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Opinion written by George McClellan:

Donald Trump is the President. I reckon it’s all over but the shouting and they’ll be a lot of that. Friday, 20 Jan 2017, American history was made that will reverberate in the history books for decades. A single individual who could have as easily been cast as one of the hated 1%er’s forced himself upon the body politic as the savior of the American Dream, the indispensable leader of a Great America and the primary threat to all who represents the corruption in American politics, Lo, these many decades.

We have witnessed the slow encroachment on Americas traditional values by the freedom eroding concepts of multiculturalism and diversity, inclusion and political correctness and we haven’t known how to resist it, until now. Once, we were told resistance was futile. Now, resistance is inevitable while the dark forces of the corrupted class, in danger of being dislodged from their sinecures, tryi to regain their footing to reestablish themselves as necessary to the good functioning of government. We must be prepared to resist a return of the power class. A battle is surely coming. Judging by the vehemence of the street protests, its already begun.

Today, Donald Trump, a very rich New York real estate developer, the antithesis of our ideal of the hard working American, is President. He stood before us and said even he’s had enough, then set about working hard to snatch away the hopes and dreams of the ruling class, our over educated ‘betters’ who seek to rule, not by personal experience and hard work, but because they were taught somebody else’s beliefs (Marx) on the value of labor and who should reap its rewards. It is a renewed battle between Capitalism and Communism, for the moment, leaving the ruling class reeling in confusion. They will comeback. Watch out for the elite GOP too.

Donald Trump is the President! His short inaugural address, derided by the pundents as “dreadful,” short of content and an in your face threat to the existing ways of doing governments business, was a brilliant statement of purpose. We all heard it, loud and clear, even if the pundents and talking heads didn’t. They didn’t like what he said because it didn’t comport to the way things have always been done. They still don’t get it, but we do! Trump didn’t extend an olive branch across the aisle, he threatened their very existence. He told them to do their work on behalf of the American people, not themselves. Dangerous words indeed for an idealistic, novice politician who never held office before.

These are the same people who promised that Trump would never, ever be President, and well, here he is, our President facing his greatest obstacle, actually draining the swamp. We know what that means, and we know the swamp is a bit deeper, muckier and smelly than originally thought. We must help. Much of the far left media focuses their attention on the opinions of the Hollywood Leftist elites. That’s got to be a loser. None of them, not one, that threatened to leave America if Trump won the presidency, seem to have left yet. Why is that? We could help them by not buying tickets to their movies and concerts.

Realistically, we’re in for a rough ride now. The battle is joined, the concepts are clear and the moribund democrat party, leaderless, except for the most vocal of the Marxists within its ranks, will strike out at every opportunity to thwart the Presidents promises to Make America Great Again. It is our duty to help him. The rising tide of optimism sweeping across America is a rich field to be harvested. Every American should carry a copy of our Constitution in their pocket, learn it and use it at every opportunity to reeducate our failing youngsters. That’s where the battle will actually be joined. Prepare yourselves. This battle is not even close to being over.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, Go Get ’em! (21 Jan 2017)

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