sheep that stealing our tax money is good for the American economy even while they import hoards of illegals workers, jihadists and criminals, to keep us off balance and thus subjugate us.

Nothing has afforded me greater pleasure than knowing that the NYPD have forced the Clinton Foundation issue and that US Intelligence agencies, having had enough of this crap, are putting their futures on the line by speaking out. They are the real Oath Keepers. Many in the FBI agent Corps are getting in line as well and pursuing leads despite that Loretta Lynch has ordered them to cease and desist any further inquiries into the Clinton Foundation. Oh, give me a break!

The Clinton Foundation! What a sham. A foundation made of clay that is starting to crack and dissolve under the pressure coming down on them. I would hate to be a former Clinton operative right now. All they can look forward to is either a harsh interrogation by the FBI (hopefully), realize the err of their ways and confess all, or turn states evidence. Of course, that gives them choices of how to die, suicide by multiple gunshot wounds or by heart attack.

People associated with the Clinton’s in the past, have often turned up unexpectedly dead under the strangest circumstances. Sometimes there’s no accounting for the mysterious ways of our Lord. Speaking of whom, where are the Bush bunch right now? They are one world order advocates who voraciously dumped Trump. So did a lot of other Republicans. Are they going to try to save themselves from the coming Dies Irae? To support Hillary is to be one of them.

Republicans all over the country must now look a states GOP leadership as well as their elected officials, with a very jaundiced eye. Folks who have money to burn can afford the financial trials that accompany lusts for power, especially in non-paying jobs like party chairmanships. Why do so many incompetents successfully run for public office and come out a few terms later richer for the experience? For example, look at Anthony Weiner, the pervert. Look to your own states leadership and start asking questions. Do some research, write some articles, expose the wrong doings of cheap politicians, and go armed too, by the way.

If our federal government, i.e.: Loretta Lynch and Bill Comey won’t do anything about the Clinton criminality, it isn’t stopping the NYPD. They’re full bore against that city’s political machine and I can tell you, once the ball get’s rolling it can’t be stopped until it hits the back wall of a prison cell. Nothing makes a good investigator happier than throwing crooked politician in jail.

Another damaging issue coming out includes secret videos of Bill Clinton, Jeffery Epstein and several other prominent politicians, at Epstein’s private pedophile Island doing their disgusting thing with our children. We want these people in the White House again? I don’t think so. Dies Irae means the day of wrath, the Judgement day, from a hymn in the Requiem High Mass. Remember, freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (05 Nov 2016)

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