The Attacks Begin


Opinion by George McClellan:

I see panic in the streets, politically speaking, at least on the GOP side. The campaign phenomena that is Donald Trump, now clearly acceptable to the conservative voting masses and destructive to the old time political formulas of success, has thrown the soon to be unemployed consulting class and news maker mouthpieces into confusion, despair and disarray. Still, while floundering after each Trump success, they are trying to rally.

I once had great respect for a relative new comer to the opinion stage, Red States Eric Erickson, a recovering attorney, CNN reporter and supposedly an astute commentator of the political scene. However, since the apparently unstoppable Trump Train of primary successes, he has turned into a nearly rabid opponent of Trump. He wants to keep “politics as usual.”

Actually, Erickson unloaded Red State on somebody else (and it hasn’t improved), and has created another blog site called Resurgent with such frightful headlines as: Donald Trump Gets Hillary Clinton Elected The Importance of Disclosing This Immediately #NeverTrump; Dear Donald, It’s Not You, It’s Me; Last Night The Good Associated … Trump Delenda Est! and, Trump and Kerry Have the Same Theory on Dealmaking. Let the attacks begin!

 The attacks from the elite class will never end until Trump either wins or loses decisively. Judging by the vitriol of the assaults since Nevada, it must have been decided in the elites political ranks that Trump must not only lose at the polls but his ideas must be absolutely destroyed, ravaged and forgotten. They could be dangerous ideas for us sheep, after all.

I don’t believe I’ve seen such loathing expressed by organized Republican policymakers and their mouthpieces ever before. They are losing control and don’t know how to stop it. The fearful headlines appearing daily about a Trump presidency, were probably originally drawn up for the equally despised Ted Cruz who is arguably the only real conservative left standing. But Trump has swept all tactics aside and opened political scabs that are starting to bleed. The voters have noticed. Ted may prevail. He would be a great President supported by the base, but still, he is beholden to those PAC’s that financially support his campaign while Trumps is not.

So far, no rabid argument against Trump, “the tell it like it is” candidate, who has ripped open the gossamer fabric of establishment nonsense and focused a bright beam of truth on our border problems and the flooding of illegal’s and Islamic Jihadists into our country without controls, has not dissuaded the minds of voters anywhere. “We can’t have that. Let the attacks begin!”

We ignorant base voters don’t care that his building companies may have hired eastern European craftsmen, especially since hoards of low skilled laborers are invited across the borders by the one world government crowd to do just that. We don’t believe it anymore when the media (Erickson, Red State,& et. al.) try to create flaws in Trumps character, his business practices, his bankruptcy’s or his family. We see Trump as a needed leader and the Mitch McConnell’s, Paul Ryan’s, Christi’s, Bushes and Rubio’s as the establishments attempt to keep the status quo. They change nothing, protect nothing and maintain a tight control over the US treasury (tax payers money) to promote their own crony friends and businesses.

Trump has shown voters the light. He has exposed the man behind the green curtain and he fights, and he knows all the characters. He wants to make America great again. We’re not looking for another baby Jesus. We’re looking for a leader. Take your pick. Trump or Cruz but Remember, freedom is the goal, and the constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (28 Feb 2016)



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