Is Schumer For Real?


Opinion by George McClellan:

The dysfunctional Democrat Party, still in free fall from their election loss to Donald Trump and seeing a future that no longer includes them…. well, let’s face it, a future no longer controlled by them, will resort to anything to prevent that from happening.

Chuckie Schumer, Senate minority leader, doomed by events to never be the majority leader, always struggling in the shadow of Harry Reid, is doing all he can to disrupt the new Trump administrations choices for high government office. Actually, it’s all he’s got left because his mentor, Harry Reid, made it impossible for Democrats to use the filibuster because good ol’ Harry left them the “nuclear option.”

Presently, the question is who will be the new FBI Director. Schumer pledges to halt the selection unless and until the Asst. Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, appoints a Special Prosecutor to investigate the non-story of the Trump-Russian affair. I might add that he makes no such demand that the DOJ should pursue its investigation against the RICO infested Clinton’s and their scheming, money grubbing Foundation that sold American uranium to Russia. But that doesn’t matter. It’s only important to hound Trump to his ultimate destruction. Ain’t gonna happen baby, because there is no evidence of a crime, will never be evidence of such a crime and will be another waste of taxpayer money. Anyway, there is more than enough to put Hillary and her crony’s away for good.

Schumer and his coterie of slavish anti-Trump followers, have lost control of their cognitive thinking skills. They have ignored the old adage: “never interfere with your enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself,” not that I think Trump is killing himself. Trump is trolling Schumer and the good Senator rises to the bait, chasing shadows while Trump continues to dismantle Obama’s legacy. Schumer believes the polls that tell us Trump’s popularity is going down a rat hole. Well, nobody believes those pollsters anymore. He believed Hillary would be president too, and, by his actions is continuing to show people what the Democrat Party is really made of, the inmates from the asylum. Do we want these people leading us in the future? I don’t think so!

The Leftist media is becoming confusing, especially as they are the drivers of the anti-Trump campaign, independent of the Democrat Party. Dana Perino, Bush era White House spokesperson and now Fox news commentator said, “everyone thinks everyone else should resign.” That about sums it up. Currently the constant vocabulary that hourly flows through our ears if we stay tuned to the political news, and who can’t, is resign, resists, special prosecutor, authoritarian, investigation, collusion, Putin, Russia, Nazi’s, disrupt and delay.

The Democrats are certifiably dysfunctional. They cannot, nor will not accept that Trump was elected and Hillary wasn’t. Trump gets to appoint judges and justices, even conservatives ones, to the Federal bench. The Left can’t accept that. Trump is enforcing the immigration laws, not making new ones. They can’t stand that. He is pro-life and pro Second  Amendment. That’s awful! Trump is in good company as a jack ass, but so are all the rest of them and in the wake of the corruption left by the Clintons and Obama’s destruction of America, there is little Trump could do that could do any worse damage. His goal, and he’s pursuing it, is to make America Great Again while Schumer and company insist in keeping America in the swamp.

Do we really want these dysfunctional, screaming leftists in charge of our government again?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (15May17)




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