Election Woes – The Portent


Somehow I’m not at all shocked by the election victory of Conor Lamb (D) over Rick Saccone   (R) in the PA-18 Congressional election, in a district Trump won by 20% one year ago. I do not see that as a referendum on Trump but a warning to the GOP about candidate selection.

Conor Lamb is young, dynamic, and a combat veteran as an Officer of Marines. He said he was pro- 2nd amendment, would vote against Pelosi, supported Trumps tariffs and well, he sounded more like a Trump Republican than the “usual suspect” that the GOP put up. Trump’s campaign presence there, in support of Saccone, really highlighted Lambs “iffy” claims as the best pro Trump candidate to vote for. The election results proved that to be the case.

True conservatives, especially Trumps base supporters, unsurprisingly are shifting their votes to conservative sounding candidates. For the GOP to continue to put forth their establishment  sponsored embarrassments who will be required to support their corrupt “deep state” agenda, they will continue to lose until the GOP is no longer in power. The GOP thinks “old,” eschews the “New” and, like the Socialist-Democrat party, is marching off into oblivion.

For Democrats, the same problem exists. Schumer, Pelosi. Sanders, Pocahontas, Durbin, et. al., are a reflection of what the GOP presents to its voters, aging, out of touch, senile legislatures whose sole reason to be is to maintain the deep state they created, the best interests of America be damned.

Mitch McConnell clearly remains a “Never Trumper” but very cleverly, instead of wailing about how awful Trump is, or admitting how successful Trump has become in his first year, drags his feet in getting Trumps nominees confirmed, his programs enacted or protecting his flanks from attacks from the dysfunctional media and crazed socialists in the Congress.

Democrats are desperate to reclaim the Congress. PA-18’s election has enthused them, providing another confirmation, in their minds, that they will prevail in November and can then set about the impeachment of Donald Trump. It would appear that if the Democrats should win both houses, that’s exactly what they will do, but, they need both houses. That’s a long shot,; possible but not probable.

The Democrats still have Hillary running her mouth off, still whining about her loss and the Democrats are flummoxed about what to do with her.  Maybe they should allow the DoJ to pursue their criminal investigations against her so her attention and Clinton Foundation funds, are directed to her defense. That should get her out of their hair, and the Democrats can set about making America crappy again.

America needs a healthy two party system. The Democrats are heading into the far-left socialist wilderness. The Republicans need to re-make themselves into a new party. While they don’t realize it, Trumps has already done that and they had better get on the train.

The coming round of elections provide opportunities for voters to take a look at our country now and realize just how seriously awful the democrats have made it. Conor Lamb, not withstanding his party status, speaks to what a changing American electorate wants, a return to the Constitution and the rule of law, employment of a good dose of common sense to do what Americans want and need, not just to satisfy the demands of power hungry elites.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! 


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