The Attacks Will Continue…


Opinion written by George McClellan:

I am really becoming weary of the constant media attacks on Donald Trump on any excuse for every minor, nonsensical little thing he say’s, does or tweets. I am becoming even more unhappy with the direction Fox News is taking in pursuing the attacks against The President.

Presently, it’s the Comey thing. Really, who cares? Comey should have been fired immediately he spoke out on the US Attorney Generals behalf on Hillary’s Clinton’s criminal investigation, inviting her the exculpating her crimes because she lacked “intent.”  The media is now in the selection game for new Director of the FBI. They won’t be satisfied unless it’s Merrick Garland.

Will the attacks never cease? No, of course not. The President had hoped for a boost of momentum following the House vote on the Republican Health Care Bill, to help push the up-coming tax reform legislation. Don’t bet on it. That don’t want tax reform, they want a compliant, dependent voter base in lock step with their ‘stay in power’ goals.

Trump is a lonely figure standing in a strange room surrounded by his enemies. He is a business and they are political. He makes money, and provides jobs and enriches every one he involves. So, why not America he asks? Politicians create nothing except misery. They print the money and steal more from the taxpayers so they can “invest” in socialistic projects that tie voters to their apron strings keeping them in office. What’s not to understand here?

The House and Senate, while in GOP hands, still functions at the will of the corrupt world financial and business establishment who are the real “deep state’ running our government. Trump appeared suddenly, out of nowhere with promises to the American people to “drain the swamp.” He’s trying, but the swamp is deeper than he thought. That task won’t be completed, if ever, until long after Trump is replaced in eight years by an equally strong personality who wins the electoral vote. Watch for Republicans in bipartisanship agreement with the democrats, work to change that. They can’t have any more Trump surprises in the election process.

The GOP congress is not Trump’s friend and the Democrats are not indurate enough, at least as far as it pertains to their declining relevance as a political party, to do much about it. The geriatrics of their leadership has seen to that but it hasn’t stopped ‘em from trying.

The country was given a gift when the Democrats failed after three elections cycles, to realize that their ideas were no longer relevant except, of course, to those who are still in public meltdown over Hillary’s loss. So, the New Estate (CPUSA) media, has taken up the cudgel of Trump bashing with vigorous intensity and the attacks will continue. Remember, Trump is a successful business manager, not a loathsome, corrupt politician and the media will create any story they want to get him.

To illustrate my point, on today’s Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace directed his show mainly to the Comey issue. Again I ask, who cares? Karl Rove, the consummate establishment insider fixture on Wallace’s round-table, took full advantage to attack Donald Trump with his version of how Trump should behave, what he should do or not do, perform or not perform. It’s all couched in terms of ‘appearance’, with suggestive comparisons to Nixon’s Watergate that aren’t there and, they will keep hammering away on Trump as if he were a failed President. The real secret is, he is not a failed President and they haven’t found the method to take control over him yet. The president needs our continued active support.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (14May17)

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