This Comey Thing, “Misprision” or not?


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Crimes of “sedition” are not common jurisprudence in America although it take place with daily regularity. They were tried once but flew in the face of the 1st Amendment and were abandoned almost as fast as they were enacted by colonial era outrage. Briefly, “Sedition” is conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of the state or monarch. America was founded by sedition against George III and should not be denied to future populations.

In today’s highly charged political atmosphere only the Democrats and their propaganda machine the Leftist media, outwardly conform to the pure definition of “sedition.” Their aim is to incite people to rebel against Donald Trump and the Republicans. In some undemocratic countries, Venezuela for example, they would already be in prison or executed.

James Comey, the former FBI Director, a clumsy bureaucrat who sought through rhetorical machinations to redefine the meanings of law (intent), and the meaning of responsibility by declining to focus on the real high crimes and misdemeanors apparent to nearly everyone simply to protect the Progressive candidate, caused his own firing. He was political.

Comey usurped the authority of the equally seditious Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and succeeded only in damaging his personal reputation and destroying the confidence of the FBI Special Agents Corps. in his leadership. These actions caused undue turmoil for the boss and  it’s really not a good idea to irritate the boss, especially one who is attempting to deconstruct the long entrenched corruption that is the DC swamp in which Comey revealed himself as a denizen. Comey must have thought he was dealing with stupid people in President Trump and the White House staff. So, for this essay, sedition is out but, the crime of “misprision” is not.

There are three basic elements to misprision, i.e: concealing a crime, that apply. First, is   seditious conduct against the government or courts, already mentioned. Treason applies here but that requires positive evidence far beyond circumstantial, to even be considered, with first hand witnesses testimony, that sort of thing. Many of Obama’s senior staff could, by their conduct under cover of authority, be investigated for treason, including Obama himself, simply by his willful violation of the Constitution and the crimes against Americans they perpetrated.

To his credit, Comey did not flinch with Lynch after her hoped for secret meeting with Bill Clinton was exposed. For Lynch, her conduct was a misprision, being a collusion, with intent, to affect the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. These are felonies. In this case, it specifically focuses on Lynch’s neglect or wrongful performance of official duty.

The final element of misprision includes the concealment of treason or a felony by one who is not a participant.  Here, the field is wide open to criminal investigation requiring strong leadership in the highest levels of the criminal justice division of both the DoJ and FBI. Politics takes a hand here as well, with political party’s jockeying to avoid having their schemes exposed as either stupid or criminal, what ever applies, and keeping their people out of jail.

By congressional agreement, the Director of the FBI was granted a ten year term not to be interfered with by politics. It was necessary that the director not be political or make the FBI a political machine for either party, but to protect America and its Constitution. Comey failed here in all parts and that’s why he’s gone. When Trust is gone so is efficiency. Trump did what he promised to do, continue to drain the swamp. Comey could not be trusted. He’s gone! Simple!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! 11may17)


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