Draining the State Department Swamp


Opinion written by George McClellan:

The departures of the top management from Obama and Kerry’s State Department is a welcomed step forward in draining the swamp. These Quislings were the Departments “top brass,” Obama appointed acolytes place into positions to oversee the stonewalling of the court ordered releases of Hillary’s emails and the editing of potentially incriminating data contained therein, specifically her unauthorized exposure of US Governments classified information on unsecured servers, a crime! Where’s the FBI when you need ‘em?

Practically, it’s inconceivable to deny these ‘managers’ did not know about Hillary’s secret server and its ability to be hacked, which it was, by at least five different foreign entities. The staff said nothing about it of course, because losing a very good ‘gig’ at the State Dept. by becoming a whistleblower can also be a killer but, that’s how some folks are able to sleep at night. To abandon ones personal integrity simply to keep a job that facilitates another’s criminal enterprise appears to be the norm in Washington politics under the political elite politicians of the corrupted government establishment.

These people had to be aware of the cash contributions of foreign governments to the “Clinton Foundation” that permitted “priority” meetings with Secretary Clinton. Those “Pay to Play” schemes were restricted to only the most powerful and corrupt leaders at the highest levels of any government who thought they needed to influence American policy. But once corrupted, the corruption spreads, even to those poor saps who need their jobs.

These Dept. of State 7th Floor ’managers’ also had to know about the fifty-five million of our tax dollars the State Dept. granted to Laureate Education, a for-profit college company that paid Bill Clinton more than sixteen million dollars to serve as its honorary “chancellor,” while they were then under investigation for fraud. There is also a six billion dollar loss to be accounted for. In any event, it appears the swamp there is, at last, being drained of its more dangerous leaders.

We haven’t heard yet what Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos plans are to drain her swamp. Expect massive hysteria to come from that quarter, all those thousands of highly educated illiterates who can’t hold any job but one in government, will certainly rally their base to warn us about the dangers of abandoning Common Core and the other such socialist programs. Socialists know that Education is the heart of the Marxist scheme to seize the minds of the America children for Socialist indoctrination. Saul Alinsky called for it! Like a vampire it needs a stake driven into its heart. Stand by for that one. It will be a really big fight.

The next big swamp to be drained is the EPA, arguably the biggest threat to American business, prosperity and constitutional freedoms since the coming of Islam. The Congress is moving rapidly, behind the scenes, while Trump takes the medias hits, under the Congressional Review Act to remove Obamas odious rules and regulations. They’ll be gone and no one will even know until they realize the yoke of regulation has been lifted from the shoulders of the American people. The relief will be staggering.

Rick Perry hasn’t been seated yet. His mandate is to collapse or even abolish, the really unnecessary Dept. of Energy. It’s not needed and it’s over staffed by thousands. The free market can handle our energy needs. Government only needs to keep ‘em honest. The media would have us think, Trumps administration is spinning out of control. Don’t believe it for a moment. Its biggest danger is being undermined by Obamas appointees still in place.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (20Feb17)

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