Missing Bassett Hound in Cherry Log GA – Please help us find Gomer

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Gomer is a 14 year old Bassett Hound who has lived in Cherry Log, GA in our back yard for 14 years, since he was 8 weeks old.  He has been missing since Wednesday, February 24, 2016.


We posted on Facebook and we want to thank everyone who has shared our post. Gomer being a 14 years old Basset Hound has some health issues.   He is blind. Since 8 weeks old he has lived in the same backyard for 14 years.   He doesn’t do any tricks he has perfected lying on the back porch or in a sunspot in the middle of the yard.

We would say to him, “Gomer you’re just a lazy hound” yes he would reply, “I’m the one lying in the sun on the back porch and you’re the one going to work, I will be here when you get back.”  Really it went like this-woof,woof,woof.  

When we arrived last Wednesday he was not home. First time in 14 years. We have looked everywhere. We can not find anywhere he could have gotten out of the fence. Trust me at his age he was past crawling under or over anything.   We want to thank everyone who has looked for him,  not to forget our great neighbors.  We don’t want to think someone did something to a harmless animal.   He was last seen in our backyard in Cherry Log, GA just off Lucius Road.  We miss our dog.  Anyone with any information please contact Brian or Lisa Pritchard – you can call 706.276.6397, 706.889.3564 or send an email to [email protected].  

We did have a report of a car with description in our drive so if anyone has any additional information or thinks you have seen him please let us know.  He is a very gentle, old soul and we want to know what happened to him.  Thanks to everyone in advance for sharing or keeping an eye out for our dog.


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